Space Camp | INTRO TO BUILDING SMALL SHIPS | Space Engineers Tutorial (2018)

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Is up guys and welcome to space camp. My name is andrew and today i im gonna be giving you guys an introduction to small ships in space engineers. Well be going over what small ships are actually used for as well as some of the required components to build a small ship and then ill go on to build a small ship right in front of you so you can see exactly how one is built and how you can build one on your own finally.
Were gonna take off and im going to show you how to fly any small ship that youve built. I like to think of small ships as sort of the backbone to space engineers depending on how you configure the ship it can do pretty much anything you can make a ship to mind for you to weld to grind to fight or even just to transport you around now admittedly a lot of new players dont immediately think of small ships for such tasks as mining grinding and welding. I mean youve got all these things in your inventory.
Why would you need a small ship to help you do that well theres a couple of bonuses to using small ships as opposed to just doing it on your own. Small ships are usually more efficient. So where you can go in mine iron.
A small ship will mine at five times faster or depending on how you can figure you can configure. It whatever way you want and it can also carry more so when youre going out to mind your iron. Youre often gonna have to fly back to come and deposit.
Some then go out to mind your iron back and forth over and over and over just to get us the significant amount of iron in your inventory. But a small ship can usually carry way more once again depending on how you actually build the thing you want to go out and fight space pirates with your little rifle well what happens when you bring a rifle to a ship fight you need a small ship. But with multiple guns to help you take that thing on small ships are incredibly useful.
Lets talk about what it takes to actually build one in order to fly any basic ship in space engineers requires four main required components that is a cockpit some sort of power source. A gyroscope and thrusters pointed in every direction. Let me show you these in more detail.
So you require our cockpit. Youve got two options normal cockpit and a fighter cockpit. You require some sort of power source.
Weve got our reactors. Weve got a battery and weve got a solar panel we require a gyroscope which allows the ship to turn and we require thrusters pointed in every direction. And these are our three main types of thrusters.
Lets go in depth. A little bit more into the thrusters. So weve got our atmospheric thrusters small variation and large variation and the basic idea of atmospheric thrusters is that they work inside the atmosphere so anywhere on the planet.
These things are going to work. And theres a caveat. There ill go over that in a second then weve got our ion thrusters.
These are the opposite. They work outside the atmosphere. So anywhere in space.
These are gonna work on the moon as well these will work on our ion thrusters are gonna be key over there and then finally weve got our hydrogen thrusters and these will essentially work anywhere. Whether youre in the atmosphere or in space hydrogen thrusters. Got you covered the only problem with them is theyre a little bit more complicated to build so were not going to talk about them that much but but theyre theyre much more powerful than these two thrusters and theyre theyre a bit more complicated as well eventually well go over a video talking about hydrogen thrusters and how to build a ship using those.
But the little caveat that i said earlier about these working inside the atmosphere and these working outside the atmosphere is that thats not necessarily. Its not necessarily that black and white essentially the farther you get from the center or from the from the surface of the planet. The less efficient these get and the farther the farther you get from space and closer to the surface of the planet.

