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Can you tell me where id find a bastard file. I dont even even know why they call it that i saw it on youtube. Yeah i saw on youtube.
They said you want a bastard file. Thank you basically faster. Says it on the package.
Well. Yeah. Please good branding.
Hey. Whats up guys in good morning. So.
After last weeks video. A lot of you guys were giving me. Some flack saying.
Wow. You cant be sodding. Youre the lawn care.
Not you cant do that thats the easy way out you know what guys youre exactly right i definitely cant go assad. Because thats the easy way out because anybody. Thats ever started a lawn knows thats super simple oh.
Its so easy. The labor involved easy of course. Im kidding just to try to be funny.
But no really i am gonna do plugs the challenge. I have is is that the type of st augustine that im looking for just isnt available in plugs in fact. The only plugs.
I can really get or flor tan. Which is a great saint augustine. Its its probably one of the most frequently planted st.
Augustine grasses in florida and probably most of the southeast. But its just not what i want so ive got to find a way to get plugs in the cultivar that i want and my solution is to make my own so im gonna accomplish that is to actually make plugs from sod and im gonna do it in this spot right here in my backyard as a practice.

how to get st augustine grass to grow back-0
how to get st augustine grass to grow back-0

So some of you might remember this area here. Its back behind my fence right on the other side over there is my bermuda grow. So ive kind of just let this go i do have two lemon trees here and were running these lemon trees a hundred percent organic.
But this is a great area to do a test bed with the st augustine. Because st. Augustine will do a little bit better in shade than what the bermuda would in fact.
It will do a lot better so ill be alright here. So of course. The first thing i need to do then is eliminate all the weeds in there and again since were going organic.
Im gonna go ahead and do it the fun way now some of you may notice. Im actually fighting a cold my eyes are watering its running all that kind of stuff. But you know what im a trooper and ive got dayquil whos not a sponsor by the way.
But daigo will keep me going through this video. All the way. I have also started the rehab in the main part of the lawn over there and the first thing im doing is im gonna irrigate for a good seven to ten days straight because ive got to go ahead and get any weed seeds that are in the soil to germinate thats very important that i do that water deeply for seven to ten days and get as many weeds to come up as possible because otherwise theyre gonna come up later.
But all include that in the steps when i actually do the rehab on that side of the lawn so for now just letting you know that is in the works. So thats what this video is all about how to make plugs from sod. And then plant them successfully in sugary sandy florida soils.
So with that lets go get some sod music. Dont try this at home kids. I only did this because it just looks stupid on video music so ive got my sod.
Now. And ive got a couple other things that ill introduce to you in a minute. But before i do that ive got to prepare this area because as you can see its overrun with weeds and ill keep in mind i run this area organic so ive got to clean it up before i put in the plugs.
But how do i do it without using any chemicals. Well. I do it the fun way now burning weeds this way it actually takes a long time.
But to me. Its kind of therapeutic relaxing even so i just kind of get into the zone and enjoy the death and destruction. Now this torch is actually kind of small for this big of a job.
Ill link below in the description. Though to some other torches that would work yet a larger job to do or of course.

how to get st augustine grass to grow back-1
how to get st augustine grass to grow back-1

Ill link to the video. Where i actually reviewed this particular weed burner. I think maybe a year or two ago.
But ill link to that below in the meantime are you enjoying yourself this break is in no way shape or form sponsored by false water. But it probably should be boss. Why dont you call me music alright guys so check this out.
I actually bought this yard butler blogger thing on amazon its like 30 bucks. They are not a sponsor. I dont even know who they are i literally did five minutes of searching on amazon.
And i found this and i like the way that its set up its got a square hole digger. Which seems to be perfect for plus. And thats really what its for now.
Theres a lot of different uses for this i think a lot of people actually use this to transplant. Existing grass to other areas so if youve got a healthy section to grass you use this to pull a plug of that healthy grass out and transplant. It somewhere else.
Which is an awesome idea and something i plan to do in the future. But i dont have any good grass. So thats not gonna work for me now im actually getting it to dig nice clean square holes that i can set plugs in now.
The reason im sharpening. It is i thought well im gonna go ahead and use this to also cut my plugs from the sod it makes sense its logical to think that if i im gonna dig this square hole in this certain size that i should go ahead and create a plug from the sod that is the exact same size right. Thats logical youre gonna find out.
Though that probably wasnt the best idea. But i tried it anyway so you dont have to and so. The first thing.
I had to do is sharpen. I really just like to modify tools. Because it makes me look like im crafty creative and awesome plus.
I really just wanted to go to home depot. And say the word bastard at public setting and not get in trouble for it alright. The winds died down a little bit.
Im going to try to do some live commentary. Here.

