Millennial 2 Minute Review: Raw Generation 3 Day Juice Cleanse

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Is good what is good my peoples. This is the first numero uno two minute minute millennial were you so every week or about every week. Ill be bringing a two minute review on something millennial ish today.
Were doing green drink straight to help us lose weight and get those summer body. So this review is going to be on raw generation. Ill just clip.
Too because i know roger nations drink so lets get two minutes on the counter and we shall begin right because i dont want to do a long video and get a lot of time for a long video. Okay. Our two minutes starts.
Now so raw generation. Lets start off with the cost will cost you about 90 for a three day cleanse. They have three days five day and seven day cleanses now they always have a 70 of coupon.

raw generation juice cleanse review-0
raw generation juice cleanse review-0

Okay all the time youre not getting a deal no matter. When you buy it youll get the 70 coupon. Now the taste okay all of them have a different set of ingredients.
All of them will have a different flavor are they my favorite flavors. No do they get the job done with the vegetables and fruit mixture yes. There is a lot of sugar in each one doesnt work right with the introduction.
You saw that i was trying to lose 5 to 10 pounds. Brad you will lose weight right youre not eating duh. So were at 125 after three days.
Im not eating youre not taking in the amount of calories that you should be taking they have six drinks for every day. You dont have to drink all six strings. I got about three through.

raw generation juice cleanse review-1
raw generation juice cleanse review-1

I got throw about three through four thats unhealthy as hell. So youre taking in about six hundred to a thousand calories or a day youre still burning about 2000. Depending on your activity level.
So you will lose weight will you gain back the weight probably depending on if you go back to eating the same that youve already been eating. I havent checked how much i weighed. After my initial way and after my freakin three days was done at 1 30.
I ended up at 125 will i go back to 130. It is likely so my review for this is if you really want to lose weight. Really quickly you should just eat clean and exercise okay this is not the way ive done these so many times.
Im tired of wasting my money. I know better now you know better green drinks. Not worth the money just go to the gym and im out in under two minutes bye.

raw generation juice cleanse review-2
raw generation juice cleanse review-2

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