MY HARRY POTTER WARDROBE TOUR / HAUL (Harry Potter Clothing Collection)

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from geek gear. Oh and by the way. Ive recently cleared out my drawers and got rid of like so many t shirts to charity.
So there could have been a lot more and then we got a simple design here from geek gear. Got this bright orange t shirt. This is like a fantastic piece one which i thought was really cool thats a beautiful place to be with friends this dobby t shirt.
I get really attached to stuff as well so i dont like chucking stuff away. This is a silver and one this is a sliver and locket one ambition this t shirt right here it goes with the bottoms. Im wearing right now its a sneak thief t shirt.
This one i thought was really cool because its not completely harry potters just about magic and spells. This one is really cute little picket one newt scamander serious black one of my favorite characters on long sleeve t shirt. This one one of my favorites turn to page 394 iconic this is a silver and christmas themed.
One another christmas themed. One we got bobby a little santa hat on youre a wizard re here. We got a primark pajama set bottoms and top weight top bottom riff adore sliver of ravenclaw hufflepuff dead oh.
Ive got this. I dont normally tend to wrap anything that has the other houses names on. But this one seems to be an exception for me sliver in one this one makes me laugh every day.
Im knitting this ones got a very cool design it its got harry with the dementor in the wood sliver in only i can live forever as a cool voldemort won this one i had to keep you know iconic not my daughter you after all this time always one of the first shirts. I ever purchased from primark. There was harry potter a very bright slipper in one thinking right.
Now is it really necessary for all these. Yes. An alan rickman.
One you guys are pros seen. This one quite a lot. It is important to remember that we all have magic inside of us.
Another dobby one and we have got the malfoy family thats pretty cool a sliver and one this was from the cursed child crimes of brenda ward. One an if fleur with a bow truckle this defi to mask one i love this one remus lupin one always well a pixie one and at hogwarts worm. Who am i sure weve got sliver and ones.
Weve got more demamp ones got my hedwig ones. Which come in a set so these are the shorts. This is the top then weve got some hogwarts shorts.
Youve got a vest top for the summer car. I could try a wizard. One which i think is cool and weve got this girlfriend or one thats really cool.

harry potter clothes for adults-0
harry potter clothes for adults-0

I like this one fe2 masks. One delivering quidditch team captain one fantastic beasts one again our endured. One some pajama bottoms hogwarts cress.
One another hogwarts cress. One dark follow our team sliver in all wars cress one baseball team fantastic beasts one these hogwarts trousers which i never wear but want to keep because one day. I might need them death eater one all right and that is it for all the pajama t shirts.
Yes. Pajama t shirts. Weve got all my other harry potter teachers in this drawer.
Which actually folded. Really nicely at the moment. Let me show you okay doesnt really look like it.
But they are all folded up really nicely okay. These are t shirts are more likely to wear outside and to events and just wear with skinny jeans first up we got this one a stripy. One that says free the house elves with little dobby in there now weve got my triwizard tournament t shirt.
It says potter on the back and its like this i love this this is so cool the fact that its a t shirt. But also a cosplay at the same time. I wish i can accustom one of this in slavering colors with like fake or on the back.
Ill be so cool now weve got this sliver in quidditch. 1. This was from emp.
I love this one i love the sleeves on it this is a different material of holes in it which is really cool i got this in america at universal. This is the dark mark one which i got from borgin and burkes this one i got from cursed child. This is the dark mark and heres a crime agreed award.
One this is from emp actually got this before crimes. A green ball came out just because i wanted to have a t shirt already playing sliver in one eye wards a lot in the summer because its quite short and can wear it with shorts. Its really nice labrum one this is like the new wizarding world design.
And it says sliver in on the back this what i also got before crimes. The grant award came out we lived in the shadows for too long thought this was really cool because you dont really get personal grades much out there a standard plain definitely hallows one on a black t shirt as you can see a lot of these t shirts are black because i love to wear black t shirts then we have this white t shirt that says wanted on the back with serious black have you seen this wizard. A deathly hallows one weve fold more and hairy on it a fantastic beasts one aback design on it i love ones.
That only harry potter fans were sort of know. Its a hurry teesha similar to the serious black. One we got undesirable number one with harry on it plain white hogwarts t shirts.
This is one of my favorites. It says you know who very simple design on the front and then weve got the dark mark on the back this looks so good. I love this one dark mark.

harry potter clothes for adults-1
harry potter clothes for adults-1

One this one was from the one of our studio tour in london. I served time in azkaban approach of caution this one was also from borgin and burkes in america. Theres mores more drill on it which you never get any t shirts or any hope or merch that says that spells one of my favorite spells.
So i got that one this is similar to the sliver in one you know its got the stuff on the sleeves. Its the material. It has like the holes in it it says death eaters.
Azkaban lv or voldemort on my face. Straight out of azkaban. I want to get another one it says.
Ralph hogwarts. A green sliver and one here another green sliver in one one of the first t shirts i ever purchased dark arts at hogwarts castle this was actually sent to me from the pasta collector i saw it and i was like oh my gosh so cool and without even asking he sent it over because i didnt get to experience the dark arts at hogwarts castle. When i was during halloween and he actually sent it over to me from america so the pasta collector.
Thank you very much one of my favorites you see me wear this quite a lot shut up muggle simple funny a snake themed t shirt after all this time always and this is another famous one from me the borgin and burkes t shirt. My god always takes the mick out of me saying ill wear its way too much. But its one of my favorites is a great fit and like it doesnt scream how you pour like no one knows what warner books are unless youre a harry potter fan this one is really nice.
Its got like a free quarter sleeve. And its got the hogwarts crests on it and that is it for a t shirt. Wait i have got some others.
We cant forget about these ones. Weve got the sleepy. One here which i got made and another one i got made was snape his mind these were both for summer in the city.
This was summer in the city in london. This was summer in the city in birmingham. So you know you are look good in your meet and greet pictures now moving on to hoodies dont even know how many hoodies.
I got this is so long. I dont know if this video has been long itself. But ive been in this room for about an hour talking about these features alright so christmas jumpers yes we got more than one christmas jumper merry christmas you filthy muggle lord voldemort with a santa hat on a lot of you guys ask me where i got this from this was from ebay and same with this one this was from even well actually bang.
Ive got me this for my birthday. But this was from ebay or ive seen it on ebay. Yeah.
Thats a sneak version. Now weve got this. Snake hoodie has a big design on the back.
Theres always on the front. We got this and the last brie. Weve got weve got the quidditch so there were only one this wasnt the one that was from like the studio tour anything this was from primark.

harry potter clothes for adults-2
harry potter clothes for adults-2

So the fact that primark did their version was really good because i know that the studio wants quite expensive. I actually didnt like the fit of the studio. One and i like the fit of the primark one and then we got this one this was from primark.
Very cool. I like the different colour sleeves to the pocket and the final one and i want from primark just a simple slytherin jumper. I believe thats it theres probably so much i forgot im exhausted.
And now. Ive got put all the stuff back yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.
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Said lets. Start the. Video im trauma house gets 200000.
Subscribers. So it means so much to me. If you would be here with me on this journey go to comments down below let me know if you want me to do a jewelry collection video or any.
Other collections that you want me to do if you have made at the end. Thank you so much for sitting through this with me. And yeah.
I love you guys so. Much. Ill see you very soon.
With another video. Bye oh youre still here. I.
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You will find my social media. Links and a bit of merchandise problem e. I love you guys so.
Much. Ill see you very soon with another video boy wow. She disappeared music.

harry potter clothes for adults-3
harry potter clothes for adults-3

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