TOYS R US Fake Store Sells Puppies \u0026 Cats With A Dog vs Cat Competition Kids Toys

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Do you think someones gonna buy you today so i am so sick of of selling toys. I figured id open my own pet store dedicated to cute furry friends like this guy. But no puppies right no puppies we hate puppies children kiddies here today and lets see what we have all we even have tigers get sugar.
We have every little kitten even even little chi goes here and my precious puppies. I love puppies and selling them its gonna be so easy. Everybody loves puppy stores in the malls and stuff so like and no ones gonna resist her cat stores.
Not gonna do that good can you quiet up that tiger. It is so loud and annoying no quiet because its from nature. Hes just a kid tiger.
Its so good such a good kitty. Its just so noisy and just non stop come on see my puppies are good they dont like sago. Rare.
They are good pokey so i hope you all get a doctor thats so cute nobody likes i will it give you like the best toy ever and i beat you today in sales. I mean so wait were kitties anymore. Oh.
Im winning this thing. Okay let me come up here. I want to show you some of our best toys today you want to live up your milk bowl.
Yeah id be perfect. Oh yeah. Thats just a dollar there we go thank you and then how about a kitty cup.
Great kittys orange kitties. But pink kitties white fluffy. Ones and a tiger.
You want that little weight you need. Yeah. Thats a perfect.
One all right wait let me just ring up your kitty. Oh okay. And actually i need a dollar.
Another color for that kitty cream another dollar. So two dollars total. Oh.
Ten wait to have anything else.

toys r us cat toys-0
toys r us cat toys-0

Oh yeah. See you here we go here. We go oops.
Keep that 10. Thats worth a lot actually you know what with a ten you want to buy some big or bigger kitties. See we have all these different colored kitties.
What would you want a little feisty around yeah. Some mean people for you would be very nice. So yes.
I would find out kidding in it if you find one more theyll be 10 oh. The cat paw when we street house works you just go like this you like it. Ill throw that one in and one more kitty.
Oh. We have a kitty surprise to put babies inside okay stop selling or somebody can you show some puppies to go with those come on well sorry. If she wants em.
Im silliness. I am. Ve orange kitties wait marys titties wait wait wait wait are you eating these kitties.
No okay cuz you only eat orange ones. So i cant tell you orange ones. Because i hey anybody finds kind of pink and yellow.
When you eat this one youll play with it youll play with it do you want a kitty surprise. I think these are cute and then you can see honey kitties are inside okay. Give me your 10.
Yes. Perfect. Thank.
You all right go. Thank. You okay.
So i sold. One. Two three and then i kept last like four okay right for my kitty.

toys r us cat toys-1
toys r us cat toys-1

And actually if you want me help you open up your kitty. See how many keys are inside. Theres only four one.
Two three four. Oh. Elsie gigi.
Is her name oh music oh. My gosh like its just like. Its mom.
A girl for three. Okay. Oh no wait oh my gosh.
Shes theyre twins of white kitties. Oh these are cute wow so we got even more than you thought in their glittery years. Yeah and mommy.
So you got six kitties for the price of one thats not bad. Yeah. The mommys really big well enjoy your cant even save.
And remember if you see puppies puppies like drool ill just ignore that crazy cat lady obviously. She yeah what are you doing kitty oh your kitties. Im supposed to be for your puppies here here hurt yeah.
Ignore the kitties theyre boring. They dont kitties dont even listen to you and they dont even do anything theyre like really boring so but puppies do what you want you could train them deaf play with you oh thank you. But this is fake money ways.
With what is what these people are fake about giving me fake money come on how am. I supposed to have a business. Oh thank you at least one little bit of real money okay okay.
Good. Thanks okay. So that pays for it back.
And you know what my store doesnt run off of a profit. Its an adoption agency. So you really just adopt puppies you dont have to pay for them they get to pick that one pair ii.
Think that if you want you could take as many puppies as you want oh this is pathetic.

toys r us cat toys-2
toys r us cat toys-2

He came in to sell the puppies and he came and give them away for free and he puppy take anyone they need a good home wait what what is that what is it looks like so much better than not. Even. Close.
No cats are music. Applause applause music oh oh wait a minute register. Okay oh wait what shes getting on the money guy thank you okay lets i guess i could buy a new cash register.
Why would you steal the money so lets wait featured in this video is this barbie pet care cart. Which was given to us from do you like puppies now yeah. Whats this puppy doing here wait a minute.
We should why dont we have a kitty. Oh let me get a kitty. There we go we need a kitty.
Oh. There we go whispers. Oh.
And yeah get rid of that puppy. Yeah. And tigger okay oop.
Much better okay. So this big hair cart is pretty cool. Because as a removal tray and it works as a cart with real working wheels.
So we can take this wherever we want to take care of our kitties. We have tons of things to do a little check out them speaking of such glasses fastest for tigger. See there we go okay you wanna kitty.
Tears. This was cool that wait lets see oh yeah. Oh thats good we cannot take care of everything in here.
So this right here. Its kind of cool. Because its like a nice cabinet.
So if youre rolling it things dont fall out. But when youre doing a trick up you can get all of your little medical devices. Here.
Lets do a little checkup.

toys r us cat toys-3
toys r us cat toys-3

So heres our microscope. This is another doctor. Too.
Oh yeah here we go they say they like headway. I think oh there we go some cash. Oh.
Some medicine. Oh okay you guys like a soaring in his fight. We have tweezers.
We have oh. Thats just like little spit bucket. Oh.
You have food for tigger. Yeah. Oh nice here bring it on over.
Im. Hungry. Oh.
We have some medicine. Oh thermometer. Oh.
More medicine. Oh. This is kiddie medicine.
Oh. This is good oop. Thats a medicine.
Oh and then scissors for haircuts like wait a minute you guys both scream kitties. Very much thats okay and then oh band aids just in case. I messed up on the haircut.
So its a really cool car and obviously its not just for puppies its good for little kitties. And even and pets. You want to do a check up on music applause music.

toys r us cat toys-4
toys r us cat toys-4

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