Skyrim. How To Become The Thane Of Riften (The Rift)

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Hi. Ladies gentlemen. The internet and welcome back to the channel.
Today. Were going going to become the thane of the rift to do that we have to head to rifton and to spark us off. We need to find an argonian called vegeta.
So head down to the docks wander around quite often youll find her outside failing. That you could head down to the fisheries. So shes not here okay agent.
Swift and fishery and there you go. It is our most things as usual with these you have to go through a bit of dialogue. So you actually prize out the rating quest from us.
So was as well and watches that for us. I used to work at the black brian leader ii but in darwin and i never thought i that else has no patience at all its probably for the best anyway. Im far better at fishing than working in a metering.
What does we make a lot of sense. I got used to me lose your job. The dialogue figured that when it comes out the glue on the files anyway anyway that starts my job holding or sri is in danger.
They honorable. Hes basically a junkie said she wants to get on this because i come with some cleaning potions for im out i dont mean to do this to myself. But i cant help it i tried some school year ago and ever since then i cant stop if you could get me a healing potion.
I could cleanse this poison from my body and get back to my life cool special mother. She gives you a ring for this that way you to reporter about his emotion. Anyway so work i feel like in our finger the way to our games.
Hello friend and now this is important whered you get your skimmer. I should say i mean they could kill me okay okay. Im telling you i get.
This is quite classy old sookie with you i think she gives up fairly ugly in ni. But you can purchase it weve intimidating it depends on your role playing im playing a full person so always persuade or pay. I know she told you thing here they are and we all carry a clear awareness when i meet starters.
There hes usually waiting for me outside with his i think its time to call the words of a. Very wise man. Mr.
Mccoy now as i was saying drugs are bo. You shouldnt do drugs. If you do them your bey.
Because drugs are made some good. Its a bad thing to do drugs. And its another ebay by doing drugs.
That today. Goodbye. Oh.
Yes sighs your ice. Indeed. I enjoyed our talk.
What can i do for you friend can the wages are need on then get this psycho. Okay just have to miss feel keep im going say deyoung welcome to rifton traveler. I hope theyre not discovered scam.
A dealer in weston yes. Im afraid were aware of services presence in the warehouse. Unfortunately.
Were certain here than foremans within the city guard every time. Weve made a move to arrest him and escape. However if you take care of this discreetly.
You might be able to surprise him without warning. Okay. Ill do it excellent here.
This is the key to the warehouse. See if you can drop in on this dealer. Poison and convince him to close down this operation tournament good journey.
Dont need to know about the thieves guild. We are the face guild. We bunk okay.
There is a vibe about this town actually and whiterun and solitude a kind of happy places and riverwood this certainly does have a bit of a miserable vibe about it probably down to our spin. Fees you know zef hope a hey moneys money okay. When you go down.
Here will spivey go into the building. You are going to be attacked and these guys are not made to be hard. But i do do some damage so going fully prepared and im gonna bring the gang in with me.
Theyre the boys and all they go in with my daggers. Okay. Lets do this thing throw it away your attack literally straight away.
But thats how i here doing so i know robin get the is key.

skyrim how to become thane of riften-0
skyrim how to become thane of riften-0

Its not fantastic little around here to be fair. Im only be care. 5.
Got so much stuff now that im not picking up a lot of gear anymore. And this is what you want and you need to read this theres a few little thing family. I wouldnt know well yeah.
If youre early on in the game. Then certainly deliver at this level. Nine.
Okay. I should start go back to speak through yall. There you go okay.
So just head on back out. I saw was disappointed you know when we killed master frey in the soy spoiler. If you havent done cs guild by the way in the thieves guild quest line that we didnt get his house.
We should have been there a pursue take that over hey make sure ive got my quest actually mars what can i do its nice to receive good news for a change did you recover anything else in the warehouse worth mentioning then theres no time to lose it wont take long for sarkis associates to learn of his death. The source of the poison must be destroyed once and for all otherwise. Another dealer will simply take a place do this task for me.
And youll be well on your way to a title in riften. Oh mike sure its done good report back to me. When your task is complete good journey to you good to see you i presume youre bothering i really would like to kill her actually okay so head sam.
I think is random. Where she sends you. But its all the defenses same thing a lot of bandits and you go and wipe them out theyll be quite a few of them so go prepared and fyi as well you do have to do.
Favors. Ill help five citizens of the hold and buy the house before you can become thanked. Now.
Ive already done this once in the thieves guild quest. I was banging around rifting. Quite a lot so ive already done that so often this video.
Im going to actually give you an image and what youve got to do for them for the easiest ones to do probably showing you that later on i should get over to link elmore. See how the other more arrests. Theres a couple of walls in there in these cages.
If you let the mouse. I think they can attack you im not sure its a real shame. A she would be nice opportunity to release an animal and then be able to take it on as a follower.
A pet thatll be nice. Do the bear or save attack cyber cows or a wolf. What about is a bit of flavor.
So for example. Release one of these all going to become a follower pet. But you cant so anyway.
Take this guy out now you handle this cave. The way you want to work for ever build you have that for me i think jennifer outside. But she disappeared so if she come to this i see stuck up she doing yeah.
Its getting late so word is our way to the morning rest wave. Theyre out of the claims that shadow doesnt ever happen. But never sort of trying to get back in the cages.
Okay for me. Then the tight little cave. Like this.
I have to go in alone. Shoot youre just getting the way ahead. Ill stand guard.
Now its given practicing youre not picking. Theres always a guy here just take him out im not gonna bother with too much loose. And again.
Ill show you where the main chest is just want to get in get it done get back to the vl and moneys not such an issue now weve spent the most money whatever spending skyrim that is on the perspire mannering solitude. So you have little pinkies here okay. This is a very effective attacker tactic solar of this build this level anyway and disappear as you can see well the little red dots up.
There is quite a few to deal with and sending the boys. So i might start working. My one hand.
If now those voices and deal with that ill take out this wall. Yeah good night and job done. Thats okay go behind the bar.
And youve got lockpicking increase. There schoolbook a few bits of lots pick up with the bodys little chest. There you cant use the torches and ive brought it with me and got a chest in here.
A little wander around a few bits and bobs around here nothing fantastic ooh darling. Thats good come get the hitbox on this from us asia. Yeah.
How was very wife it was it take some friends.

