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You guys welcome back for todays video. Im doing a full review demo demo application and swatches of the new makeup geek in the news collection. So that a palette and then three new bronzers that they just came out with i was so eager to try this and this did come in the mail.
This morning. It was sent to me for free two days ago. I actually ordered three of these because im going to be giving them way to you guys i already knew that this is something that i would like and you would like just because half of the shades.
That are in here are staples in my collection. Youre curious what my favorite eyeshadows are of all time. I will link the video up here.
Where i show you that this is what the palette looks like its so beautiful and the other half of the shades that are in here are actually brand new shave. Some so dior to try those out today and then the other three products are bronzers. Theres like a light medium and a dark for different skin tones.
I will show you that here so this one is called sunkissed is for fair skin. This one is called tawny. It is for medium skin and then this one is burnished and this is for deep skin.
So i will be swatching those i did already probably bronzer on my face because im an idiot. But i will put it down my neck. So you can see them here because as you can see browns up my face up left and im sailor down here.
So lets just jump right in im excited to see how this goes out the swatches and everything as were going along lets get into it okie dokie. So i did prime the top part of my eye already. But i didnt apply the primer to the bottom.
Because theres a shade in here so pale. Its this one right here. And i thought that this would be perfect for setting my primer.
So i specifically waited to prime my eyes. So the primer that im going to be using is painterly from masters going to go in with a brush and put this on my lid. Once i got the majority on im just going to set it with my finger here and then im just going to take this brush from crown.
Its the c five to nine brush and im going to grab so pale and set that right on the eye. And its going to set the primer. So now that that color is on it was a little bit brighter than i was thinking so this is definitely a good like matte highlight shade.
But it will work great now for the base. It was just a little bit brighter. I think to them just a little bit more tan than usual so now im going to go in with another brand new shade.
Its the one thats right in the center school. Its called bust its right here it reminds me a lot of birkin from anastacio. Im just going to grab my smith 232 brush.
Im just going to pick that up on a brush tap off the excess. And then im just going to bring this into the crease of my eye. Im gonna grab my smith 2 47.
And im going to grab tan lines. Its this shade right here. Which is actually one of my personal favorite eye shadows.
Ever so im going to pick that up on the brush tap off the excess and im going to work this here in the outer corner. You know one thing. I can notice the mirror and i dont know if the mirror is a big deal to you or if you notice a big difference in mirrors.
The quality of the mirror.

makeup geek in the nude palette-0
makeup geek in the nude palette-0

Thats in this palette versus. The one in the bronzers. I think the one and the bronzers is a better quality.
I think that the one thats in the mirror is you know why its because its a magnifying mirror. I personally prefer to not be magnified. But if thats something that you like then youd like them here thats why it seemed like it was like lower quality.
I think because i just realized it was magnifying my face so im going to work this here in the outer corner. And then also in the outer crease and smudge it in and if youre curious about how to apply eyeshadow. I will link my video up here in the corner.
I have a video all on how to apply eyeshadow with my different. Tips tricks and techniques on how to achieve it at home. And you can apply all the things that i talked about in that video to like any eyeshadow look.
Im going to start cooling this up just a little bit. Im going to take this shade here. Which is called prease.
This is another brand new shade from them. Im still going to use the 2 47. From smith and start putting this out here in the outer lid and outer crease thats a pretty color.
Im going to grab a little bit more of like a fluffier brush to apply this color. So it goes a little bit more diffused go. I really love that she included warm and cool toned eyeshadows in this palette.
And that they can still be used together. So you can do like a full warm look with just just the warm shades or just a cool. The cool shades or you can mix them together kind of like how im doing today and pick up a little bit more of that tan line shade just to make it a little bit more warm bring that back in im going to grab this c 5 to 8 brush from crown.
Its a pencil brush and im going to start with this shade. Here. Which is called dark roast.
This is another brand new shade make sure to really tap off the excess because you dont want to falling all over and then im going to place this right in that outer corner. And kind of like do an outer v type. Deal.
And then im going to go in with some cabin fever. Which is the shade here. Which is another one of my personal favorite and im going to layer that in with the dark rose shade to bring in some more of that red.
I did have some fallout. So ill have to dust that away later and now im going to go in and blend. Okay.
So now that thats on im going to highlight the brow bone before i go in with the lid. Im going to take this color. Here called the prep tanzil.
It looks like a very beautiful like yellow vanilla gold shade. And itd be perfect for the brow bone. So im grabbing that on a flat brush and im going to pop this right on the top of the brow bone and now im going to go in with grandstand.
Which is another one of my personal favorite shades ever and im going to put this on a 242 brush from mac. Im going to pick it up on this brush and pop it on my eyelid for me this goes on like a rosy bronze. But if you have a lot more of a deeper complexion this is going to go on more of a topi kind of color either way.
Its such a beautiful shade and then right on the inner inner part of the lid.

