OSRS Barb Assault Fighter Torso Guide 2007 – Fast \u0026 Efficiënt!

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What is up guys welcome to a bavarian assault guide. So how do you get get a fighter closer. You can get it by the bavarian assault minigame so what i show you in this video.
I show you how to get there at the in february assault. How to do this introduction how to start a game. And how to play at a attacker role defender roll collector role and healer.
All other roles can be done fast and efficient that means you can do it faster and get more points for the people who already has played deeper bear in a sub mini game. I recommend you to skip this intro. And go straight to the first attacker role so how to get there you can get there by taking a game necklace in your inventory.
And right click. It and press r up. When you rub it click on the bavarian outpost.
And you will teleport to the bavarian output. If you dont have a game necklace because youre on island hot calm and ultimate ironman or whatever you can make a game necklace by and shouting it by the ancient enchant spell in your regular spell book for the spell. You need one water room.
And one cosmic room. And one set for a necklace use the enchantment spell on the sapphire necklace and you ohio and you will have a game necklace. Eight all right once you are inside the bearing a soul you will see left in the corner.
A chest. Which is a denture. Which is very very handy on the right you see captain game captain game is there to show you the tutorial and how the game works you will see this interface with all the adrift introductions and hoes to play everything on your screen.
They will be red in the middle. You will see a blue board. The blackboard here you will see the different roles currents on appoints you are level in your certain role to reward left in the corner.
You will see commander connor. When you right click. It and get rewards.
You will see an interface with all the rewards you can get including the penance torso aka fighter torso as you can see it cost three hundred and seventy five points in its role and you need to kill a queen another thing you need to know is you to wear a weapon. Which have four different effects valves. What i mean by that is an accurate attack style aggressive attack style controls attack style and a defense attack style.
Why do we need four different the textiles because when you are in the mini game you need all four of them once you are here climb downstairs. You see here in the middle of the gang. You see a black board.
Which you can use again for your points. Then run lot. Where you see all these rooms and the numbers on the mini map.
These are all the rooms. And the number says the wave once you go inside you can right click. It.
And there is an option for reset wave. This option is for when you are in the second room and somebody dcs or late or leave. The room.
And you cant play further you should go to room. 1 reset your way and get a new game on the website. You see a table with scrolls on it if you want to play an own game.
You should take a scroll and use the scroll on other people. There is also an option on the scroll. Which is for your own role.
When you do right click and write role you can choose your own role music welcome to the tech world as you can see here. Theres the picture of the baroness of minigame insight and i show you what to do when you start you will start over here in the red circle. When you start you should run all the way west and going up to the barricades.
Where will spawn the rangers and depend on are we on a mini game. I will let you see in slow motion. What to do when youre inside as you can see right in the top of the screen over there you see our white text advanced green egg when it says green egg you right click on your lawn and press green egg as you can see you scream now green eggs.
So the collector can do green x. And you can see in the right corner. You need to use the control a texture that is why you need or a text as you can see in the right corner.
The text will change and you need to call again this time. Its the red edge. So i press on the horn.
Because when i left click. It it will call the red whore welcome to deep deep in the road. You can see here.

how long does it take to get fighter torso-0
how long does it take to get fighter torso-0

The mini map from the barbarian assault minigame and inside so when you start you start over here. When you start over here you should take from this item machine. All the items you need then you run.
All the way to the east and you see there the eastern trap. Once youre damned place for food. That is cold right above trap.
So when you are right drop for food one square of both the trap. Then run a bit up to the second cross and drop. There one foot and then to the third cross and drop there one to two when you are there you can pick up the hammer.
And do logs and run back to the trip all right as you can see here i start i take from the item machine. All the onions. I need i run all the way to the west and stand one square above the trap and drop poor ones as you can see in the right corner.
I need to drop warms. So i drop a warm here and a warm there i pick up the hammer. Two logs and run back now you can see when i run back meanwhile.
There are already two british dead. So when youre right. Here.
You should go again take the trap drop some food near or above the trap. Above. The trap is the best place.
Because above the trap. They reach more pronounced runners. When the cold is different like now you need to do once again.
But when its a difference. You dont need to pick up and the food because you dropped it in the right code welcome to the collector role as you can see here heres a mini map from the bavarian assault minigame youll get right into it evils found here as a collector you dont need to pick anything from the item machine. When you all run.
All the way west go up like the effects stay at the effector and wait till. They kill the npcs when the cue light. They drop x.
Where they drop x pick up the right x and pick up as many as possible how many x you pick up no more points you will gain all right they will see me in again. When we start your code or right call. You run west you go up and wait till.
The attackers kill some npcs when they dead they will drop x. As you can see i need to pick up three necks. I will do that right now that gets many green eggs as you can because how many x you pick up how many points it will gain now we need to go again now we need to get blue x.
When you pick up the wrong. One they will explode and you will get less points music welcome to the hero room as you can see here. There is a mini map from the barbarian assault minigame.
So when you spawn right here. You can pick the items from other machine. Over here.
You can go to the help pool and pick some water with this water you can heal other people. But with you can heal 10 damage when you are level 1 in here once youve done this all you can read up and you need to poison the healers with the right food. So once your spawn you coat the right one this one is warms.
You pick the items on the item machine run to the pool get some pool water. When you use that back on place you will heal them with 10 damage when you are level. 1 healer.
Roulette use the current food you need to poison them with and use the food on the healer as you can see right above in the corner. Now we need to change so i need to call crackers. When i do that you see now i need to poison them with meat.
So use the meat on the healers. And this will get heal damaged by 4 damage after a few damage they will reduce to 3. Then 2 and then 1 and then you need to poison then again thanks for watching guys.
I hope you enjoyed this video and i hope it helped you a lot by playing librarian assault. This is the best way to play be the bearing assault. I get i got my tour show in like two and a half between two and a half and three hours so thats pretty fast.
I did it with a tee when you do it with a team you will it will be a lot faster. There we go this was the tutorial about how you get a fighter. So i hope you enjoyed it and yeah.
I helped you a lot by how to play it when you want to see more tutorials. Please comment down below. Which victoria you want to see and i will make it for you guys for now peace music you .

how long does it take to get fighter torso-1
how long does it take to get fighter torso-1

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