Minecraft Xbox / PS4 – DUAL WIELDING Tutorial (TU43)

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Im at the exploit care and today. Im on top of a skyscraper skyscraper in new york city. Because i wanted to start my future preview series.
Again. You dont know feature previous world weekly series. Ive run on my channel ratio.
Features. Which were going to be included win the next major update for minecraft. Console weve now had it confirmed that next update will be minecraft.
19 which. Means i can show you gameplay of minecraft 19. Which came out on the pc 6 months ago.
And i can show you exactly how these features work. So you can be prepared for when they do come to console a lot of people have been requesting this. I think they had to start it up again and the very first feature is the most.
Confusing but also the coolest feature in minecraft 19. The combat update. Because it is a massive overhaul to combat to make it so that you can duel will thats right you can now hold two weapons at once in minecraft.
And this is confusing for a lot of people so i figured id explain how it works. I know how will work on a controller so thats im doing in todays video hopefully youll do enjoy if you do like video let me know because it helps out the channel and lets know you do like the feature previous again. There will going to be doing this every single friday.
So keep your eye out every friday for the second video of the. Day because ill be covering a brand new feature from minecraft 19. Also therell be a playlist linked down below.
If you want to see every one. Ive done so far so far. Its just you willing and banners.
But theyll be more every single week with that said lets get strange british out and lets start with the very kind of core basics of how will duel wielding work because you might be confused as to how i just got a second hand right there how does that whole thing work. So basically most of the time youre playing minecraft if you dont to used your wielding. You never have to the changes you know to jordi.
Its just like an entirely optional system.

how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-0
how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-0

If you only want to have one thing at one time you can still do that look at this ive got my diamond sword. And im still hitting things with it. However.
The the big kind of thing. That makes it so jewel building. Might be more wanted is they removed it theres only one major one but they remove the secondary function of every single item.
Which is really only the sword at this point. So that you cant block with the soul anymore. Theres only one use for every single item in the game.
Its either left click because its a gressive item or its right click. Because it does something else so although you can still hit people with a ball. If you want to thats not its primary function.
The bows primary function is to fire arrows. So that means that everything has a left click or a right click trigger. A function.
Which on the console. Obviously means right click to hit this whole thing. You know how a right trigger to hit hit people and left trigger to use the secondary function.
So for instance with blocks use. But you know you lose the letter occur with them you know if a a pick axe youre going to use the right trigger to brok mine stuff. So yeah.
Why is that so important. I like clara frye. Theres a left trigger a right trigger.
Well basically. Because now every item. Only uses one or the other that means that you can just equip.
Any two items as long as they use different hands and theyll work together so for instance. If you want to have you know wool in your left hand. While you have a sword in your right you can place the wool as you run around.
But you can still hit people which means if you want to defend your base as you build.

how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-1
how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-1

It then you can do that by totally doing. This also theres a few of cool combinations like having a you know a bonus sword. If you want to hit people.
But then still be able to read bow back you can totally do that and this is perhaps the most powerful combination and this is the reason. Why youll probably want to use youre welding. If you know youre at least give it a try if you do any form of pvp or anything were having a second weapon be useful because although you cant use to melee weapons.
For instance that we want to choose a diamond sword. There we wont be able to do recon use too many weapons you can use a melee weapon and a utility weapon. So yeah.
Lets explain how this works now because ive been pressing f on the keyboard. But how exactly do you put an item in that second hand then so on the pc. This is the one extra key you will need the console because again right now it doesnt require any extra extra buttons unless they do decide find a hotkey like they have on the pc which i imagine theyll choose to do so youll put your click sum button on your console and youre on your controller so and what will happen is your you know your thing will move from the left hand to the right hand so it was right from the right hand to the left hand so do you want to move your shield of your carrots from your left hand to your so your right hand to your left hand.
Then you just press. The key at whatever the button will be and it will move over there and then your other hand is free to move around so. Yeah your left hand is kind of like tied to one thing.
Whereas your right hand can be changed at all times. Again theres a doughnut hand in mine crop. And its whatever is you know your hot balls on its just your left hand can kind of hold things and do some secondary functions.
So if you want to you can set it up so youve got some splash potions in there and that means that if you really want to you can have a sword in your right hand and a splash potion your left. Which is a really handy combination. So you can do crazy stuff like fire one in the air.
So it hits on i know theres some really weird stuff you can do that you wont even need to switch your hotbar for so yeah. That is jewel looting explained. Very briefly to explain it you know to kind of it that way.
This is now a second hand the second hand exists here it looks like a an armored slot. Because its the original purpose for it was the shield. So you can have a soreness shield.
And thats kind of that right now so to kind of remake briefly explain the shield because it is now the block function of the sword basically the shield is its entirely on item. Its really cool because you can actually have two shields. If you want so and i know looks entirely ridiculous and doesnt actually but the same reason.
But still look look at this so you can you can do that if you want to aunt bea.

