Mtn Dew Baja Blast – Drink Review

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Everyone this is review. So ladies and gentlemen. Im you know i was sitting sitting here and we were eating dinner and i got of course the triple double after that in my last review and i got the big box.
I was able to get a few tacos with it i was munching on those and for the drink i got mountain dew baja blast. And then it just occurred to me i didnt review it i said you know i can review this this is a product that i have yet to review people have requested it to be reviewed and said yeah fine. Ill ill do a review of it we got it right here.
Im sitting here on this this nice day no no winter anywhere inside and i said you know its a nice cool drink for a nice warm day. Lets review it so i know its already kind of half empty because i was drinking it. But if you can kind of kind of see in there um.
I dont know if you really could its a real interesting color. Very spring like color its a greenish teal in color the very interesting color of the beverage. Very pretty should i say this described as a standard the citrusy mountain dew.
But with a hint of tropical lime. Its not just any any type of lime its tropical lime.

what does baja blast taste like-0
what does baja blast taste like-0

You know it makes it at least several dozen times better of course just due to association. So well just take a few sips of it like you know what i what i think and then im like thatll be that i guess mountain dew by job last so well what does it taste like exactly is it really taking me to this place called baja. Youre not to not name for a place.
You know. But but is it is it taking me there and yes. I know its actually called baja.
Im just messing with you the fact of the matter is heres what you got its a simple flavor first youre gonna notice. Its sweet secondly youre going to notice thats the car the worlds not an earthquake or anything is this the car okay. Its fine so its okay its good people youre going to notice.
Its sweet real sweet youre gonna notice a little bit of that citrusy flavor. But as just a secondary flavor and youre going to notice. It does have a lime flavor.
But its not overpowering its very sweet very sweet lime flavor. But it got a little bit of that singing to it from the lime of course.

what does baja blast taste like-1
what does baja blast taste like-1

But its not overpowering. Its not like lime juice or anything really youre just going to notice that it just has that sweetness. A little bit of that citrusy flavor and youre really going to have that sweet lime flavor that kind of blends in with the citrusy flavor as well.
But you notice a pleasant lime flavor. Its not overpowering not overbearing real sweetest to admit slice. If you like a sweet drink.
Want a little bit of that kick from the lime in it too here and i like this and thats what i got you can get this if any any any drink really. Theres no special price for it you know just comes with all the meals you can get a drink probably for around 1. And its affordable.
I think it tastes good and if you dont want to go to a store and end up plugging home. 12 of these things you can just go to taco bell. You can get it too and you know you can get it there as well remember it takes me back to the good old days.
I remember i used to sit there on the couch back in o4. I would just guzzle this down like water back in the day.

what does baja blast taste like-2
what does baja blast taste like-2

I remember baja blast. You know sit there watching reruns. Ill just drink it like water back in the glory days.
And a good stuff. A good stuff takes you back you know really does and thats what i got out of ten ladies and gentleman. What am i going to be rating baja.
Blast from mountain. Dew im gonna have to give this an 85. Out of 10.
I think its a pleasant drink not the best in the world. But i think it is pleasant and im pleasantly surprised by thats all i have for you ladies and gentlemen. I am your host.
The report of the week and this is review goodbye. .

what does baja blast taste like-3
what does baja blast taste like-3

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