skyrim how to become thane of riften-1
skyrim how to become thane of riften-1

Our teacher is not bad. I guess i gotta fantastic and just head on out dont forget to pick up your follower. Were going i quite often i leave her behind theres one day longer forget exactly where i left it okay back to michelle kate have a chat with the yard.
What can i do for you the crane. Operation has been stopped your continued efforts have been a great benefit to the people of rifton allow me to present you with this compensation for your selfless efforts and you get some kind of leveled a weapon or armor from your anything else i can help with tim with i was wondering when youd visit us again. Ive been informed by my feeling.
Shes been talking to you now. This is where you will get the help the citizens of the hold ill show you those later on okay. Ive redone that meal you become champion of our for helping people with their difficulties and providing assistance for their needs as a yawl of rhythm.
I feel its my duty to honor your selfless behavior by honoring you with the title fame of risk. Ill be honest inspection present. You with the title.
If but a single requirement. You must look for a thane of ristin is expected to maintain permanent residence within the city walls my steward has such a home available to you for purchase. I think youll find the accommodations to be most pleasing when the house of yours returned to me.
And i will present you the title music good journey time okay so if just pop over to speak to that new real house available right now is it really what not okay. Here is the key to your new home now. Some people do the cheat where you hide your euro gold in a chest.
Just just as a youre buying. It i dont agree with that is you earn the money and buy it dont forget to consult your home decorating guide for descriptions of the decorations. You can buy now what would you like to purchase.
Very well ill make the arrangements. The next time you visit your house your new furnishing. Compare that to the prices you pay for prowess by manner.
Chin anyways speak to me again if you decide on some decoration area dialog after member to use my arrow keys on the keyboard. Were all doing this now. What would you like to purchase.
Very well on a theory is there anything else youd like to purchase. So. This house has got pretty much everything your name please speak.
Me again decide to purchase some decoration for your home. Ill be glad to help you there are many ways to improve your home. Provided you have the coin and of course.
Now what would you like to purchase. Very well ill make the arrangement is there anything else youd like to purchase. Very well ill make the arrangement is there anything else youd like to purchase as you sigh.
Thing is ive found very few mods for this property as well. Which is a shame. Very well ill make the arrangements.
The next time you visit your house is there anything else youd like to purchase you can have your children that you cant move you family in there next. Time you visit your house. The rifton isnt so place you want to bring up your family.
Though yeah. Its not worth giving up the enchants in therefore unless of course is young hair spin have the next time you visit your house your new furnishings will be in place is there anything else youd like to purchase oop that will do for now okay. So were going to leave then come back in and talk to yall.
But you put you guys will probably have to do five quests or help five people of the whole before you can come thing now these are the quickest and easiest apart from you know what you should do this. And do room service return as you get her as a follower. And theres a wife give sniff a coin you can give editor coin choose another beggar oberland rhea.
A hunt and gather of regan questor just find three missing items for her shader talk to sapphire about canceling his dance bolli deliver goods to clipper in mark laugh. As sandra returned the father ceremonial dagger to end as in whiterun and that should do you thats at five. So saying youve done that so when spoken to yeah.
So we do now you bought the house go back and speak to her again thats another right. Oh. Thats another one you spell.
Carols sword at a young side. Hes a little snot nosed. They get pickups off him.
And if thats another one that up count i pull back and see the arm could you see you its always good to see someone i can count on youve already taken all the necessary steps in becoming eligible for the title. Therefore all that remains is to bestow it upon me. I should be the one thank you youve solved more problems in the short time youve been here than anyone in life court has their entire.
Yeah. But little do you know im the face guild master on the ruse all your problems. And i will never forget it therefore by my authority as your own.
I pronounce you fame of rifton and award. You all the benefits befitting your station congratulations thank you very much good journey to you what do you need my friend. Sorry.
The only thing left to do is to pop back and see our new home honey side. We theres maven. Im safe as a console command that allows me to make our non essential on the killer and honey sighs just around here and in week out ill be showing you around this home in there another video.
So ill bring this one to a close thanks for watching hope in lighting. If you did leave a comment. Even like and hit that subscribe button and ill see you guys and girls later music.

skyrim how to become thane of riften-2
skyrim how to become thane of riften-2

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