Romeo as the tragic hero

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10 and 11 welcome to your quick revision on romeo being the tragic hero in in romeo and juliet. We have to consult aristotle when were looking at the hero. Because it was it was aristotle who defined the characteristics of the hero.
So i bring up the cow to mystics and then well have a look at romeo so the characteristics then so i was startled. One said that a map that a man doesnt become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall. So the tragic here almost possessed specific characteristic.
So youve got them here listed. Youve got the floor. Which is the hem rts or the fetal floor that the the tragic hero has and theres a reversal in fortune.
Which is hipper appeared. Yeah brought about because of the heros error in judgment. Okay.
So the he was going to make an error in judgment. Which brings about a reversal of fortune in romeo and juliet for us. Obviously that is the killing of tibbles.
Weve got the inaugural sis. Which is the discovery or recognition that the reversal was brought about by the heros actions. Were going to discuss two examples of that your tragic hero must have hubris.
Which is a separate excess of pride and the characters fiat must be greater than deserved so as we might you know romeo dies. So our tragic. He will then must be someone of noble birth or a noble person and so aristotle argued that the tragic hero was a normal person of higher social standing.
Who has some flaw that leads to the downfall as we discussed and the character in general is also a virtuous and respected person so the audience does not feel like the characters feel is deserved. So as ive just said the death of romeo. This therefore makes the death of a downfall.
Painful for the audience to watch. We know that he is of high social standing because romes father is a lord lord montague so neatly that that takes our box there in terms of one of the characteristics and then we go even further in romeo and juliet because lord current lord capulet praises romeos character when hes discovered at the ball and he uses this prius to kind of argue with tibble that he shouldnt fight him or get.

who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-0
who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-0

This. Court content. Thee gentle coz let him alone.
He bares himself like a portly gentleman and to see a truth verona brags of him to be virtuous and well governed youth saw in your analysis of this quotation. If ive got a question that we can mention the tragic hero in then weve got the adjective portly and that means that romeos behavior is dignified just like a noble lords son should be so youve got that single word you can remember then weve got the adjective virtuous. And that is confirming romeo is innocent and respected and someone the audience will sympathize with as the player develops.
Okay. So remember your key quotations. They are portly and virtuous and its in its quite pivotal that it will be lord capulet to defend him because remember lord capulet is the enemy of the mana gibbs.
So we move then to the floor to somalia so a key feature of the tragic hero is the floor. Which will inevitably result in the death. It is not just fear to lorne that is responsible for romeos death.
But the choices he makes so please be away. And ive got a quick aside on feet in a moment that field is huge earnestly. One of romeos floors is that he is irrational and emotionally driven and we see this in his description of his emotions towards rosaline and benvolio begs him to forget about rosalind.
But he refuses he also acts he esteli not only does he act hastily when he falls in love juliet. Because of a cipher he acts he ously in marie and her and then he again act hastily in the decision to commit suicide. So acting irrationally and acting hastily and using his emotions to detract to drive his choices are the flaws of romeo now your hamartia is combined with your hubris here.
So weve got the the fact that hes quite impulsive and as i say irrational acts hastily and hes quick to fall in love. Hes quick to marry her hes quick to fight tibbles. But weve got his pride as well having well when he runs off to the friar and forces him to marry.
Juliet your quotations. Then to shaw. His the fact that hes driven by emotions and irrationally youve got hes much to do with hit.
But more love why theyre not broadening love or loving hit or anything if nothing first create and low key oxymorons in their loving heat. And that actually intertwined two of our big themes love and heres obviously and that will obviously foreshadow future events.

who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-1
who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-1

So what weve got here is a true me or who is emotionally conflicted and we can see that in his language and actually if were thinking about it. Its an artificial love isnt it he doesnt really love rasa line. But as as weve discussed he uses his emotions to detract to drive his actions.
Hence him going to the ball to see who we also get feather of lead bright smoke cold fire sick health still we in sleep again. He speaks in a lot of contrasts. Here in your oxymorons.
Feather and lead bright and smoke. And this court explains. The contrast between romeo being in love and depressed with sadness.
This contrast in contradiction is something that continues throughout the play what it also serves to do is heighten. The moment that he made juliet. Because his language changes doesnt it and when he shares that sonnet with juliet.
We get the pilgrim in the sea and and the sinan and we get this religious blasphemous language. Which totally contrasts with this quite immature artificial language here whereby hes upset because rosalind doesnt love him back your reversal of fortune. Then youre para.
Pia tiah is the killing of tables. So the killing of tabled. Results.
In disastrous consequences for romeo. As we know the prince had threatened death to whomever had disturb the peace in the streets. So.
We know that romeo will be killed or banished for killing. Tibalt romeo and juliet will then find it much harder to be together. And dont forget once he is banished from verona.
Then that is when juliet then looks for a solution to get out of her range marriage marriage to paris. So we can see as as a consequence of romeos heres the actions that very quickly the lovers end up in a position of pure anarchy whereby.

who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-2
who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-2

They cant really be together. They cant find and means whereby. They can be with each other and then we move then to the enact norris and this is when rahl your learns of juliets death.
And he says then i defy you stars he believes he will defy his destiny but sadly in attempting to devout defy fiat he actually brings about it he brings it about much faster and remember dramatic irony. Means that the prologue has already told. The audience that they will die romeo and juliet romeo.
Suicide. Prompts juliet to kill herself as well so again we see what is happening due to his hasty and irrational actions and thereby ironically. It fulfills.
The tragic destiny of the lovers. Just a quick aside about fear. Then and theres three key quotations.
That are linked the prologue star crossed lovers take their life informs us about the tragic destiny romeo when he screams i am fortunes fool illustrates the fact that romeo sees himself as a subject to the whims of fear t. Things like and hes a toy that you know fiat is playing with and then obviously we get that court. I just mentioned when he cries out i defy you stars after learning of juliets death and this unfortunate naive idea that he thinks hes gonna defy destiny when in fact he just fulfills it there is another example of a nag neurosis in romeo and juliet.
Because sometimes this moment of insight doesnt have to be the hero or the heroine. It can be another character and in romeo and juliet. It can be the friar as well because remember the friar except publicly and the acknowledges his part in the tragedy and in the outcome.
Doesnt he he meant well by mary in romeo and juliet. We know that he thought the merit would bring about the end of the conflict in the end of the feud. But he surpasses his rule.
We know hes the catalyst story. He surpasses his authority. Because he performs the ceremony in the marriage of a 13 year old girl without the parents consent.
Which was illegal in those days. And he continues to deceive juliets family.

who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-3
who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-3

When he gives out the poison and then at the very end. He might he could have steered with juliet in the tomb. And perhaps attempted to persuade her not a killer self or attempted to intervene see what he does is he flees.
He runs away so the fra. I suppose is another example of a nag nag neurosis. Okay and then finally a catharsis refers to an emotional release for the characters in the work.
Or an emotional release for the audience in greek. The word catharsis means cleansing. So the emotional release are the characters are the audience experience and usually it would appear in a tragedy.
And it can lead to forgiveness as well as sense of forgiveness. And the audience arguably in romeo and juliet. Experienced.
The catharsis when the two families decide to bury the hatchet at the very end so the fighting ends as a result of the deaths of romeo and juliet. But as we know and dont forget it could have all been avoided had the friars let her being delivered or had all the events not played out. But remember fiat was working against the lovers romeos fatal flaw was working against the lovers as well i hope this video has been useful please check out my youtube channel.
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who is the tragic hero in romeo and juliet-4

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