Lindt: Lindor Strawberries \u0026 Cream and Milk \u0026 White Chocolate Revieww

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Kevin and i are gonna be trying to of the lint lindor chocolates for you you this is a limited edition seasonal flavor. This is milk and white milk chocolate and kevin has what do you know strawberries and cream. This one doesnt say its limited.
But ive never seen strawberries and cream. They might have had it before i just havent seen it these were a little expensive. I think that they always are but theyre good chocolate.
So were 399 ancient target. And you get three for 230 calories of 77 calories. Each.
So. Yeah. Yeah yeah.
These fun colors. So. This is the package.
Its very pretty is it just regular milk chocolate its milk. Yeah. I dont know why theyre saying.
Though that its limited or seasonal. I dont know i thought they always had yeah so kevins gonna show you the inside thats what it looks like and it does come loose from the chocolate you could actually drop that over there if you wanted to so well try this one first the the milk and white chocolate a my white are go that it falls out do you very creamy.

lindt strawberries and cream truffles-0
lindt strawberries and cream truffles-0

That is such good chocolat that is so smooth and you can suckle. Now. No thats good that is such a good quality.
Yeah. Doesnt have that bite like uh like a hersheys or something does yeah. Its really smooth really really good really creamy.
And i love. The white. Oh yeah.
I love that the flavor of that white chocolate thats thats very very nice so what is this a strawberry cream. Theres a little package. We have to cross the president like that for a tour one time it was the only thing and i say this every time.
We review. These oh yeah every time we review. These is looks like was soaked balls.
You put into the bathtub the fizzy things is because they i know its their trademark to be the round the balls it makes it harder to eat theres a pinkish colored center. Yeah it does make it kind of hard to eat cuz you cant just bite. It you cant invite it a half you almost have to stick the whole thing in your mouth.
I have something immediately popular mom kind of reminds me of strawberry milk strawberry milk. A little bit mm hmm thats just like strawberry milk.

lindt strawberries and cream truffles-1
lindt strawberries and cream truffles-1

Thats good. I like to talk about the white chocolate white chocolate better a bit cuz when i make sure we milk with like nestles quik when i was growing up i would about half the glass would be the powder. The strawberry powder so youre getting a really really syrupy sweet strawberry flavor thats what that has happened very syrupy sweet strawberry those are excellent those are good i select the chocolate white chocolate better.
But yeah like the truth cover is really good if you like strawberry alize are great quality 399. I definitely think its worth. Whats the serving size.
There are five servings in a bag. These are four in here. Oh wow.
Thats five point three ounces. Im a loser yeah and sick. So your says three more the month.
So theres peak. There should be fifteen is twelve of those okay okay so i think thats good. I think thats a good value.
I dont know why the strawberry has less i think they should make them all the same size. But very good chocolate so if you see the lint give it a try even if theyre not these flavors. Even if theyre other flavors.
I think youll really like it because its good quality chocolate yeah theyre really good so thanks for watching. .

lindt strawberries and cream truffles-2
lindt strawberries and cream truffles-2

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