makeup geek in the nude palette-1
makeup geek in the nude palette-1

Im going to grab in the spotlight. Which again was another shadow that i showed in my palette video. I go in and just kind of buff out that edge a little bit and soften it so that its not like oh stopping with a very harsh line for the bottom lash line.
Im going to grab that cabin fever shade and mix. It with the dark roast pop it on the bottom. And then picking up some of that tan line shade working it all underneath the lash line and then grab any of those other brushes.
Im going to use the crown see five eleven that i was using for blending just with whatevers leftover on it and just blend that out to make it more blown out you can either pick up some buff. Too which i think about to be right now right on the tip of the brush and help that to blend it out. Oh yeah.
That works out nicely and then im going to pick up the rapunzel shade and pop it right here on the inner corner of my eye. And then carry it up to connect it in the spotlight in the grandstand. Im going to mascara on my lashes.
This is the loreal lash paradise mascara. My new phase alright now that the mascara is done im going to go in with some eyeliner just to complete the eye look for me. This is costa reese from mac.
Its a rich warm red toned brown. Its so beautiful and i love it for the water line just like enhances. The blue eyes and the bronze enos of the look okay so now for the bronzers.
We have sunkissed tawny and burnished and i think im going to go in with tawny. Which is the medium skin tone. One and im going to show it to you on her like my neck and chest area since i did my space so im just going to pick it up on my real techniques.
Brush. Oh. That is pigmented start rings down.
Here. A little bit. Do the chest.
Oh. This does look really nice. Its super pigmented.
I dont really see any sort of shimmer in it or glitter all right yeah. That was nice. I really like that im she going to put that rapunzel shade on my collarbones because i wanna alright.
So my overall sauce on this palette is obviously you guys know that im obsessed with makeup geek. And i really do love this palette. I think this is great if you havent bought anything from makeup geek.
Before i can fully recommend half of these shades 110 percent. Just because those are some of my favorite colors. The new ones.
I still need to play with a little bit more the only one that i was kind of just like a little disappointed with was the buffed shade. Which is the shade right in the middle. I just wish that it was just a touch darker just because i feel like to work with the other colors.
It just needs to be a little bit deeper just for me in my opinion for me that would be kind of like my anastacio birkin kind of shade. And it is very similar to that but i also know that bakesale for makeup geek is practically a dupe for birkin from anastasia. So if they did that then they would have just put bakesale in here but other than that i think its a really great palette.
I think its a great mix of warm and cool toned eyeshadows youve got two foiled shadows to give you two different kinds of looks.

makeup geek in the nude palette-2
makeup geek in the nude palette-2

And i just really think its great it does retail for i think 50. And it is actually pretty sturdy. When i got it in the mail.
I was expecting it to be a little bit more lightweight just because ive gotten stuff in this kind of box and packaging. Before from makeup geek. And they were lighter.
So this actually feels heavy duty like one of these kinds of cases. So that is pretty impressive to me it feels really really sturdy. And its cool that it has a mirror that kind of thing doesnt really make or break.
A palette or a product for me. If it has a mirror or not just because im using other products. When i do my makeup.
That have mirrors so its like not a big deal. But if that is important to you it does have a mirror just keep in mind. It is a magnifying mirror.
And i love that she came out with three completely different bronzers for different skin colors and the light one if you are fair like really pher. This is going to work for you because for me honestly. I think.
Its a little bit too light and i am normally fair complected. However it is the summer and ive been outside a little bit more so i dont think this would work for me. But the tani worked perfectly on me i put this all over my neck and chest.
I think it worked really nicely. I think that i could build up the color and i cant wait to use these on my face. Im such a dummy for not doing that today and then the burnished shade.
I think that this is a beautiful really really deep rich color. So if you are deeper in skin tone. I think that this would really work for you and they are all very buttery that is one thing about anything that she comes out with thats kind of like in this diamond d.
Sort of pattern shape. They are very very silky buttery. Even more buttery than eyeshadows.
So just yeah. I love everything im very impressed. I was just only disappointed by the one shadow.
But overall. I really do think this is a great collection and if you can get your hands on this palette. Before its sold out i highly recommend it and if you end up entering my giveaway when i launched.
It one of these will be in every single winners giveaway. Which is super exciting. So i hope you guys are excited about that thank you so much for watching this video.
If you picked up this palette for yourself. And you love it too or if you dont just let me know your thoughts on it down below anything that you purchase for makeup geek through the links that i provide i do make money off of it i get a commission. So if youre uncomfortable with that feel free to shop.
Without the links that i provide thank you so much for watching this video. Please subscribe let me know what you want to see next. And ill see you later bye.

makeup geek in the nude palette-3
makeup geek in the nude palette-3

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