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Guys. Its ritz and welcome back to my channel. Today i wanted to do do a review on the fairly new sephora brite set powder this product is 16.
I got it for 20 off during the sale and when i got it in the mail. I was just really surprised at how big it is because recently. I ordered a contouring powder from sephora and i believe they are the same price like 16 dollars.
So here was the contouring powder. And then here is a bright step powder big difference right so this bright set powder is in banana. It claims to brighten and set your foundation with this universally flattering pressed finishing powder from the reviews.
I read on sephora calm that was not the case it seems like people who arent medium. Tan skin or darker. Didnt like this that much just because it was so yellow on them for me.
Thats like a huge plus okay because the lighter.

banana powder ben nye sephora-0
banana powder ben nye sephora-0

It is the light of the yellow is the ash shihr it looks on me as you guys know i love my ben nye banana powder. But its kind of messy. Its not really convenient to just have in your purse.
So i wanted something in a compact form so let me just go over a few of the basics packaging is so convenient. I just i know im going to bring this everywhere. I go i actually already do the price you get you pay 16 for 85.
Grams of product and i think thats a pretty good amount doesnt have a mirror. So i guess thats a con because if youre touching up your makeup. You want to just you know mattify yourself you just it would be convenient to have a mirror.
There for the use personally i think it looks fine just setting a normal concealer. But it looks even better and flawless when you set when you pair it with a highlighting concealer depending on my mood. I will use two different concealers.
If i want to go for a more natural look a lighter concealer look.

banana powder ben nye sephora-1
banana powder ben nye sephora-1

Ill use something closer to my skin tone. Which is macs nw20 v. Pro.
Longwear can see and then if i want a dramatic highlight more of that kim k. Highlighted look. Ill use my nars creamy radiant concealer and custard.
How long my concealer is obviously a really thick formula and nars radiant creamy concealer whenever i use this i always have to pair it with this corrector usually when i use other powders on top of these concealers. It tends to look heavy and cakey. And this doesnt do that it just blends seamlessly and makes it look like im not layering.
A ton of product on top of each other its not just for setting concealers. Its great for touching up any oiliness. Too and i think it looks very flattering on the skin by the way for reference.
I am an nc 40 at mac.

banana powder ben nye sephora-2
banana powder ben nye sephora-2

I also have some demos for you guys and yep here are my dark circles and then one side. Im going to use the natural kind of everyday concealer and then on the other side. Im going to use the highlighting concealer you can see that the highlighting concealer looks kind of crazy.
It looks actually almost white on me. But bam. When you put this powder on its so beautiful and gives you a really flawless highlight and really helps to hide those dark circles.
Its doing exactly what it says its doing its brightening and setting. Im using makeup forevers matte velvet underneath this and usually when i pair powders on top of my matte velvet it ends up looking kind of thick and cakey. But this doesnt do that so im also going to compare this to the famous ben nye luxury powder in banana.
I didnt notice how light ben nye banana powder was until i swatched it next to the sephora brite set powder and once you swatch it on the inside of the forearm. Because its lighter there and so maybe those of you who are just a little lighter than me can see how it looked when i also swatch it on the other side of my arm. Which is a lot darker and i think it looks more like my face.
They didnt notice.

banana powder ben nye sephora-3
banana powder ben nye sephora-3

But the ben nye actually looks a little ashy on top of my tan skin. I hope you guys found this helpful and i just really wanted to put this review out there because i didnt really see any when i was looking at it myself and for me. This is a really interesting product just because the ben nye banana powder is so hyped up and you know every contouring palette has to have a yellow or banana powder.
And i know that carrying a big pallet or carrying and loose powder everywhere is not that convenient a lot of banana powders. I seen out there arent truly like yellow out of them are too translucent or too white looking so overall. I am so happy with my purchase.
If you are my skin tone or darker or maybe. Even a little lighter. Who knows you might like it.
Its great that theres this banana powder or this yellow powder for people with medium to dark skin tones. And and yeah you go sephora for that okay guys. I hope you found this helpful and i will see you in the next one bye.

banana powder ben nye sephora-4
banana powder ben nye sephora-4

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