The Truth About Kiehls

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Hi. Everyone and welcome to skincare with hiram. If you dont know who i i am my name is hiram and im passionate about teaching you how to your skin kerosine.
Something sure you subscribe to my channel. Answered the notification bell so that you can see my videos every single week. The truth about kal.
This is a brand. I have had very strong opinions about for a long time ever since i kind of first got into the skincare world. I thought a lot of opinions and i want to thank you guys for requesting.
Me to talk about heels. So much because you guys have been spamming. My comments section.
Thank you guys i love you guys for always. Recommending more video ideas feel free to do so on this video as well. But i have a lot of thoughts about this skincare brand and i want to get into it with you guys like all my review videos.
Im gonna start off by talking about the backstory of the brand to talk about the products and the ingredients because thats what truly matters and then finish up with my final faucet and what my overall opinion is of kiehls. So lets get into it now this brand is popular its bobby. Its prabhat.
Its bobbitt okay. Id look painfully whites. So kiehls is brand that originated in 1851.
So fucking old. I had no idea i just learned that when i was doing research on the brand. But this is a really really old skincare brand and the fact that they have managed to stay around for this long is honestly really impressive keele started off as an apothecary and then slowly transitioned into the skincare brand that it is today now kiehls likes to present themselves as a more clinically focused brand.
If you go to any of their stores. You will see that all the employees are wearing lab coats to kind of give off this very medicinal clinical vibe. Which i have my own opinions of but i will get into that later there are definitely 1000.
A luxury skincare brand their products are not cheap but they claim that it was because of the very high quality ingredients that they use but if you go to the majority of luxury department stores you will find kills somewhere in the store now i will say when this brand first started. I believe that it really started as a very innovative brand like it was definitely doing something new that the cosmetic market had never seen before and they were breaking a lot of ground for things that hadnt been accomplished yet in the skincare community. But i think that has changed over time which is another thing that im gonna get into later.
I promise you guys will hear all my thoughts. All my shade. Like usual its global brand and it is sold in china.
Which means. It is not cruelty free. But one cool thing is that they do have a charity department of their brand.
Which has managed to raise six million dollars for charities since 2010. For a plethora of different issues which i think is really cool and not only that they do have a recycling program available at all of the key locations to where. If you recycle.
Ten full sized skin care items you get one travel size item for free which i think is really really awesome. And im appreciative of that because there is a key location next to where i live. Its impossible to recycle where i live in hawaii.
So having those options available is really awesome so now we have some backstory on the brand. Lets get into the products and the ingredients because that is where i have all of my opinions like usual. Im gonna order these from my least favorite to my favorites starting with the midnight recovery oil.

kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-0
kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-0

Yes you heard that right my very least favorite product. Im not even gonna bother saying anything good about this product. Because it is overwhelmed tsunami by the enormous amount of bad things out of the 25 ingredients in this product.
12 of them are pure fragrant. Essential oils 12. If you dont know my stance on fragrance and essential oils.
I personally am not a fan of essential oils fragrance essential oils can be highly irritating to the face and offer no real benefits because they are extremely unstable when exposed to sunlight and air. And they are really only added into skincare products to add a fragrant to smell components. Thats literally the only reason that they are formulated in products and normally i get a little nervous when i see one essential oil and a product.
But if i see 12. I run the fuck away and thats the problem. I have with this product.
Basically you are smothering pure essential oils all over your face. And i remember i used this two times my skin became very inflamed very red and mind you i dont have sensitive skin. I notice no positive results when i woke up in the morning and the fragrance is so freakin strong that is overwhelmingly obvious that this product is just formulated with too many essential oils and not only that its also really expensive.
Whats up with that my opinion avoid this product. Like the plague never ever ever use it im going to be i dont know what im gonna do with this bottle. I was given this bottle.
I really dont know what i want to do it maybe ill give it to one of my enemies. Because i cannot imagine giving it to one of my friends just avoid the product. The next product is the avocado eye cream.
Now avocado oil is known for its plethora of hydrating and antioxidant benefits. Im personally a big fan of avocado oil as for ingredients. This is formulated with a lot of shea butter.
Which is great for hydrating the face. Its also a relatively inexpensive ingredient. But still a very good one and avocado oil as well.
But it is the eighth ingredient on the list. Which you know i personally think that they could have formulated with more from a formula perspective this product is not honestly. And ive used it multiple times.
But the reason i cant stand this product is because it is so thick. This is the heaviest eye cream that i have ever used in my life to the points to where i did not want to use it after a few times. Because the amount that i had to rub my under eye area just to apply.
It was so aggressive that i worried about accelerating the aging of my under eye area. Because thats how much i just had to pull and tug across my ayios ridiculous in my opinion eye cream should have a more gel or lightweight cream like consistency that can be very easily applied to the under eye area. But another reason.
Why i dont really like this product is because eye creams really arent necessary in a skincare routine. Yes. Theyre nice to have but theyre definitely not necessary and for the price point of this eye cream.
I just dont think. Its worth it especially with how thick and heavy the cream is so overall. I just recommend a pass on this product.
There are definitely better eye creams out there one of which being the sirve eye cream. The second ingredient is niacinamide. Which is a good brightening agent and really amazing for dark circles.

kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-1
kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-1

As well as very hydrating and at a really good price point. So i would recommend that one instead the next. One is the line reducing concentrate this product is focused on its main ingredient.
A sorbic acid. Which is a form of vitamin c vitamin c. Is great for brightening any dark spots preventing aging and the antioxidant protection as well but it is relatively unstable.
Which is why im a little bit more picky about which products have a sorbic acid in them because when exposed to light and air. Even if it sits in a bottle for like a month usually it goes bad by that point and im gonna have some negative and irritating side effects once it has turned thats four ingredients i like in this product. A sorbic acid like i said before some good things some bad things.
But overall. Id say its relatively good ingredient and its also formulated with hyaluronic acid. Which is an amazing humectant which will draw in moisture from the air into your skin to just help regulate the hydration factor of your skin.
As for ingredients. I dont like it is formulated with four fragrant components. The first being orange peel oil.
Lemon oil and then also limonene and lino wool. All of those are highly irritating to the face especially. Citrus base oils those are the most irritating of all the essential oils and particularly irritating when exposed to sunlight.
But one of the main reasons. Why i have such a problem with the essential oils in this product is because the first ingredient is propylene glycol propylene glycol is a delivery agent. So it will help to penetrate the ingredients deeper into your skin.
Which can be a good thing. If you have really good ingredients. But it can also be a bad thing.
If you have really bad ingredients. And the fact that its formulated alongside irritating essential oils means that those essential oils are going to be delivered. Very deep into your skin.
Only increasing irritation and potential aging. So overall. I dont think this is a terrible product.
Because of how much a sorbic acid is formulated with you can definitely see good benefits in the skin from using a vitamin c products. But overall. I do think this is a little bit over a price for the amount of irritating components.
That this product has then i just wouldnt recommend it overall if you are looking for a good luxury vitamin c product. I would personally recommend the allies of skin waterless vitamin c. Serum.
I personally think its an awesome formulation because it is formulated without water which means its in a more stable formula and the percentage is really high which means youre going to see good results. Its just an overall better product. Id recommend that one instead the next products is their famous calendula toner similar to other toners.
This one claims to be hydrating for the face and just to have some antioxidant protection due to the calendula that they formulate with now first thing. Im gonna say it is fragrance free. I will celebrate any type of product that is fragrance for you i absolutely love that and it is a really simple ingredient list and is formulated with antioxidant heavy root extracts of which i really appreciate because i definitely am a fan of certain types of root extracts for their antioxidant protection throughout the day now.
There is one ingredient. I dont like it is english ivy extract. It is an astringent.

kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-2
kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-2

