MAKE YOUR OWN Firetruck Toddler Bed

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People today. My goal is to turn this bed down their bed into a fire fire truck bed and so this is my design. I know its just tiny drawing with with little numbers to it.
But im just going to measure the bed and my plan is to have this cab forum with a steering wheel maybe a ballot right here somewhere maybe. Some lights on top havent decided that yet mattress ladder to climb up flat on the side maybe. Some gauges and things like that some wheels and yeah bumpers on the back some lights just drawn on painted bread anyways.
The first plan is measurements so measure the bed i measured this chair so the seat or the child could sit on a mattress and the feet could go down to a place the distance where its comfortable so its hes not sitting there with his feet hanging. You know because thats not good so yeah. One simple way to get rid of sharp corners.
Like im doing here.

fire truck bed for toddlers-0
fire truck bed for toddlers-0

I just been drinking the coffee. So coffee cup and just trace. So lets say you have like this corner.
No want to eat sharpens. Great. There you have it so i have this card already made and i just wanted to go over a couple things with you guys about how everything is done lets start that at the wheels i use this five gallon bucket to trace it the reason i have a flat surface because its a lot easier on the floor in the carpet or whatever you have if you have hardware you could put a bad here along that.
But yeah. So this is the trade two wheels in the back. Theres going to be a ladder here ladder over there steering wheel a handle to climb up so pretty easy project to have them done a project like this for a while so i was looking forward to this you you all right so i planed old edges on it or on the two sides three sides.
I guess and i cut out cut out the back.

fire truck bed for toddlers-1
fire truck bed for toddlers-1

And my measurements were that i will take just this frame up with all these pieces on here for the mattress and i will screw it directly to that fire truck door and these side pieces this one and the front one i mean now front and back. I will take them off completely. They will they wont be used so my mattress will be at this height.
And that way i could just screw directly in between and put four or five screws in and that will hold my bed. This is what it looks like after the framing is complete its got a nice little sunroof. Huge windows.
The ladder on the side already used the old toddler bed. And this is just temporary for now so we used a lot of parts. The letters.
One on each side scroll in then the part where the mattress sets.

fire truck bed for toddlers-2
fire truck bed for toddlers-2

Which makes things a lot easier than me i dont have to build it well just screw to the sides the mattress will go up to the top of this board. The kids will sit here. Im going to do a steering wheel over there.
Im going to screw these little gadgets down over here. Just for looks and kids could spin this little pressure gauge and all that i might even do two steering wheels in case. Theres friends over the front of the bed.
Like you have this here. We use the front. Im going to scroll down to the grill put some fake lights on paint those white or red or something and yeah thats thats the fire truck toddler bed took me about lets see everybody always comments on how much did it cost.
Id say this is cabinet grade plywood.

fire truck bed for toddlers-3
fire truck bed for toddlers-3

So that cost for the plywood. It was 70 no more like 80 paint 25 30 maybe 50 bucks. So were at 130 and screws and little knickknacks you know lets say 150 you got a beautiful fire truck bed here is the almost finished truck the longest part about this was painting cutting in three different colors.
It wasnt hard it just time consuming you know. But everybody always asks about measurements just measure your mattress or like we had the toddler bed. We measured.
I measured the dimensions and there yeah. But its an easy project pick your colors whatever you want you could make it school bus orange you could make it into a dump truck. If you wanted to i made it so theres room in the cabin for him to sit behind what the steering wheel i know but im not even finished yet im gonna painted primary colors put it together put it in his room put him to sleep on in it and then later in life.
Im just going to do all kinds of different decals and stickers and we always was at fire departments and they always give away stickers and helmets. So we could add things as we go as can you so thanks for watching please subscribe give me a thumbs up and till next time. .

fire truck bed for toddlers-4
fire truck bed for toddlers-4

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