space engineers how to build a ship-0
space engineers how to build a ship-0

The less efficient these gets so theres a middle point. Where these arent very efficient and these arent very efficient as well and at that point you need to use hydrogen thrusters and you know its not actually that high if we were to building on top of that mountain right there these might not be as efficient as these so you really need to kind of kind of go with stuff. But if youre new and youre building on the like on the surface exactly these are gonna be your best bet and if youre in space.
These are gonna be your best bet over here. So those four things are the required components to any ship. Youve got your cockpit your power source your gyroscope and then thrusters pointed in every direction.
But lets talk about some optional things because a ships not very useful with just those things you can have all these things itll just be a transport ship for you to carry you around. But you can do that with your jetpack. So what else can you do with the ship well you can add a cargo container to store certain materials you can have a and an antenna to broadcast your location you can have a beacon to do the same thing and tennis and beacons are very similar.
Well go over that later about what theyre useful for you can have a landing gear. So you can attach to the surface of a place you can have a camera. So that you can see from a different angle or anything.
Like that you can have a connector so that you can actually connect and transfer materials from your ship to your base you can have conveyors conveyors these to connect everything get large and small variations of those and then you can have a gatling turret in case you encounter any space pirates and of course. You can have armor blocks in various colors and all that sort of just in case you want to make your ship look pretty cool these are not required. Though these are all optional components of a ship.
And there are many many more in fact there are so many more that were gonna actually have a separate video for each type of specialized ship. Where ill show you how to make miners grinders welders as well as fighter ships and everything everything like that so now that we know whats required to build a ship. And whats optional to build a ship.
Were gonna go and make our own very small very simple transport ship so that you can see how you can make one on your own. How you can get flying and especially so that i can show you what the controls are to fly so were going to be only using these required components. Were gonna pick a couple from each section.
So were gonna be using this right here that this this cockpit. Were gonna be using this power source just a simple battery. Were gonna be using this gyroscope.
Theres only one so thats our option. Then were gonna be using small thrusters to make this ship. So lets go about doing that so to build this small ship the first thing that were gonna place down is going to be a small landing gear.
So first. Were gonna have our large landing gear tap it again now we have our small landing gear. That we can place anywhere on this area.
Now. I know i didnt mention wed be using a small landing gear. But were just using this to sort of set it so that were using small blocks instead of large blocks.
Because then if i try to try to use this were using large box. But then if i try to place it on my landing gear were using small blocks. So this is a cool technique.
Ive seen other players do as well and i really like it so. What were gonna do is were just gonna build up a little bit using these blocks. And im going to go over just a little bit as well.

space engineers how to build a ship-1
space engineers how to build a ship-1

And thats essentially gonna give us a little base to start building on and were were gonna delete all this stuff after were done building so the first thing were gonna place down is going to be our cockpit. Were gonna use our turn keys. Which are if you if youve forgotten at this point insert delete home and page up and page down.
We turn that the wrong way. Were gonna use our turn keys to turn this the right way. So thats facing kind of this way.
Thats gonna be the front of our ship next. Were going to get our power source and were gonna be using the battery. So lets turn this the right way as well and a stick it right there.
So weve got our battery connected to our cockpit. The next thing. Were going to do is put our gyroscopes down so our gyroscope lets put it on top.
I think is a pretty good spot so right up there we only need one now the thing with gyroscopes is the more you have the easier. It is to turn. But for this were only going to need one essentially the rule of thumb is if you find your ship hard to turn just at another gyroscope otherwise you dont need to add.
Anymore finally. This is the hardest part placing the thrusters. We need a thruster in every direction.
And ill actually theres a caveat to that as well we dont necessarily need one in every direction. But we could have one in every direction. So were gonna start with down and the way thrusters work is youve got your your atmospheric side you see the top part.
It looks like a fan thats the intake and then the bottom part that i cant bring it towards me. I guess the bottom part is more of an exhaust. So thats where the power is gonna be coming out so face that towards the bottom will place one on this side and will place one on this side as well so thats got bottom covered.
Were gonna play some facing forward. So lets turn this way one forward right there one forward right here. Were gonna have some facing backward.
Were gonna put these on the top. I think its probably good spot so put one backward right there well put one backward right here. And then finally we want some left and right so i think the best place to put that is were gonna have one left.
And were gonna have one right as well so this is every single direction. Actually forgot a direction. Lets go up and up there we go weve got weve got thrusters in every single direction.
So at this point. Weve got our power source. Our cockpit our gyroscope and our thrusters in every direction and theyre the correct thrusters as well since were in the atmosphere finally its time to destroy this and since the ship is on lets see if it flies so well destroy these box right there and there you go the ship is now hovering and we have a flyable ship.
So heres heres the little caveat that i was gonna say as well we dont since were on the planet. We dont necessarily need thrusters pointing up its not going to cause much of a problem. Because the gravity takes care of that for us.

