My Subwoofer Setup! *LOUD BASS*

truck sub and amp combo This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you My Subwoofer Setup! *LOUD BASS*. Following along are instructions in the video below:
do that shit. All the time so make sure you go check that stuff out its pretty funny. Theres a lot of fake accounts of me on live about me.
So just know you found the right. One when you find the one with 15000. Followers.
Because that ones mine. I also want to mention something else in my muddin video like three weeks ago. I said ive opened that gofundme.
Im gonna put a lift kit and all that shit well i changed my i dont want a lift kit. I really thought it through like to the max and im just like i dont want to lift kit. Its not anytime soon anyway and plus.
Im not gonna make a bunch of yall donate like that amount of money. Id be crazy insane even though if five thousand people donated a dollar hell get it but still thats just stupid. Thats thats a lot of money well instead i got that gofundme page.

truck sub and amp combo-0
truck sub and amp combo-0

Im not closing it im keeping it up. I had like a hundred and eighty bucks in there. And i took that money and i bought new rotors brake pads and an axle seal because my went out and i couldnt mud or anything with that broken axle seal because i didnt want to get mud on my differential.
Ill fix all that shit with that money so thank you all a lot for whoever put some money in that pot. You know thank you a lot really help me out cause with my shit breaks and i got to fix. It its really hard for me to you know just spend that amount of money to fix it because you know i gotta pay bills.
I got a pay phone gotta pay my gas my insurance and dip and all that shit so it gets pretty expensive that being said. Im not gonna put any more upgrades on my truck. Unless the money comes from the gofundme.
So however much moneys and that gofundme thats amount of money ill spend on my truck. Thats the only thing that that moneys gonna go into and the next thing im gonna buy im gonna make a video about it like a before and after like horsepower difference. Im gonna get a cane in cold air intake.
And it cost 350 bucks. Whats my gofundme reaches 350 bucks. Im gonna post on snapchat yall only hit now thank yall.

truck sub and amp combo-1
truck sub and amp combo-1

So much all that shit and then im gonna buy the cold air intake and im gonna before the install ill do it zero to 60 time. And then you know do engine sounds and all that and then ill show the video of me installing it and then well do the zero to 60. Again.
See how much faster. I get see if we see if i notice any more speed. Yeah.
Thats the next thing. Were going to do and you know if yall. Just go balls to the walls.
And just a bunch of money. Just like that throw a bunch of money in the pot. And you know id be pretty awesome.
But if yall. Do that im gonna also put a new exhaust system on and get flowmaster super tense. Were gonna do it before and after video on that with an install so you know that dont fund.

truck sub and amp combo-2
truck sub and amp combo-2

Me if you put money in it. Just know youre gonna get content and entertainment out of it so you know im not just gonna throw. It up.
There be like yall. Go donate to it on buy. Me.
New fucking vehicle. Huh. Yeah.
Thanks. Again to people that throw in that gofundme account. So thanks a lot really appreciate it and im gonna make some videos about all that so thank you that gofundme page link will be in the description.
Below and also put it in a comment. So itll probably be top coming. If i comment it so if you want to throw some money in that pot and see those videos and make sure you go you know fell a few dollars in there for you know spread some cheese on this broke crackers.

truck sub and amp combo-3
truck sub and amp combo-3

But if you like this video make sure you show your support you know leave me. A big ol. Thumbs up lets try to hit 800.
Likes on this video. Really be much appreciated also follow me on instagram at redneck tv. Funny shit over there all the time so you know ill follow that instagram page and also if you havent already just subscribe.
Button you know we got 30000. Subs and fifty thousand subs. Were eating a full can of dip.
So you know just keep that in mind keep us growing keep on smacking that sub button. So you can become a part of the fan base of the redneck tv and also theres this little bell beside the subscribe button. And you know that motherfucker might get rain that way every time.
I upload a brand new video you get a notification. I upload a video bing bang right on your phone and remember always a pound difference. Thank you be freaking he yo.
I think about engaging phone .

truck sub and amp combo-4
truck sub and amp combo-4

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