Olay Ultra Moisture In-Shower Body Lotion Review

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Subscribers out there and welcome back to my channel today. Im coming to you you with the product review. And its of the olay ultra moisturizing and shower lotion.
And this is the one with shea butter in it and this stuff is amazing you guys amazing now ive been using this product now for about three weeks or three and a half weeks and i love this stuff. It has become my staple. My daily staple is you can say and im a little late on this product.
But im glad that i found this product out it is the and im not exaggerating this really is the bomb in my opinion and this to me. Its better than your normal lotion and it saves me a lot of time because i dont know about you guys. But i know for me i dont like to put on the lotion up after the shower.
Only because i procrastinate i sit down and i watch tv and it just takes forever so this stuff right here saves time. And its basically just the in shower body lotion. Its lotion that you put on in the shower.
And what you would do is you would cleanse your body like youre normally of cleanse your body with you know body wash or bar soap. Then you would take a little of this or how much you but you know its needed and you will apply this to your body to your skin. Just like as you apply.
Regular lotion and you know get it all over your your body. And then you will get back rinse it off get back on the water and rinse it off and then you can dry yourself off with the towel. And yes.
I love this stuff like i said it saves me so much time. And it also keeps your body moisturized all day your skin feels so and its not grazie either. I thought it would be greasy.

oil of olay shower lotion-0
oil of olay shower lotion-0

But its not and i was a little skeptical at first about trying this product because i was like how do you put on lotion in the end wash it back off doesnt it defeat the purpose. Well yeah. It proved me wrong.
So i have kind of like dry skin and this leaves my body so moisturized and i love it now i dont apply it to my face because it smells like fragrancy. But it has that perfume smell within the bottle it does but when you apply it to your body is not a strong smell. But im not the type to apply different things to my face because im scared that it will break out so with the fragrance in this im kind of scared to apply it to my face.
So i dont use this on my face. I just use it on my body. But it does say body lotion.
But hey um. What else can i say about this product. I like this bottle its very unique bottle.
I just wish that it will come in a pump you know like the larger sized lotions that will be awesome to just pump it out and then put it on your body instead of you know opening its clout. Squeezing it out putting on your body. But hey hopefully theyll come up with that soon now this product retails in like walmart for around 6 dollars.
But i actually received this product from a relative they gave it to me and i am in love with this stuff. And yeah. This stuff is great you guys and i will be buying this again.
Im gonna keep this in the house. My family members love it as well and i know there are other in shower body lotions out there i know nivea has one i havent tried that one yet. But um.

oil of olay shower lotion-1
oil of olay shower lotion-1

If its as good as olay. I dont know but i love this only i actually love only by the watch too. But i really love this stuff like i said it i use this everyday because it saves me so much time yeah.
This stuff is the bomb now. I think they have other kinds and i know this one is with the shea butter. But and its in the its fifteen point two ounces.
So yeah. This stuff is pretty good and i still have a lot in here and i use this every single day. So it goes a long way you dont have to put too much on you know just enough to you know put it on your body.
You dont have to put it like a bunch on you dont have to a lot a little goes. A long way just put it like that and it also tells you on the bag. You know as with other bed bath shower products this product may make some surfaces more slippery now that is true i had it almost had accident one time.
But yeah just be careful with because like i said it is lotion we all know lotion it can make your hand slip or anything slip. So be careful youre using this in the shower. But um yeah yeah.
I just wanted to share this product with you and let you know that you might want to go out and try these this is some good stuff. So you guys stay tuned for more videos continue to thumbs up please leave your comments down below. And please you guys subscribe to my channel like i said.
I am new to this. But i will get better with time so its the next time s not you know like a barrier. Prime.

oil of olay shower lotion-2
oil of olay shower lotion-2

Thats going to prevent the oil coming through essentially oil hit sears and it turns matte like its some kind of science experiment. Im telling you but now that i know how to use it i am in love with it also i want to mention the rimmel stay matte primer. This is a really great drugstore alternative and i have been using this primer.
Im gonna say for like 6 or 7 years like was my ride or die drugstore primer. I love this one its really simple and thats what i love about it sometimes. Its the most simple products that actually worked the best.
So yeah. Ill ill use this all over my entire face in the morning. I love this for work.
So i applied this really early in the morning and then ill wear it through a whole day of work come home without having to stress about looking like a shiny disco ball. Its really really affordable too and you know products blend out beautiful on top of it so yeah really really loved the rimmel stay matte next up. Ive got these smashbox photo.
Finish foundation. Primer oil. Free.
Pore. Minimizing are all of those words. Really in the name guys.
It looks like this its a purple. One essentially so this is another mattifying primer that also reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. So again.

oil of olay shower lotion-3
oil of olay shower lotion-3

I will use this through the t zone on my nose. And then ill sort of spread it you know on this areas of my cheeks and also on my chin and my top lip. I can use this you know all over or as a spot primer and you know it works both ways this will absorb oil kind of similarly to the becca one.
But this ones a lot easier to work with it will absorb oil as the oil comes through and prevent your face getting shiny. And then lastly. I wanted to mention the kat von.
D. Locket. Featherweight.
Primer. I use this on all of my brides. A lot of my clients really really great hydrating primer.
Which as you know when you add hydration back into the skin counteracts. The oil issue and your skin goes. Oh.
Im not as parched as i thought i was so im not going to try and you know hydrate myself by producing way too much oils so really really simple like it just feels like a quite a light moisturizer on the skin. Its not thick nothing looks cakey on top of it really easy to work with um and yeah. Quite basic really really quite basic so that is it for my top primers for oily skin.
I hope you guys really found this video helpful as always please if youve got any questions about any of these products or any questions that you need to ask me back skin concerns and issues. Please leave them in the comment section down below. You guys know im more than happy to always answer your questions.
I hope you guys really enjoyed the video and i will talk to you all very soon bye you .

oil of olay shower lotion-4
oil of olay shower lotion-4

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