Springfield Leather Helpful Hints: Using Acrylic Paint

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Hi. Rusty with springfield leather. Here we sit down here.
We decided that maybe we we should take a little time and discuss some acrylic paints the abilities that you with acrylic paints. I wouldnt expect a tremendous amount from this but the idea behind it is is to allow you to know that its okay youre not going to screw. It up i like to tell people that leather work is like one big science project.
Everything is an experiment. If youre not a hundred percent. Sure the first time you try it take a sample piece try it out figure it out how you want to do it.
And then go from there the idea behind it is trial and error. Youll learn more and remember better if youve screwed it up a few times. So were just going to play around a little bit one suggestion rubber gloves.
Unless you want to look like youve been painting your fingers fingernails or finger painting somewhere. I would suggest going to walmart or somewhere buying a cheap set of rubber gloves to make that fun sound and that you cant get on half today alright. The other thing is is some sort of a plastic container.
You know what works for good really.

how to seal acrylic paint on leather-0
how to seal acrylic paint on leather-0

And i just didnt have one here at the store is a sour cream container. Some sort of a little french dip container works good if youre going to mix a large amount of something up into it allows you to save it store. It keep it have it to where you can use it later on in life.
Lets see lets find a piece of leather and lets just start mixing up some colors here and playing around a little bit the angelus paint the fiebings theyre all water base theyre acrylic finishes you can cut them with water you can reduce them down you can mix them together. Again. Youre really not going to screw it up the only reason that it would be wrong is if you didnt like the way that it turned out they do have an applicator on the top of them so.
What you can do is you can do just a couple of small sample colors and mix. It together. Were going to use a light brown and a champagne just to lighten the brown just a little bit.
Now you dont want the color back in there. So. What you may have to do is just kind of use your finger once you mix them together youre going to end up with a color that will be somewhat lighter than what you started with show you how much it lightened it up if you can see that or not.
But those are the colors that you started with and this is where we ended up the other thing about acrylic is its kind of like fingernail polish. If you especially for your ladies. If you when you paint your fingernails that acrylic builds up and so itll lay on there kind of thick especially in spots.
Where you havent cut it down thinned it down or even just rubbed it down just a little bit you can always add more color or something.

how to seal acrylic paint on leather-1
how to seal acrylic paint on leather-1

It is considerably more difficult to get the color to go away or to hide the color. So once you get a color and you test it out on a sample piece and you look at you say you know what i want it to be just a little bit lighter put together you figure out that you can make it now. The only downside to this is is all youve done is determined that these two colors are going to give you the color.
You want what you can now have to do is a little bit more challenging youve got to figure out what your ratios are not going to tell you all im going to tell you is is that keep track of it maybe on the other side. You write down what youve done the data this a drop of that whatever you have to do to get the color that you want again. Its an experiment now the good thing about the acrylic paint too is is before youve applied it to a vegetable pan leather like this if you apply it to the top of a chrome tanned leather or a leather that has a finish on er.
The smooth finish once you apply that to it if youll catch it while its wet you can take a little bit of water wet it down and it disappears just wipe it off so the bonus of that is a couple of things one. Im sure that youve heard kevin or myself talk about the ability in the past to take intone leathers. You can take a black over this red and use the thin.
The black down rub it into this grain that you have on it and give it a little bit of a black tinge. A little bit of antiquing on it you dont like it take a wet rag and wipe it back off pick up the excess cut. It down again.
Youre probably not going to screw it up with the acrylic paint. Because the acrylic paint is going to adhere very well even to a finished leather. I would suggest though that you cut it down build your color back up most of your leathers that are chrome.
Tan have an acrylic finish on them thats fine build your color up on top of it dont start out with a big color and try and come down from that point some people that set the video up even think.

how to seal acrylic paint on leather-2
how to seal acrylic paint on leather-2

Its funny if we have to use some hot pink. So lets lets play around with it just a little bit too and then well show them weve got these neon colors and theyre a lot of fun. Even the neon colors will mix with the standard angeles colors and you end up with a color.
Thats considerably lighter than what you started with again youre not going to screw. It up if you dont like the color cut it down with some water start over again wipe it off theres no in the acrylic paint. World angeles has a very nice line of colors fiebings have a good product their color line is a little bit smaller.
I believe the bottles are a little bit larger the density of the two colors will be a little bit different in them too meaning one of them is cut more and thinner you can airbrush any one of these you can airbrush any of but what youre going to find out is is that this is a little bit more dense and so you would want to cut. It down your color consistency. And heres going to be a bit thicker cut it down with some water airbrush it spray cut gun whatever you want to do build your color up no matter.
What you do build your color up you can you can tool something paint. Some parts of it dye other parts of it put a finish over all of it. What you want to be careful of is is that anytime.
You add an alcohol over top of an acrylic. You take a chance of activating. The acrylic and creating a sticky mess.
So i probably die at first then go through and paint it put a finish over all of it you can also dye it put a finish on put a little bit of paint on and then put another finish over top of it. But you do not have to finish acrylic paint because it is acrylic itll seal see ya .

how to seal acrylic paint on leather-3
how to seal acrylic paint on leather-3

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