iPhone Personal Hotspot NOT CONNECTING Problem Fix

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And welcome to deleted video in todays episode. We are going to see how how to fix the personal hotspot connection stability issue with iphone. You know whenever we trying to connect it with the mac computer or even with windows computers.
The connection stability is one big annoyance like frequently it gets disconnected and sometime. It gets connected and after few minutes or even after a couple of minutes. The internet service suddenly stopped working.
But the connection is still maintained the hotspot will still maintain its connection. Just the internet will not work that must be really frustrating. And even in the scenario like please.
Where we have to work from home or we have to work on the go the connection stability is one big important thing and apple. You know didnt fix this particular problem. Even with their latest thirteen point five update.
There were no mention about the personal hotspot fix and i hope they understood that it is a very serious problem in the current scenario because for the past three to four versions of the high voice. 13 releases. We are facing this personal hotspot issue and apple did know that very well as they have alerted all their apple service centers that you know after the release of thirteen point four point one that many people will be walking into their service center.
With the issue related to the personal hotspot.

how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-0
how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-0

So. I was trying to figure out a workaround and some simple troubleshooting steps from the you know basics like one by one and one of them actually worked for me so i was connecting my iphones personal hotspot to my from my mac computer and the connection was not stable after two minutes. It gets disconnected after five minutes.
All of a sudden. I need to reconnect it again to make it work and after five minutes. All of a sudden it gets disconnected and the very first thing is go to settings and then go to general and scroll to the bottom.
And if you have any third party. Vpn profiles install or trying to deactivate it or disable. It or delete.
It you know you can again install it after you know fixing this problem. And then proceed with the reset option go to reset and then select network research network settings. Which is the third option enter your phone passcode to complete the reset process.
So after completing this particular. Step now go back to the system in your computer try to connect at a personal hotspot feature. So here i am select being robins iphone.
So after connecting.

how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-1
how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-1

You know switching from my wi fi to the iphone hotspot you will see the iphone automatically gets the blue color chain you know with the white color change symbol at the top left corner. It shows that the hotspot have been successfully connected and now go to the open network preferences. Then there you can see the wi fi connected to the personal hotspot of robins iphone and there at the bottom you can select advanced and select dns and by default.
These entries will not be there you will be seeing some hidden entries or none. Will be there in this page you have to click on. Enter.
8888. This is google dns if you are aware about google dns. Its absolutely fine.
If youre not then give a try with this dns entries. Im using google dns mainly you know for several reasons like i find this one works effectively compared to many of the dns services. You know apart from google dns.
We can have cloud flat dns or open dns. It is absolutely our choice if you dont want to let google you know if all your data you can always try a different thing in a service. So click on apply and overall my internet connection stability have been improved you know after using google dns.
So thats the reason for consuming.

how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-2
how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-2

Many other youtube and google related services. It works very well so after that you can browse the web and you can watch videos you will definitely notice a big difference that the connection is a lot stable and right now. Im connected through wireless.
You know the personal hotspot feature from my iphone to this particular. Imac and everything is working smooth. And there is no disconnection issue.
The pages load faster. I dont have to worry about the disconnection problem and lets try performing you know right now im connected to the wi fi network let me refresh this page and try to perform the speed test ok. This is my mobile service provider gio and im selecting the different isps.
The destination point. And you can see the ping rate is 46. Milliseconds and this is the download speed itll always fluctuate with mobile.
You know the cellular data depending on your location and the network availability so after doing this you will see the download and upload speed so the iphone the personal log support problem is almost fixed with this workaround and i thought to share it with you guys you know after trying it successfully and making it work through why thats my way and if you are using windows computer. You need to go to the control panel. The network on internet.
The network sharing center change adapter settings option in the left pane and then in the right side you will see this option select that particular wireless adapter the wireless wi fi adapter on your iphone if you have connected your iphone through cable then you will be seeing your iphone as the usb.

how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-3
how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-3

The network adapter will be displayed there click on that particular right click on that particular icon and select properties and then the properties tab will look like this select internet protocol version dont uncheck it simply select it in the right side on the click on the text and then select properties. The properties option you know the tab will look like this and by default obtain dns server address automatically will be selected you need to change it to use the following dns server addresses and set the preferred dns server to the google dns that we have mentioned before. Or.
8888. At 8 or 8 or 4. Or 4.
Or you can use cloud fly dns or even open dns. It is absolutely your choice and your new dns entries. Changes will be entered and then you can come back to the web.
And you can try to check for your internet speed or you know you can browse the web. Without any issues like so far it works for me. And i hope and i wish it works for you as well.
If the same workaround is not working for you do feel free to leave the question in the comment box below. I will try to you know such as some other troubleshooting steps that i could possibly try or you know users who have tried some of the techniques and if that did work then do feel free to help others in the comment box below thanks for watching. And dont forget to share this video.
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how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-4
how to check who is connected to my personal hotspot iphone-4

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