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Were going to be doing. A review on the best structured infant. Seat.
Today today we have the bumbo. The mamas and papas and the fisher price. Seat first have the bumbo infancy.
One of the things that i really like about this seat is a material because its very easy to clean the sea also comes in a variety of different colors. Its good for really skinny babies because the holes. Where the legs go are really small.
And its all one piece so its easy to move around from room to room in your house. However. The cons about the sea is that it has a small base so if you have a baby whos particularly strong.
They may be able to flip the seat over which has happened to a couple of infants. I also do not like the positioning of the buckles on the inside especially if you have a boy. Its not a very good spot.
Its just a weird. Its just a weird angle for all the straps to be at its very hard to get them in with the buckle still being out and then its hard to buckle. It in once theyre in the seat um.
Another thing is that it the tray is sold separately the other seat that i have the mamas and papas chair. The tray comes with it this one comes separately and its also a very flimsy tray and its a kind of hard for the baby to breathe in it at least. I think so from what ive seen with my son in it hes in a really weird shape.
This doesnt really seem like it gives him like a natural sitting position. Its more like a forced sitting position. Which i also dont think would be very good for his muscles developing because its not really teaching him how to say it its just kind of holding him there.
But besides that i mean. Its a good choice. A lot of people do like this seat is also hollow on the bottom.
A lot of infants that sit in it sometimes arch their backs. And can flip out of the seat um so but besides that i mean. Its pretty its alright.
The price for it was um. Its not on here. Oh.
The price is i paid for this im sorry. The price i paid for this was 4000. 3999.
I just purchased it at target. You could also buy it any other major retailers such as walmart or babies. R us.
You i have my son in the bumbo infancy as you can see the holes for the legs are very small. So if you do have a chunkier baby like most people do you will not be able to fit them in the sea very comfortably.

fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-0
fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-0

I also do have him buckled in which most people i would assume dont use the buckles. Its very difficult to get the buckle strapped together once theyre babies in the seat is very hard also to get the straps out to put the baby inside. And he also doesnt really look particularly comfortable in the seat um.
He leans forward a lot in the seat um. Hes not big enough where he could arch his back out and get out of the seat. I turn him around.
Hes not tall enough to do that yet so if you do have the c. And you do put your infant in it use common sense. When you look at the back of the seat.
If hes too tall for the seat and cant fall out or two back and fall out. Then obviously dont use the seat for a baby. Thats that big.
The seat is also waterproof um. Some people do put them in the shower or the bath tub with it however its not recommended because obviously. Its not a back seat it cant secure to the bottom of the tub.
But it is waterproof and and thats about it for this seat so next. We have the mamas and papas infant seat as opposed to the bumbo seat this one comes with the tray. Its also a lot more secure than the bumbo seat doesnt really come off as easily.
It also detaches the the material that this is made out of is similar to the bumbo whereas. Its easy to clean you can wipe it down very easily the baby spits up in and start a problem. You could wipe it down with a dry paper towel.
The base is a lot larger. So the babys not going to flip the chair over while theyre inside of it and also the leg holes sorry are a lot wider than with the bumbo seats so a lot of trouble your babies can actually fit into this see a lot more comfortably than with the bumbo seat. However there are no seat belts with this which a lot of parents may or may not like its up to personal preference.
There is no seat belt. This also comes out and it can be used as a toddler seat. So when your baby gets older.
They can also sit in it however. I dont know how functional this really is i dont know how many people would actually use that but if you like it its there some of the things that i dont like about this seat. However is that its a lot harder to carry from room to room since it is multiple pieces a lot of times.
If i have my child in my hand. And i want to pick this up and move into another room. I have to worry about this part falling off which happens all the time i have to carry it at a particular angle.
And its a lot heavier than the bumbo seat. So i cant just pick this one up and move it from room to room as easily as i can with the bumbo seat. Another thing is if you have a skinnier baby like i do and you put the baby inside of this he may fall to the side a little bit.
Hes not really held up very well. Which is a problem that i had with my son. He couldnt really sit up properly in this seat.
Its not as deep of a see as the bumbo so i personally think that it doesnt look as uncomfortable as a bumble seat. However since it is so much wider the baby just tend to fall from the side to the other side.

fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-1
fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-1