how to get st augustine grass to grow back-2
how to get st augustine grass to grow back-2

So i have got the plug er prepared. Ive got it sharpened up now. Ive got to do just a little bit more prep here to the ground and then were gonna get started music okay so i could tell almost right away that this wasnt really gonna work having to stomp on this like this to cut the sod is just not practical.
Theres no way that this would work there are some other problems that i discovered when i started doing this but well talk about those later. But before i was ready to give up on my idea of creating plugs from sod. I decided to try a better way of cutting the sod one thats a little bit easier still a lot of fun and does a lot better job.
So heres the deal whether you make your plugs by using that yard butler tool. Which im telling you is not an easy thing to do or you use a machete. Which is much easier to cut the sod.
Theres still an inherent problem here notice. I have to almost fill the holes entirely back in you have thrown some milorganite in there. And ive got the peat moss thats mainly for moisture retention.
But youll notice i have to fill the hole almost completely back in and thats exactly the reason. Why sod into plugs. Doesnt work.
So here. Let me take a minute here and show you some real plugs and show. You what the advantage of buying actual plugs is as opposed to trying to make your own from a piece of sod all right so lets go ahead and just take a look at the difference between plugs and sod by the way safety tips.
You should never use a machete when youre wearing flip flops. The intended purpose of sod is to have one job sod. You have one job just one job and you got to realize that sods intent is to be installed budding up several pieces of sod budding up right all against it so its a complete lawn when its input.
And thats important because then sods one job is to develop a root system. Because as you can see most of its roots have been taken away there are some roots in here. But when they bring in a sod cutter at the nursery to cut this out.
Theyre literally cutting off a good half to three quarters of the root structure. Now we have enough green here. And we have enough stored energy.
That its going to be able to go ahead and push roots or push a new root system no problem. But what that doesnt allow. Though is any energy for it to send out runners in all directions.
So you kind of defeat the purpose of odd when you change it into plug. So let me explain why in order to truly understand this you have to understand how st augustine itself is going to spread and thicken and to do that we can look at these plugs.

how to get st augustine grass to grow back-3
how to get st augustine grass to grow back-3

So heres a plug right and this has a complete root system. What that means is when you put this in the ground. It doesnt have to spin energy or time or anything creating more roots.
The way that st augustine actually spreads is through runners doesnt underground and it doesnt above ground. And you can see that these runners they shoot out and they shoot off and as they do that in all different directions. It thickens up it can spend all of its energy creating more runners.
Which is gonna thicken up the lawn quicker. So here. Ive got an actual plug of palmetto st.
Augustine and then heres a plug that i created from the sod. So if i was to put these side by side and get them to grow. This one is gonna have a lot to do before it can spread this one is immediately ready to spread this one here is gonna have to spend most of its energy creating a root system.
Whereas this ones already got a built in root system. Because its a plug. It was grown in trays.
Its ready to go and start spreading. So is it possible then to go ahead and plug your yard using pieces of sod yes of course. It is but its gonna slow down your results so youre gonna pay a little bit less for the pieces of sod cutting them up and all that and creating these plugs.
But again this is gonna spread slower than these plugs. Which are ready to go right out of the box. So its worth it actually to pay a little bit more to essentially get that root system.
Now we will actually be able to prove this theory out because this area here this was planted by the time. Im filming this now. This was planted five days ago is these are plugs that were planted here and you can actually see some of the plugs are already beginning to send out some runners here.
And there so that area theres plugs this area over here our plugs created from sod now these are planted a lot closer together. But thats what all of these are in here. So what well be able to do is kind of watch and see how this area fills in as opposed to this area here alright.
So there you go guys. I have no idea what i look like im sure i look like hell. But all finished you know a few things i didnt like about this.
But this was of experimental and its going to help me to understand how i want to do the rest of the lawn when i do that so were gonna watch this grow for a little while while i start working on the other pieces of the lawn over there as always thanks for joining me im alan haines. The lawn care nut and ill see you in the lawn. .

how to get st augustine grass to grow back-4
how to get st augustine grass to grow back-4

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