The Ultimate Coilover Guide 2019

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See how i got that clear there we go mechanic and a bigger metal clanking. Clanking. Okay so we get a lot of requests asking.
What is the best coilover can buy for the least amount of money and its kind of a tough question when you really look at and when you really start to get into it because when talking about coilovers. Theres no like blanket list for covering them all from the best to the worst. Because they are all made for widely different.
Applications coilover suspension is not just made to lower your car well. It is. But it also isnt ill let you know what i mean so.
When youre looking at coilover suspension. There are few different variants is your car american is your car an import is it european are you looking to track your car stance your car or just kill that nasty wheel gap so lets just go ahead and jump right into it and talk about kw coilovers. Because you cant have a list of the best coilovers to buy for the money without mentioning kw suspension mostly because they own half of the list but also because they make phenomenal coilovers.
Kw. Is widely regarded as the go to company when it comes to buying coilovers for your track car for a reason. They have features such as dynamic dampening controls hydraulic lift systems rebound and compression dampening.
Because most coilovers only have rebound dampening.

best coilovers for daily driving-0
best coilovers for daily driving-0

The list goes on and on and on and in fact they design and produce a lot of suspension for a number of motor sport teams as well as making suspension for the mercedes amg division. So cars such as slk55. The clk63 and the sl65 amg black series and then even for the dodge viper acr as well you know the race care variant of the already 600 horsepower car that just needed you know more done to it with this kind of motor sports pedigree.
Its no surprise that kw is not the cheapest option on the market or even close to the cheapest option. But they are definitely one of if not the best option out there if you plan on getting the most out of your car at the track. So for a good chunk of change starting at the way basis amount of around a thousand dollars or 1100.
All the way up to about 8000 for a set of suspension thats what you can expect to pick up a set of kw suspension for so moving on to another brand. We have belltech if you havent heard of them thats probably because you dont have a muscle car or a couple grand to throw at your suspension. However if you do meet that criteria.
We have a treat for you so belltech started out in 1983 in none other than southern california. Where you could find a truck with cut springs on any street corner and thus belltech was born they started out only making lowering systems for trucks. But we wouldnt be talking about them right now if that were still the case in 2005 belltech joined the kw suspension family and officially began making car suspension.
Kw is known for making high end track oriented coilovers for european cars. So belltech decided to slap their logo on some kw coilovers and take over the american market with this being said if you purchase a set for your cadillac ctsv you will not be disappointed at all so theyll handle and drive probably better than stock. But youre going to notice a serious lack of funds in your bank.

best coilovers for daily driving-1
best coilovers for daily driving-1

Because these coilovers will run you about 1300 to 4300 for a set so moving on we come to st coilovers. So st coilovers are yet another subsidiary of no other then yep you guessed it kw suspension. Which means you are getting a rigorously tested and well made coilover at a much more affordable price so basically.
Kw. Saw that they were absolutely killing the game when it came to performance coilovers. But they were missing out on a large part of the market.
With people who just wanted to go lower without spending an arm and a leg thus st. Coilovers was born st. Coilovers are created with the same quality and standards as a parent company.
But they are designed as a road use more than track use with being precision. Engineered and road tested to the highest standards of the german tuv or some. Other word that it stands for that is about three miles long speaking in foreign language version what laughs they have threaded shock bodies that allow you to customize your vehicles ride height to the maximum without compromising safety functionality or superior driving performance and you even get a five year warranty on all their coilovers.
Which is pretty neat so overall. They are a great option for the person who is looking to lower their street car or their daily driver with good quality parts so at the price range of about 850 to 1700 depending. The set you go with theyre a great option so up next.
We have eibach now eibach isnt a name you hear a lot when it comes to coilovers.

best coilovers for daily driving-2
best coilovers for daily driving-2

Which is weird because they specialize in springs and performance handling kits. So you would think that they would also specialize in coilovers. But like any great company they found their niche and they stuck with it however.
They do make coilovers for a few different applications. So if youre lucky enough to find them for your car. They are beep good coilovers like their springs shocks and handling kits.
Their coilovers are performance oriented. So if youre looking to take corners like lewis. Hamilton eibach is definitely the coilover for you so starting around 1200.
All the way up to about 3000. Theyre a good mid range coilover up next on the list is probably one our personal favorites. Which is silvers now silvers coilovers are another brand that not many people have heard of and thats because they originated in asia and are just now starting to gain popularity over here in the united states mainly with the import community.
However silvers doesnt just make coilovers for imports. They make them for just about any car that people can modify and they do it really well all their coilovers are made from t6. 6061 aluminum and are protected by an anodized finish and have all the standard features that youve come to love and expect from coilovers.
A monotube shock independently height adjustable with 24 levels of dampening and they come with an 18 month warranty.

best coilovers for daily driving-3
best coilovers for daily driving-3

So silvers also offers custom orders with no extra charge because all of their coilovers are manufactured and hand assembled in one state of the art facility unlike a hand assembled aston. Martin silvers coilovers are not going to break the bank so right around 1100 you can get yourself into a set of silvers coilovers and of course. The list would not be complete without mentioning tein.
A japanese company born with a racing heritage. Which finally came to the united states around the early 2000s and they brought a bunch of kick beep coilovers with them they make their coilovers region. Specific meaning that when they came to america.
They did a bunch of road testing on our cracked pothole filled american roads and they came up with their best coil overs that they think are gonna do best on our roads over here. But thats like the best part about tein is that theyre capable to cater to everyone so if you just bought your first car and you wanna slam it on its nuts for 500 they have coilovers for you that allow you to do that if you want to zip around the race track and spend a few grand on a suspension. They have coilovers for you too.
Which is what has made them so so popular in the current car scene so staring around anywhere from 400. All the way up to about 4000 you can get yourself into a set of tein suspension for whatever you need and of course. The best part about all things that we just mentioned is that you can pick them up.
At fitmentindustriescom we have all these coilovers available on. Our website wwwfitmentindustriescom. Make sure you stop by and check them out and also if youre over there.
If youre in need of a set of wheels and tires or any other suspension stuff we have it as well. But thats gonna wrap it up for today i need to go get a drink of water because i have been talking for like the last three hours doing all these videos and my mouth is insanely dry. But im joe from fitment industries.
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best coilovers for daily driving-4
best coilovers for daily driving-4

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