Real Ancient Artifacts That Scientists Can’t Explain

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The earth is littered with buried treasures patiently waiting to be discovered when theyrere found they can add depth to unanswered. Questions about the world. However while they tell us a lot about human history.
The finds can also create more questions than they answer especially when there are thousands of years old such as a knife that looks like it was used by ancient giants does that mean giants existed. Whats the real story all these astonishing discoveries well thats what were gonna examine today to say the norm. Its soooo dachi is a large sword would be putting it lightly its length comes to twelve point three seven feet and weighs thirteen point one nine seven pounds.
The typical adachi blade is far smaller at their biggest. Theyre around six and a half feet in length. The norm is two adachi is so large that many believed only a giant could wield such a weapon.
However until scientists find fossils of giants thats probably not the case instead of being used on the battlefield. Scientists believe its a status symbol for the warriors. It may have also been forged by a swordsmith in order to showcase their outstanding talent.
After all the heat treatment and polishing skills required to make the sword means. Only the best creators could have achieved this usually an adachi blade is hung from the ceiling. As its created so to make the nor omitsu adachi.
It would either require a very tall ceiling or a new technique to be developed for forging other theories point at this massive blade being used for ceremonial rituals or is an offering to a shrines patron gods regardless its currently on display in the kibitz uu shrine in the okayama prefecture in 1974. Workers. Were digging a new well near xian.
China. They uncovered a large cache of terracotta life. Sized army.
Figurines. There were thousands of these individually designed soldiers theyre even clay horses and chariots in the discovery. They very much resemble the army in 2008.
The mummy tomb of the dragon emperor the soldiers at one point seemed to have been painted in bright colors but have become grey over the centuries archaeologists estimate there are 8000. Figurines in the discovered four pits.

a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-0
a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-0

But the reason behind them is uncertain the main theory is that the army was created to aid the first emperor of unified china ken quang into the afterlife he passed away in 221. Bc according to ancient. Writings.
700000. Workers created the terracotta army. However before the full amount could be formed there was an uprising as a result.
The project was unfinished you can actually see this from the 1974 discovery as one of the pits were found empty. The writings also discuss the treasure inside wangs tomb. However due to the complexity of evacuating.
The tomb archeologists have been unable to enter it yet we may now have proof that aliens walk amongst us well maybe in 2016. Some coins were discovered during a house renovation in egypt on the head of one coin. We can see a figure with large hollow eyes in the shape of the head that resembles an extraterrestrial.
Another coin seems to have an image of a ufo hovering above the ground the latin wording scribbled around the coin states opportunists a dest according to reports when translated that means. Its here in due time spooky does that mean the aliens are returning should we be panicked well no probably not its speculated that these coins are actually hobo coins. This is a practice that dates back to the 1750s coins were made with a softer metal than what we have today as a result.
The coins were used in a sculptured art form one of which was the well known body coin. The original coin image was the united states ceded liberty. But the artists manipulated the seat into a toilet for humorous reasons.
Today. Hobo coins are a collected commodity so more than likely. These recently discovered coins arent actually alien in 1975.
The first personal computer was released or was it in 1901. An archeological diving team found loads of treasure from a roman shipwreck. The discovery was found near the greek island and tick affero amongst.
The statues and the jewelry was the antikythera mechanism. This device appeared to be a collection of rusted gears.

a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-1
a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-1

Who was dismissed for two years until archaeologists of illyrio status took a look he realised just how complex it was but its purpose was unknown. It wasnt until 1959. When the reason for the mechanism was discovered by derek j.
Destroyer. Price further x. Rays of the mechanism.
In the 70s gave more evidence to prices revelation price theorized. The mechanism is an analogue computer depen on the calendar month. The antikythera mechanism could determine where the planets moons and stars are in the sky by manipulating.
The main gear to the date these smaller gears would turn to indicate the planets positions one of the gears. Even counted down the days to schedule sporting events like the olympics due to its complexity. Scientists are unsure how the ancient greeks could have even created the antikythera mechanism the cott shebib was first reported by the british diplomat.
Sir alec. Kurt bridge in 1948 while on a plane in the sky he looked down and saw the wall running along the country of jordan. Altogether this mysterious wall is 93 miles in length.
Although. It was no more than three point three feet tall and one point six feet wide along the walls are the remains of hundreds of ruins in the shapes of towers. The date of its construction is a bit of a mystery.
The estimate is somewhere between 312 bc to 750 80 as for the walls purpose that too is a mystery. The towers might be rest areas for hunters. The walls small height and width to give the impression that it wasnt created for defensive reasons.
After all it would only take a decent jump for the enemy to clear the rocky structure. Speculation as the wall was constructed to mark some form of boundary perhaps between the farmers and pastoralists and ancient jordan in order to figure this out scientists are conducting further aerial archaeology speaking of aerial archaeology in jordan and other project has also required that skill in the country. The 1920 british pilot.
Lionel rees spotted the circles from the sky and took some pictures all together there are 12 circular stone structures in jordan and syria one of the structures is only partially complete most of the circular constructions have a diameter of 1312 feet with a roman road within the. Circles suggestions indicate that they are around 2000.

