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Yall. Its been a minute. Im bringing this video to you because because im in a sonics right now.
And its a few things want to talk about today. One thing is i want to review the sonics root beer float. Ive done an aw float.
Matter of fact ive had two am im becoming a fan more and more brew beer floats. Ive never got a chance to have a root beer float. When i was a kid never really heard anything about it being really know what it was until one day a few years ago.
I went to a nw and im hope you guys to hear me. But i went to a nw and i had let me get. I said well let me get the flow and i had a small cup of slow.
But that was the best food. Ive ever had in my life and it was something i was like oh. My god a bitch.
Im a fountain thats the shit and let me see an item found out us. What a float is about so. I met sonic and i just ordered airflow.
Ive never had it before. But im going to try it and im going to do our own camera. So review.
It so see what its about you know i was at work and i was on youtube and i was looking up i would oh i was at home on youtube. And i was looking up food reviews. Because if yall do not know anything about school.
If you know you children you can do a review on anything and im just as hungry as hell and im talking bitch. Im trying to get something my stomachs saying bitch. Theres me see more feed me.
Because i have not had anything since 7 oclock. This morning and im hungry as a hostage. So im gonna try to get to it as fast as i can so that being said if you dont know anything about youtube can you get you can get a review or just about anything on youtube and my thing is if i cant get a review about something on youtube that im looking for i will create one so i know its probably something about the floats on youtube.
But i have not looked but i said havent i need the video i need to start doing some moisture on my channel. So im gonna do a review of the roofing flow from sonics heres the thing i have two cups. I know you like what are you gonna hand this i got two cups because if you dont know anything about through sonic 44 ounce drinks these big styrofoam cups have very weak points right around here they have very good points right around the middle.
So if you have me handed or their drink is heavy are you trying to get it from atop of tight space or just in general you run the risk of looking at me like what am. I doing haha you run. The risk of breaking your cup and everything just falling all over everywhere so know what i usually do when i go to sponsor 91 ds.
I asked for a double cup because a lot more secure its a lot more secure than me so that way and when you feel you just feel secure. Its not gonna break you know especially trying to do two or three things and watch its own nose. And it and and you know so this is for double cup okay so this is the vanilla ice cream and a root beer.
So swill beer float and im going to taste it and ill tell you what it go every beer is nasty first of all i dont know what kind of a beer that youtube is every beer. Its nasty and now surely once i get this ice cream floating around in that root beer and mixed up in that root beer. Its a lot of ice cream in it.
Though so like the ice cream floating around and melted in that root beer. It might be a little bit better. I wonder how much i gotta get melted in there or it says for itself takes a little bit better.
I say we do it them thats the rule that focus on getting this. Oh nasty root beer. Though okay.
Thats not change savage sour taste of the root beer root beer tastes sour. Bitch beer. Im sure they got what i ordered no everybear yeah got a coke hey i can be yourself.
The ice cream tastes like soft serve ice cream and its really good is this man. I got them anw. I tell you theyre much inw is far now bitch and w.
Was heat. But um so that now my pressure this was beer float is i would not come to sauna just for a root beer float bitch. I will go through aw just when we rip low.
But i will not go so much for a root beer float. But im not going here from the better root beer float and so i know was that nasty bitch. I wonder that the biggest thing.
But im craving room for your slow right now. So. With that being said.
Ill drink it because punisher would be on my game. But this is a little overcooked. I would not get a large root beer float no more from them like that that was not the business.
But maybe i could have had them add a different ice cream. I dont know that was not it alright so thats that so thank you for watching. .

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does sonic have root beer floats-0

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