And he has a problem keeping his balance the price at this seat is is 5999 60. I bought this one at user rus. But it can also be purchased at other stores like walmart or as well um.
And thats fine so as you see for me having my son in the seat. It is a lot bigger than the bumbo seat and he does look more comfortable the like holes are a lot wider. But there is also less support in this seat this is what it looks like without the tray on it i cant spin it around easily.
So im not going to spin it around like i did with the bumbo. This one is a lot sturdier on the floor so. But i am going to attach the tres you can see what it looks like with the tray on theres a little hole that attaches to the inside of this white part.
And theres two little hooks on the side so catch your here cool god bless you and thats clicks in and other tray is attached so on this tray is very secure. Its sturdy. However if you do have a bigger baby.
I dont know how sturdy its going to be but for infant his size hes two months old this is various dirty trays. Im gonna be getting out of this and again there is no seatbelt. But thats fine and he does look pretty comfortable in the seat.
So i just however choose not to use this seat. Because he does sometimes fall to the sides inside or forward. So its not its not very um sturdy with him in it the thing that i dont think about having him in this seat is that it doesnt give as much support as the bumbo seat does meaning that he does fall forward in sideways.
A lot more than he does in the bum bow. Seat. But it is a lot more comfortable.
And its not a squished and it is more sturdy as a seat in general as a whole last. But not least. I have my favorite out of the three this is the fisher price seat on this one is made out of a different material than the other ones are made out of so when the baby spits up.
Its not as easy to wipe off and wipe dry. However this thing does come off and it can be washed in the washing machine. Which is a very good feature so it can be sterilized.
If you have a sick baby or anything else you can throw in the wash machine with hot water. And it can be sterilized and clean that way um. This is also made out of fabric.
So it conforms to the babys natural shape and natural body since not all babies are shaped the same so this is what the inside looks like its soft its pliable. Its just fabric its fabric. See um.
It forms his body and this comes with two toys that are attached to it so there comes with one like hard to either toy. And then it comes with this one to the butterfly. It makes a little prickly noise.
Which is really nice. So i could sit a minute. He has something to occupy himself with instead of just sitting in the seat.
And he also these also can are good for teething babies. As well they come off and it could be cleaned and this whole seat actually folds flat.

fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-2
fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-2

So let me show you theres two buttons on the side over here. And im here you push the buttons in it folds flat like this so it can be traveled with it can be stored. If you dont if you live in a smaller apartment.
And it just pops back open. It clicks open. Theres also a handle here.
So its very easy to move from room to room another that i like doing is putting him inside of it. And if i have to move into the say. The kitchen or the bathroom.
I can just pick him up with him inside of it and move him which i cant do with the other seats um. Its also very fun pattern it doesnt come in any other patterns as far as im aware of but this is i mean its nice and colorful its bright um. This one doesnt come with a seat belt which some people might not like but i personally dont really care.
I think if your baby is big enough where they can get out and they need a seat belt. Then they might not shouldnt you probably shouldnt be in the seat in the first place um. But thats the only kind about this it also has a very wide base.
So there you dont have to worry at all about it flipping over or about it moving um. This one is my favorite out of all of them. He is the most comfortable in this one.
Im the most comfortable comfortable the most with him being in this one than all the other ones and this one retails for about thirty 199. So 32 this was purchased at babies r us. But you can also purchase it at a couple of other places as well um as well as other seats.
So now im going to show you what he looks like in i have my son in the fisher price seat now as you can see this one does give him a lot of support because it is all enclosed. All the way around on the holes for the legs excuse you the holes for the legs are pretty big. I dont think you can really see where i was sitting.
But any sense baby could really fit in here uh. It does have the toys that she likes playing with has the little froggy eyes his feet let me show you are nice and comfortable um. This is padding all around um.
Its nice and secure this isnt moving anywhere. I can lift him up with him being in the seat. And hes just very comfortable and very happy in the seat this is again my favorite one and he does seem to be able to work out his muscles more in this since its not a hard structured seat.
It gives him the opportunity to work out learning how to sit up by himself and using those muscles since nothings really holding him in one spot hard. So that thats another thing about the seat that i do like and he is very happy in the seat. Hes very content.
Hes very comfortable and this is by far my favorite see and this is the one that i would recommend to any mom. That was looking for a structured seat to put their child or infant in again. Hes two months old um also safety tips always remember that not to put your child in a structure.
A fancy if they cannot hold her head up by themself obviously. Hes only two months old. But he does have very good head control.
He can sit up when assisted he can also stand when assisted so make sure that your baby is ready for a seat before you put them in and besides that good again the price is only 32 dollars. Its the cheapest one out of the three so there you go those are our seats. And we hope you enjoyed our video.

fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-3
fisher price sit me up vs bumbo-3

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