space engineers how to build a ship-2
space engineers how to build a ship-2

Another. Caveat is that we might need more thrusters pointing down than in any other direction. Because we have to deal with gravity as well so if you find that two thrusters arent enough pointing down.
Maybe you want to actually go with some some more thrusters to a point go to number seven. And well actually face these down as well so that we have four thrusters pointing down instead of two now once again we saw their ship was pretty stable with only two so i think were gonna be fine like that but but with two we should be good now once again if you find your thrusters. Not enough you can use large ones.
Which are much more efficient as well. But we dont necessarily need that so lets hop into our ship. And ill show you guys how to fly so there are a couple of main controls associated with flying and the first one that were gonna go over is getting into a cockpit.
You press f to hop into your cockpit and of course. Any other any other controls with the player that we did in the basic tutorials video. Or the basic controls video apply as well.
So. If we press v. Will go into third person hold alt.
We can turn around and scroll out. We can zoom in and out. So thats really useful when youre flying is to fly in third person.
But if you want to be immersive and all that fly in first person like this now the next control. Were gonna go over is the dampener dampeners do apply in ships just like they do apply in jet pack. If i press z to turn off my dampeners.
Were gonna start falling out at the sky because the dampeners are making it so that were standing and were flying in place. So. If i press z.
There we go were falling out of the sky. So ive turned it back on so we dont crash thats very important not to do do not crash your ships thats a bad thing next. Were gonna talk about how to turn your engine off if you want everything in your ship to turn off.
Why is the button that you want to press. So i press. Y.
Everythings off. We. Start falling out of the sky press.
Y. Again everything turns back on and now. Were floating.
Again. Thats very good another very important thing to note is that if you look in the bottom right of your screen. Theres a little hud bar that shows you all the information about your ship.

space engineers how to build a ship-3
space engineers how to build a ship-3

Itll show you the weight of your ship. Itll also show you how much power you have left on your ship. As well as how much power youre using it also shows hydrogen if youre using hydrogen thrusters.
But thats not really important for us right now so well see that currently were using 1514 percent of all of our power on the ship thats that number 14 right there and then we have 20 minutes left of doing exactly what were doing so if we just stood here in 28 minutes. Our ship would fall out of the sky due to lack of power. Now as we start to use more of those numbers will change for instance.
If we try to go up by holding space alright. We only have 15 minutes left because were using 26 of our power. Now if we press z to turn off our dampeners.
Youll see we have two years of power left thats because were using almost no power. The only power. Wed be using in that case is to run the gyroscope up there so thats how power is configured make sure you always have enough power otherwise youre gonna fall out of the sky and i guess i may have forgotten to mention this.
But the same controls as movement do apply for ships as well. If you press ws. A and d.
Youll go forward backward left. And right respectively. If you press q.
In e. Youll turn now one thing to note with this as well as we did take off our thrusters that were pointing up. So you want to keep in mind that if we press v.
Again. Youll see this horizon line sort of in front of us. That is level that is the straight area that is what you know i call it the horizon line.
But its essentially its your level. So its how you know that youre straight in the air. If we tilt down were to go under that and if we tilt up were gonna go above that and thats very important to know because if you go too far down suddenly our ship is gonna start falling out of the sky because we dont have any thrusters pointing up and were pretty much upside down.
So thats gonna happen also if we press q and e. We might have some problems as well if our ships not able to be kept up by those thrusters that we pointed left and right so you got to keep in mind. The horizon line and you also got to keep in mind.
Where your thrusters are pointing and how much thrust. You might have in any one given direction well thats gonna be the end of the introduction to small ships. I showed you all the stuff required to build a ship and ive also built you a nice small ship that you can use in your game.
Its very simple it doesnt really do much it pretty much just flies around and thats it so if you want to actually have any functionality. You might have to tweak it a little bit. But at least it gives you an idea of how to build a small ship just to get you flying around and get you used to small ships and definitely.
Its okay to crash this one because its very easy to build but anyways if you guys liked the video. Please hit the like button put your comments and suggestions down below. Especially if i missed anything because ships are are very complex so so definitely if i missed something post that down in the comments and ill address that we have a link to the discord in the description.
Please please feel free to check that out and ill see you guys in the next episode of space camp. .

space engineers how to build a ship-4
space engineers how to build a ship-4

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