The Truth About Ouija Boards / How to make your own!

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Im going to show you how i made my own customized ouija board. So so i never owned a ouija board as a kid. But i always wanted to with one to be completely honest.
I was a little afraid that if i ever did touch one. I would accidentally open a portal to the demon world and they would haunt me forever so as a kid. I never really mustered up the courage to use one.
But now that im an adult and i have the internet and a world of information at my fingertips. I decided to do a little research on the ouija board to see if it would dampen some of my fears. This is what i found the ouija board is not an ancient artifact.
It was created in the 1840s by mediums as a way to communicate with the spirit world originally. Many mediums were using a tool called a planchette. Which is french for a little plank.
It was a heart shaped piece of wood with little wheels on the bottom. And the point. There was a hole to fit a pencil through the medium would place her fingers on the planchette and whatever spirit.

how to make your own oujia board-0
how to make your own oujia board-0

She was communicating with would guide her hand. So. The planchette would move and the pencil would spell out words.
The new ouija board method with the letters already on the board was going to be much easier to interpret so. The first official mention of the ouija board as we know it today was in the new york daily tribune in 1886 for some reason. Knowing that the ouija board was created by humans in the 1800s and not dug out of the sand of some ancient ruins it makes me feel better and safer about using one.
I dont know why maybe. Its just me. But here are a few more facts about the ouija board that might put your mind at ease.
Basically. The ouija board is just a game as far as i know after some research. No modern mediums use it as a divination tool.
Although many people believe you actually can use it to communicate with spirits is still just a game so kind of think of it as texting with the spirit world or instant. Messaging or something. Like that the most important fact that i learned about the ouija board is that in no way can you open any portals is absolutely not linked to the demon world.

how to make your own oujia board-1
how to make your own oujia board-1

Although i did read that some spirits that you may or may not communicate with might pretend to be a demon to scare. You we can assume that even people in the afterlife have a sense of humor. Finally you may come across a set of strange and scary rules that you must follow when using the ouija board or else.
But really theyre not true. I researched and i found the actual simple rules that you need to follow when using a ouija board and here they are number one when speaking with a spirit be polite just as you would with somebody in the living world. Apparently spirits are not allowed to tell you anything about the afterlife.
So dont bother asking i also read. But its rude to ask a spirit how they passed away otherwise you can talk about whatever you want all you have to do is make sure that at the end of the conversation. You make sure to say goodbye.
And thats all you need to know after learning. All that if youre still interested in creating your own ouija board. Lets get started first you will need a piece of wood or cardboard.
I found this little piece of wood at a recycled lumber yard. You can decorate your ouija board any way you like. But it must have these specific details anywhere on the board.

how to make your own oujia board-2
how to make your own oujia board-2

It must say hello goodbye. It must list all the letters in the alphabet. And the numbers.
1 through 9 and 0. It should also say yes and no to prepare my board. I sanded it with an electric sander.
I then drew out all my designs in pencil. I used black and white paint to fill in my symbols well that was drying. I worked on my planchette.
I traced it out on a piece of wood then i cut out the viewing hole with a drill and a spade bit designed for cutting holes. We then used a jig saw to cut out the heart shape. And i sanded the planchette with the electric sander as well now that i have all my pieces.
Im ready to play with my ouija board. Before you take your ouija board out for a spin. There is something you should know.

how to make your own oujia board-3
how to make your own oujia board-3

Many psychologists believe that the movement of the planchette is not caused by spirits. They believe. It is an ideomotor response from the medium.
An ideomotor response is a reflexive muscular response to a mental image. When the subject does not consciously take action. So basically just as you might physically react to sudden pain without thinking about it or realizing it you may also have a muscular response to a thought or a mental image.
Without even being aware of it although many people may attribute this muscular response to supernatural or paranormal activity psychologists maintain that the origin of these muscular reactions lies solely within the subject participating in such rituals as moving a planchette on a ouija board. Whatever you may believe playing with the ouija board can still be fun the first toy version of the ouija board came out in 1891 and the legend is when they asked the board. What it should be called the board answered with lije.
Which is an ancient egyptian way of saying good luck. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Follow me on instagram and twitter to send me photos of your ouija boards or your halloween costumes or festivities.
I love to see them dont forget to subscribe if you like this video. And i will see you guys next time for some more halloween fun. .

how to make your own oujia board-4
how to make your own oujia board-4

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