a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-2
a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-2

Years old according to the archaeologists examining the circles. It wouldnt have been too difficult to create them theyre all formed from local stone. A dozen people could make one of the formations in the space of about a week.
But their purpose is a bit of an enigma the walls much like the khat shebib are small and their height and width. The main theory is they were created to be animal pens. Yet the specific circular shape is not necessary for animal pens.
Archaeologists have taken more images from the sky. However further excavation is needed to figure out the reason for the circles existence retina komets. What you think therefore the pyramid of unas was built around four thousand three hundred and fifty years ago for the egyptian pharaoh unos after its discovery.
The ruins were off limits to archaeologists the pyramid has decayed so much that it was too dangerous to enter only restoration work has been going on since however in 2019. Archaeologists were allowed to enter the structure again they found a 30 foot tunnel that took them to the center of the pyramid. This is where they saw the burial chambers of lunas inside the walls and ceilings were covered in well preserved hieroglyphics.
Its said to be the first pyramid to be carved with hieroglyphic spells for the afterlife. Another finding recently involves the great sphinx of giza this four and a half thousand year old structures said to have many secret tunnels and chambers underneath. It could be linked to the great pyramid of giza nearby.
Which is created for the pharaoh khufu. There are theories that this could lead to finding long forgotten priceless historical treasures or even an ancient library archeologists are currently excavating this newly discovered labyrinth of tunnels cansada arabia lies the all nosler monolith this rock is based in an oasis and tama. The art on the all nosler monolith is estimated to be four thousand years old we can see a horse or camel next to a person.
Yet whats strange is the divide in the rock. Its incredibly clean almost as if something powerful caused the monolith to split one of the theories is that a laser was responsible perhaps an advanced ancient civilization somehow had the technology to cut into the stone or maybe aliens once again caused something mysterious to occur in earths history. Geologists believe the divide was caused when the ground beneath the monolith was offset another idea is that the rock sits on an old fault line once the crack developed the sand blown by the wind slowly eroded the rock in the gap.
Which caused it to become smooth over the many many years. This has been the explanation for many rock formations over the world with a similar clean cut as such its probably more likely than aliens or agent lasers off the coast of the island yonaguni in japan lies an underwater rock formation. Its been said to resemble a massive submerged pyramid.
It was first found in 1986 by scuba instructor kuchar aratake since then these strange constructions become a diving hotspot its creation is a riddle geologists claim that its a natural formation caused by the water current yet. According to some divers that doesnt explain the gigantic knife they found in the area once the image spread across social media accusations of aliens creating the monument began to ring out another theory.

a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-3
a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-3

Is that this could be connected for the ancient lost city of atlantis. Which is a fictional island that was said to have fallen into the ocean. However divers have not yet come across namor aquaman just yet to explain what the monument actually is the image of the massive knife has been accused of being fake.
If that is the case the natural formation theory is more likely. However. It hasnt been completely confirmed just yet as some archeologists have claimed art is present on the stone.
But this is debated coming in at twenty three point eight feet in height and sixteen inches in. Diameter the iron pillar of. Delhi has.
Perplexed many. Scientists its over 1600 years old yet. It hasnt rusted at all all over the pillar are inscriptions that seem to be a eulogy for king chandra gupta ii.
Even its location is in enigma part of the inscription suggested that it was moved to the current placement from an unknown place there are two theories on why. It has entrusted first the creation of the pillars seem to use high phosphorus wood. Today.
Lime is used to create a film to protect the metal from being oxidized into rust the second reason involves the environment the particles and minerals from the pillar being wielded from wrought iron. They added to the protective layer protecting the pillar in recent years. The pillars had to be guarded with a fence.
This is because tourists kept touching the pillar as a result the bottom half of the pillar is discolored as the protective layer has been stripped away by wandering hands and thats it we really wanted to know what the bizarre underwater monument to viana goony is which of our entries enticed you the most pop your thoughts in the comments section. Below. If you enjoyed this video.
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a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-4
a scientist who finds and analyzes ancient artifacts is-4

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