Play The Piano With Both Hands (A Beginner’s Guide)

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Lesson is all about learning how to get this hand to cooperate with this hand hand and to get these hands to cooperate with your brain. So one of the struggles that beginner players have is getting the hands to cooperate and im so often told hope. Theres something wrong i cant play these triads hands together my hands arent cooperating.
When im trying to play scales hands together. I could do this hand by itself in this hand by self. But when we work together it all falls apart.
And its a terrible disaster. So im here to help im gonna be going over a couple of things that you can do to help get your hands to cooperate with each other in your brain. And well start really really simple.
So this one is just a five tone scale. And we can do it on c. And its my favorite way to just kind of gain confidence so i think one of the main things is getting the hands to work together.
We start with our thumb in our right hand. Then we start with our v in our left hand and right away. It feels kind of like all right like are we going the right direction so instead of thinking about that think about were gonna play with our lowest finger and then were simply moving up and steps one note at a time and we get to our final finger.
Were just turning it around and heading back down. Now if this is easy for you its a really good idea to practice playing with different volumes between the hands.

how to play piano with both hands-0
how to play piano with both hands-0

I know it sounds crazy. But try playing right hand loud and left hand soft. I said think really hard about it its really difficult to do music flip it so that your left hand is playing loud and your right hand is playing quiet and this this will come up as an important little skill later so you want to practice this so left.
Hand is me loud and right hand is quieter. So it just means pretending like your left. Hand weighs more.
Theres kind of like gluing down to the keys and your right hand is like feather light and relaxing. Its tricky business. Give it a shot.
So once you have that and you kind of arrived and youve got that sorted out its time for a full scale and this is where most people fall apart. So the weak points are always the thumbtacks and the reason for this it is hard. Its nothing wrong with you this is super challenging.
So. What you want to do is you want to go slow let your hands really drop into the keys and practice those pivot points. So add the third finger on the right hand.
You tuck your thumb underneath. And then the key here is resetting.

how to play piano with both hands-1
how to play piano with both hands-1

The hand. So its in place notice. How my two finger is lined up on the note.
It needs to be on this is where you set yourself up for success so one more time 1 2. 3. Pivot set yourself up for success dont forget the two finger you made it now youve run out of fingers in your right hand.
Sorry your left hand and your third finger needs to pivot. So do that set yourself up for success and you made it and then have a party because you just play two hands together scale ascending you should feel really good about it same rules apply heading back down the scale. So the trick here is to go slow let yourself really drop into the keys be intentional and focus on those pivot points.
Even though theyre different between the hands and set yourself up for success by setting the hand up before you continue and if that means you do this and you pause. And you wait and you get it already thats okay you will get better i promise so. The final thing.
I wanted to look at is triads. Because beginners often get stuck on triads and these are what im talking about these guys can play the broken. These are one of the most important things to practice to be perfectly honest.
Theyre theyre gonna help you if you want to play by ear. Theyre gonna help you if you want to play classical.

how to play piano with both hands-2
how to play piano with both hands-2

Music. Pop music. Any kind of music.
You should be practicing. Triad inversions. And you should start practicing them as soon as you can.
But the tricky thing is is theyre super super. Challenging so many people get frustrated and kind of give up so remember that youre not gonna get this right away inversion practice is a lifelong pursuit. But there are ways you can make it easier to get these hands to cooperate.
So the first thing. I want to tell you is that i find it easier to practice tried inversions broken. And just like i said earlier with setting yourself up for success with those finger changes.
It applies here. So heres your root position. Got it okay.
So now my right hand is gonna use one two five thats the shape get confident. This is far as you need to worry about at first now the left hand is going to use five three one move together whoo you did it back to the beginning repeat.

how to play piano with both hands-3
how to play piano with both hands-3

If you stay here for your entire first practice. Thats completely fine you are making progress youve broken youre gonna go on to the next one starts beginning success okay now the fingers change. So were gonna go five to one and the left five three one three five and right mmm.
This may be painstakingly slow for you at the beginning. But the key is breathe slow feet on the floor lead into those keys in tension along the way. So you dont have to sit down.
And just be able to do this the first three times or five times or ten times. Youre practicing youre tied inversions. This its perfectly acceptable youre asking a lot of your mind in your body.
And its all part of the process. So breaking it down working on those transitions one at a time. And youre gonna be absolutely fine.
So i hope these tips were helpful these are the main points. I find that people more struggle with getting hands to coordinate once youve managed to get youre getting charge of things with a five tone scale a full scale and some pole chord inversions. Like in the key of c.
Everything else seems so much easier so work these things into your practices. And small doses. Consistency is queen.
So much fun with this comment below let me know what you think music you .

how to play piano with both hands-4
how to play piano with both hands-4

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