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To lick cast the podcast covering gcse literature. Revision and notes for wjc. These podcasts podcasts are designed to be used as an additional revision tool.
Theres nothing new groundbreaking here. Just revision notes in an on the go friendly format. Using these alone wont guarantee you an a star.
But they can help you build your confidence to apply this knowledge to your exam questions and your classwork with that being said lets get started music. Hello and welcome back in this episode. Were going to be briefly talking about carlson and whit.
Two of the more minor characters in of mice. And men even though these characters are not considered major developed characters within the novella. Theyre still important to consider and they do still represent certain aspects of life in the 1930s.
So we are going to start with carlson and think about kind of the different prejudices and attitudes. That he embodies so hes seen this unsentimental and aggressive and he convinces candy to let him shoot the dog he doesnt really consider anyones feelings.

who is carlson in of mice and men-0
who is carlson in of mice and men-0

He thinks candys dog should be shot because its old and smelly. He thinks candy could have one of slims puppies instead and he cant see the candy might actually have an emotional and emotional attachment to his dog after hes shot. The dog.
He doesnt apologize to candy and cleans his gun in full view of everyone he doesnt understand why george and slim seem upset at the end of the novella. He sees lennys death is simply practical. And he doesnt feel any emotions about it lennie has to be killed.
And he was hes quick to pick a fight with curley he calls him yellow as a frog belly and a god damn punk. So we can clearly see that carlson embodies the ideas of insensitivity aggressiveness and just not necessarily wanting to connect with anything on an emotional level. Which embodies the idea of the harsh life of ranch workers in contrast to this whit is someone whos a lot younger and hes almost destined for a life forever on the ranch.
He is a bit more enthusiastic and fun. Which is possibly why his name sounds. Like the word weights has em to be witty.
Hes not bitter about ranch life at the moment. The reader knows hell probably turn into a sad old figure like candy.

who is carlson in of mice and men-1
who is carlson in of mice and men-1

But wit at this point isnt aware of this he plays cards with george. But as soon as they get talking. Hes not interested in the game anymore.
Which shows that he is actually lonely on the ranch and his desperate for company and friendship. Theres signs that whit is already destined to this harsh ranch life and is already being affected by it. He already seems to be weighed down by the life as if hes carrying an invisible green bag.
Hes sad and nostalgic about departed bill tena and he knows all about and recommends old susies brothel going into quite a bit of detail. Hes got no ambitions. Hes already wasting his money on girls and drink.
He represents. What george could become without lennie and their dream farm. So if you were writing an essay about a theme for example you could link these characters into that you could link them to loneliness you could link them to prejudice.
You can link them to destiny or fate. And just mentioning these demonstrates quite an in depth knowledge of the novella.

who is carlson in of mice and men-2
who is carlson in of mice and men-2

Because they are more minor characters and thinking about the connections between them and other characters is useful like for example. The connection between wit being what george could become which obviously becomes more possible when lennie dies at the end of the novella. So thats just some really.
Brief notes and revision on the characters of carlson. And wit. Thank you very much for listening and tune in to the next.
One. Youve been listening to lip. Cast the podcast covering gcse literature.
Revision and notes for wjc. This podcast is available to download from cast box comma. If youre listening on youtube.
The link will be in the description below where you can download these to listen offline on your phone and on the go thank you for listening and good luck with your vision music applause music. .

who is carlson in of mice and men-3
who is carlson in of mice and men-3

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