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Guys. Its me welcome back to the ron williams youtube channel as you know know this is nutrition month. But before you eat there are some things that are important to set in place.
You must prepare so were going to go through some preparation type things im going to show you how to purchase tupperware. Im going to show you why theyre so important and the type of tupperware to buy so take you to the store with me and just go to a simple dollar store. Then have to be very expensive just have to get the job done so lets go to the dollar store.
Okay guys so we are with you in the dollar store. Why did you come to a dollar store. I want very inexpensive tupperware what i found in the past unless.
Its glass those tupperware or will stop working and theyll start leaking eventually the glass tupperwares i dont want to purchase because you drop those and they break and then i go good now what im looking for is im looking for something thats functional because we have so many different types of tupperware here. I want to find something thats functional for what i want to accomplish so these look pretty good. I mean i like the size of them top is great.
But as i look down to compartments. So thats good also but you know what whenever i eat a meal. I mean three compartments because i eat like that i eat my protein and ai.

meal prep containers in bulk-0
meal prep containers in bulk-0

Nt my carbohydrate so i look around and try to find something that has three compartments in it now the single compartments are great or if i get one with two compartments. But i really like the ones with three compartments okay something like this has two compartments. I put my protein.
I call the hydrates my fat so im going to make sure that i have these on hand. So im going to grab six of these if im eating six meals. A day and thats what i like to do when im when im training really hard on i have six.
So im going to purchase six of these today and when i get you know when we start preparing our meals. Im going to show you exactly how to prepare the meals put the meals in the containers and how to utilize them im going to show you how to prepare the foods. Im gonna get one two three four five six.
Okay im going to show you the tricks of the trade of how i do it thats whats important you know a lot of people do it differently. But im going to show you how i do it what works for me now. If you need to vary a little bit of what i do so that it works for your everyday life.
Then thats great if i work out at 6 00 in the morning because the rest of my day get away from me gets away from me. And thats great. But if you have to be at work at 5 oclock working out.

meal prep containers in bulk-1
meal prep containers in bulk-1

6. Its not going to work for you so we have to find something thats functional. Its the same way with nutrition.
Weve got to find somewhere thats functional. But what i want to do is make this as user friendly as possible for you and so lets make it happen. Another container that id love to have on hand guys are the smaller containers that are better this size.
And the reason. Why is i put my essential fatty acids. My raw almonds in here and i used to try to put oil in these small containers.
But it leaks out so i never put the oil in here again but i get the smaller containers for my essential fatty acids hey guys were back here at my home and now im going to go through just a few things with you today but were going to show you food prep. Were going to show you the foods that you should eat during the time of cutting foods. You should eat during the time of bulking up.
But mainly what i want you to know in which what i want you to get out of this video today is food preparation. It is absolutely essential if you dont prepare expect to fail. So im going to go through a few things as we went to the store.

meal prep containers in bulk-2
meal prep containers in bulk-2

We got the tupperware now with the tupperware you notice that it had three compartments in each one of these let me get this off three compartments of each one for protein carbohydrates essential fatty acids now certain times during the year when im getting more lean. Ill make sure that i have six meals other times during the year. I may have four or five meals not as as a strict or its concentrated but i make sure that i have my food prep.
So its not going to be all of this at the same time. But its going to be one or the other and another thing that i have that i absolutely love see some some people like to go shopping. They like they love shoes.
I love this kind of stuff. Okay now look at this this is a thermos and it holds 40 ounces. And the thing about this that i like is it keeps the hot hot for 12 hours keeps the cold cold for 24 hours.
And i like the way the tops actually turn and come off rather than the whole top. So you have to have a big goal. But you know you can drink small portions at a time.
And what i do with these is if im going to put a protein drink inside as a shaker ball. So i can completely make sure that protein drink has been the protein. It doesnt coagulate and you have clumps of protein in there because i have the shaker box bed next thing i want you to see is this if im not using the whole six pack.

meal prep containers in bulk-3
meal prep containers in bulk-3

What ill do is ill take these and ill put these thermos on the side. With my drinks in it nice. And i have another side over here and as you know this on the on the inside is going too lazy to keep it hot or to keep it cold.
So double protection to make sure that it stays the temperatures that i want it to be now what i want you to know the next thing. I want your noticed when we shoot our next video. What i want to do is not just show you the things that i used to prepare.
But i want to show you how to put the foods together and the combinations of foods. We use and the reason. Why we use those combinations.
And what theyre going to do to your physique. So you stay tuned. And you come back this whole month is going to be nutrition month.
But if you dont prepare expect to fail. So weve got to show you the preliminary things first and then we go into the food prep. So well see you on the next video.
If you like this video make sure you give us a thumbs up make sure you stay tuned the rest of the month. God bless you what you what you want what you want .

meal prep containers in bulk-4
meal prep containers in bulk-4

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