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You guys welcome back to my channel. So todays video. We are going to to be testing out this salon dip color system and it basically dip nails at and im so excited because i wanted to try dip nails for months and months and months like six to eight months now.
But i just like never bought them i dont know why then i was at rite aid. And i saw that kiss had their own system. And i thought you know what i might as well try it out so thats what im gonna do for you guys.
Today. You are curious about dip color than at home at least. Then this is definitely the video for you ive not tried this at all so im doing it all on camera.
So lets get started. So. This is the box right here.
It just basically says that it has all this stuff in it you dont need a uv light. Theres no harsh or odor. The color last two weeks are more which is awesome and it has an easy soak off so basically this is what just looks like im gonna just open it up right.
Now you have the softener the activator. The base gel the top gel. This is your dip color and then i think these are your brushes down.
Here and a sponge also a file and slash buffer right there and then these look like your instructions. There might even be a cuticle thing down here yeah. And then theres a cuticle pusher.
Thing down here. Wow. This is a lot of little tiny words preperations protect working surface with paper towels oh i need to go get paper towels then clean natural nails of any polishes and acetone based nail polish remover.
I have that i just have my ulta brand a hundred percent pure acetone stuff. Im gonna go get some paper towels lay those down before we get started. So first.
Im just gonna take this acetone and just take this off my nails. So i basically just have a light color to polish on my nails right now nothing dark or anything so im itll take basically no time at all to get this off okay. Now it says to push back the cuticles.

kiss salon dip color system-0
kiss salon dip color system-0

So now im going to take this wooden thing and just push back my cuticles bound says to trim and file the nails my nails are pretty good right now and im just probably gonna buff the surface which is the next step to just remove any surface oil and then after that well remove the dust with the acetone. So im just gonna take the what i think should be the pink side and just lightly buff away the oily stuff you want to make sure to get the entire nail for this part. I just know because otherwise itll lift at that area and you dont want to file this down.
Too. Much you just literally want to do the very top layer just to get rid of that im surface oil. So that it doesnt lift.
But you dont want to like damage your nail by doing too much okay so now my nails have all the shine off of them they look kind of nasty. Obviously like i dont like showing these up close thats weird so now. Im gonna take more of this acetone and wipe down all of the nails.
So that they dont have any dust on them okay. Now i think my nails are prepped. So now were gonna go into how to use so like i said we have all this stuff here heres the dip color.
The base the top gel. The brush softener and then a sponge dont know what the sponge is for but i guess well learn so first off it says a pour colored dye powder into dip tray using manicure stick okay so im assuming the cuticle thing is what were gonna use so im just going to take this off its like kind of difficult. Oh.
It has a sealing thats good so we know what no one else used this is this the dip tray wheres the dip tray. Im confused in that thing. It looks like its something like this is what youre supposed to dip your nail into.
But ive seen people just dip them into the bucket thing so i might just do that instead boy you need a skin in cuticle area apply a coat of base gel over entire surface of one nail. No remove any gel on skin with the manicure stick. So were gonna do the base gel first.
I know lets just start with my index finger. I guess. And then immediately dip an entire fingernail into powder by sliding finger into dip tray take shake excess powder off repeat steps.
2 3. On 9. Other nails okay.
So then that says to do all your other nails and then apply a second color so im gonna apply a second or not a second coat. But like apply to all the other nails first go in with another nail. This is really easy so far.