Which is basically something that can be stripping to your face and sensitizing. Im personally not crazy about the ingredient. But it is relatively low on the ingredient list.
So i dont think its that much of a problem. But i will say my overall issue with this product is that it is a toner toners. Really arent necessary in a skincare routine and if you are wanting good antioxidant protection.
I would personally recommend a more powerful serum with good extracts that can help to prevent against free radical damage. And while this product does have the antioxidants in them. Its just really not necessary like you dont need a toner.
If you are looking for additional moisture just get a better moisturizer a lot of times companies continue to sell toners because its a good selling point when any reality. They just arent necessary anymore also i dont like that they formulate with like the calendula leaves and the product. I never understand when products do that when they have like the actual leaf because its like how is that gonna help my face like i obviously cant squeeze leaves out of it a lot of times.
The leaves will tend to clog up the spout which makes it ineffective and its just pointless. I dont know i think its just you know for the visual aesthetic. But i personally think its just really stupid.
But overall this isnt about product and if you were to buy a product from kiehls. I would say this is definitely not a bad one to go with and then for my favourite product from the line. It is their ultra facial cream.
This was one of their most popular and i think one of their very first products that they ever came out with its just known for being a good hydrating moisturizer for ingredients. I like its formulated with glycerin. Which is a good standard hydrating ingredient.
It also has a good amount of siloxane switch are really going to be beneficial for trapping in that trance. Epidermal water loss trans epidermal water loss or tool is the process by which we lose water through our skin. Which accelerates.
Aging dryness dehydration a bunch of other problems. And so lock things are beneficial for keeping that at bay. Its also formulated with squalene.
Its fragrance free as well yeh. Its also friended with apricot oil. Which is a good antioxidant and hydrating oil for the face.
As for things. I dont like this is formulated with squalane now squalene is an amazing ingredient. But being that keils does sell in china.
And theyre not cruelty free makes me a little bit nervous about how they source their squalane. If youre not familiar squalene is most cheapest and easily sourced from sharks liver which is very unsustainable because shark populations are decreasing very rapidly around the globe. Its very concerning and on their website.
I was not able to find anything about where their squalane was sourced from and in addition to that i tried asking them on one of their instagram posts to which i got no response. So im a little bit iffy about that ingredient. It makes me nervous and in addition to that all the beneficial ingredients that they advertised this product to have are really low on the ingredient list.
Which means youre probably not going to see a lot of beneficial results from them. But overall. I would say this is a fine moisturizer.
Its good i love that its fragrance free overall. I think its fine moisturizer. Its a good one the price point is relatively fair not too expensive for a luxury price point line.

kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-3
kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-3

And i dont think theres anything wrong with you buying it and using it now that weve gone through all the products in the increments. I want to share my final opinions about the brand the good and the bad now for one of my positives. I will say if i was in a luxury department store kiehls would be one of the few and one of the only brands that i would actually buy products from most luxury department stores have some of these shittiest skin care out there that is so overpriced so overly fragrant stand advertises to use all these amazing ingredients when in actuality.
Theyre using barely any of those ingredients in their products. It is the definition of a scam in my opinion. But quil seems to be relatively true to their word in the ingredients that they formulate with i also love the charity work that they do i think thats amazing of course.
I will celebrate any type of charity work and to be honest 20 years ago. I would have been all about this brand. I would have been buying all their products because 20 years ago.
I think they were the most innovative skincare brand out there and they were making a lot of jumps and theyre still riding on that innovation from 20 years ago. But heres my main problem with the brand. I have not seen evidence of them actually trying to improve their formulations or their base skincare knowledge present day.
Because a lot of the ingredients that they use are known for being irritating to the skin are known for being widely regarded as extremely bad for the skin within the clinical skincare community. And theres so much more research available today that just shows how negative these ingredients are yet they still continue to formulate with them and thats what bugs me so much about their aesthetic is that they come off as a very clinically focused brand. They claim to be very ingredient conscious.
But in reality. Theyre formulated with so many ingredients that im just like why like why would you formulate with those you know they arent good for the skin. You know theyre irritating are we keeping up with modern day research.
I dont think so and whenever brands trying to pass as a clinical brand. But do include irritating components it just really annoys me a lot because im like girl pig elaine. If you want to formulate with a lot of fragrance and essential oils thats great.
But dont claim to be these clinical medicinal. Dr. Brand when youre actually not and the last thing.
I dont like about the brand is that i really do think that theyre too expensive for their formulations overall. I think their ingredients and their product formulations are fine. But theyre nothing mind blowing.
Theyre nothing noteworthy and for the price point that they charge. I think its just too expensive you guys know me i am willing to spend a lot of money on a skin care product. If it has an amazing ingredient list.
But none of their products have ever wowed. Me and at most the best products that they had i was like you know what theyre fine theyre good product nothing bad. But would i go out and spend like 50 70 100 on these products hell.
No absolutely not i think thats way overpriced. An overall kiehls is probably not a brand that im going to be featuring on my channel. Very much for that reason alone.
I really hope that they can start to be a little bit more in natives start listening to the canvas community when it comes to research on skincare and i think they could definitely improve themselves a lot they have a platform to do so. But i still think that theyre riding on that innovation from 20 years ago. And that their customer base is so good now that they have little motivation to actually improve themselves and because of that im pretty disappointed in the brand.
What do you guys think let me know in the comment section down below. I really want to hear your thoughts do you like the brand do you like their products. I really want to know also if you have any ideas for future brands that i should review please let me know as well you guys know i am always open to feedback.
And i make these videos based off of the amount of requests what i get from you guys. And if you havent already be sure to subscribe to my channel. Ill answer the notification bell.
So that you can see my videos every single week. Thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you in the next video mwah. .

kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-4
kiehls tea tree oil shampoo-4

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