how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-2
how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-2

Yeah. Thats two shirts in minecraft if you want to be a tank for some bizarre. Reason anyway with that said.
Yeah basically the sundering in minecraft isnt the same system. While people figure. Where oh yeah basically youre going to be able to just you know have two swords to double damage.
But it is a brand new public combat system. Which is important to know about so let me show you right now you know a useful situation for us because. Well throw in some ender pearls in my left stop and then will spawn some zombies well right one by the way again.
If youre doing in feel. Like that you need to each other thing. Ill actually okay so uh.
This is this is a good situation. If you have two right hand clicks. So ive shown you if its two left hands.
It wont work. If you have two right hand click functions such as a ender pearl or spawn. So be it always uses your dominant hand first so for instance.
Its not going to end up on me. Its going to use the zombie spawn. So yeah.
Let me just switch. Answer the sword and let me show you a useful situation to this so i know im trapped in here. The zombies blocked me out theres nothing you can do and now.
Im panicking except. Ive got the under pulse. Oh jesus.
I always fly one over the edge. But you know i panic so i can run out there and just like that i can go out the entrance. If you have an end up oh in your left.
Hand you can have a panic option if you have a you know gone carrot or you know whatever food you have in your left hand.

how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-3
how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-3

Then you have an option to eat more you do that if you have a bow. You have a ranged option and a close range option you can have potions you can have so many different types of food in your left hand and this is one of the major parts in the new combat system. Obviously.
Theres the second part of it which is the fact that theres a cool down between being able to actually hit and do full damage again theres the fact that they rebound some items so they made the axe more damaging. But this is the major thing youre going to need to get into your head. It took me maybe a few like i guess weeks to really understand that you know left hand is you know the right click right hand is the left click.
But on the on the console. Its a lot easier because right trigger is right hand left trigger is left hand so one more thing. I want to bear in mind if we go off.
Here is that it this is done on the the mojang website. The pc. But you actually do it itll be done from a console you can actually chands if you want it so if youre left handed.
And you feel like minecrafts always been backwards to you what youll actually be able to do is make your left hand the dominant one and your right one the less than the one but thats gonna be but you know. 5 of people want to do that but most of you you know left trigger for left hand right trigger for right hand. Make sure you know what every ways right.
Now a right trigger function will be stowed on the right hand. Whats now electrical function will be down the left hand is just youll be able to do both of them at the same time. But you get handy if you want to build a base hand.
If youre new to some combat and one of the coolest features in 19. Because you know it seems so complex. But its done in a way thats really intuitive and release it to get your hands on so yeah.
I hope you did enjoy todays video. I hope you learned something about the combat. Do you will see another episode and combat.
Where i explain oh cooldowns and timers. And why its not a bad thing and all that soft stuff or do you want to just you know move on the next video. Because theres shields.
Theres the axe rebalance. Theres theres the lecturers. Theres so many other things i need to cover them no you want me to call it in the comments down below.
But for now i hope you did will enjoy this weeks feature preview. Because ill see you all in the next. One.
Thank you all very much watching and good bye music. .

how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-4
how to dual wield in minecraft ps4-4

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