kiss salon dip color system-1
kiss salon dip color system-1

And it said it doesnt smell and it literally does not and i just like tap my fingers to get the excess off. Theres a nail channel on youtube that i watch and she does that so when she tries this gun is up so. Im gonna do that do looks a lot pinkier than i thought it was going to based on the photo.
But maybe it will not be as pink once its done and everything it feels weird cuz now i have like the dust on all my fingers gently dust off excess powder from all tanea nails with the sponge included so i guess im supposed to oh. Thats supposed to come off. I guess so so im supposed to just dust off the powder.
So thats what it looks like now. Ive never had this done in the salon. So i dont know if this is right or wrong.
I dont know if im supposed to wait at all this is not telling me to wait. So im assuming no the next step is basically to do this over again. But the thing that you need to do is once you apply the gel to your finger you need to wipe the brush off onto the paper towel.
So that im assuming it doesnt get like old goo peeing gross. So im just going to apply this to my pinky nail. Oh pretty and then wipe it dip.
It back there and then dip this in there and shake off the excess obviously ill just repeat this step on all my nails music applause music applause music applause okay you guys im done with the second coat of the dip and then it says to shake off excess powder. Thats it and then avoidance can apply generous amount of activator to all ten nails okay. So it looks like i just applied this activator.
Without even dusting off the nails first now im going to take this activator says apply a generous amount so i dont even know how much that means but were gonna wing it and then it says were gonna file after this which is so weird to me guess this might hurt in the nails. I have no idea. What this does im just excited for this to hopefully stay for a long time its supposed to stay for two weeks.
Which it does im gonna be it freaking. Happy okay now it says to file and to shape and buff. Smooth and then you remove the dust with a sponge.
Okay you guys so. Now the fun part. Were gonna start buffing and filing um and get them nice and smooth.
Which is just so weird cuz. I guess they are kind of bumpy right now so you need to file them to make sure theyre nice and smooth okay. So the reason you need to wipe off the activator is it can harden the top gel brush.

kiss salon dip color system-2
kiss salon dip color system-2

I guess when it comes off any activator residue on the nail kitten cause. The top gel brush to harden during step. 10.
Be sure to thoroughly wipe off excess activator with dry lint free white before finishing the top gel. I have to reapply the activator to all ten nails and then i remove it okay now im supposed to remove any excess product wiping nail surface with a dry paper towel. So basically just wipe.
It okay so ive wiped off the excess activator now. Im a nails and now it says to apply two even layers of the kjell as you would topco and then let air dry for five to ten minutes. So pretty straightforward thats the last step on the whole thing.
So thats awesome. Wow. Thats pretty like that gives it a great shine okay.
So i applied the two coats and now i have to wait like five to ten minutes. Ill probably wait ten because knowing me every single time i do my nails. I mess them up because theyre not dry when i think theyre dry.
So im gonna let them go right now they look. Honestly phenomenal and im loving this color. Its a very very nice pale pink.
So i will show you guys that close up and everything once its all done give you my final thoughts. Tell you how much i liked it and then well be done okay. Its all done and you guys so far.
Im obsessed oh like seriously this is my new favorite nail way ever like my nails feel so so strong they almost feel like i have fake nails on like acrylic or something. And i just feel like my nails are gonna grow so much with these because im hoping they wont chip because they seriously feel so so strong. I also really like the color of them in the this little camera.
Thats right here the close up camera they might look a little bit more pink. I mean they are pink. But they look pretty natural um.
Let me zoom ile they look pretty natural like a very light pink. And i love them. Oh.

kiss salon dip color system-3
kiss salon dip color system-3

My god seriously i am. Obsessed so lets go over everything. I believe this camp was 20.
When i got it at rite aid. So that is amazing like even getting dip. Im sure in the salon.
It would be at least 40. Which this is half the price already and thats only one visit and also this obviously can be used multiple times. They do have refill they have other colors.
Most of the refills were about like 7 for something like the top gel or something and you guys like it just feels like i went to a salon like they feel so so nice. Ive tried kisses acrylic set. And i did not like that it was way too hard to use like you had to figure out how to get like the perfect bead or whatever you know where this one is super straightforward simple easy to use you basically just paint your nails dip it dip.
It in the powder and you just go from there im painting and filing so its like very very user friendly. There is absolutely no odor like that is probably the biggest thing for me was when i tried their acrylic set. It had like that appley thing to mask the scent and it just didnt do it it just didnt work for me.
And this has absolutely no odor like i cannot smell anything and i love that other can maybe just like a regular nail polish on but its nothing too overpowering you can totally do this like in your bedroom. And you have roommates and its talk about what were power it or if you have a sensitive nose. Something like that its just like phenomenal you guys so far.
Im like my mind is blown right now why didnt i try this sooner. So um. What i cant believe it okay so im going to update you guys in a couple weeks on my social media to let you know if this lasts in or not on my nails.
But so far you guys im loving it loving it and us should totally check this out and pick it up because if you want like if you want to do this at home and you want to dedicate the time this day probably takes me about an hour to do start to finish. But it study anyway. Im so excited about this thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this type of a nail video please let me know down below in the comments have you guys tried dip powders.
Do you like them do you like something else better. Please. Let me know down in the comments and thank you so.
Much for watching. Ill see you in video. Very very soon bye music.

kiss salon dip color system-4
kiss salon dip color system-4

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