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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel today i am transforming into princess jasmine this this is my halloween costume for this year and i posted pictures on instagram andall seem to love it and like i asked if they were in the tutorial and of course. Theres a tutorial for you guys even though. Its later in the halloween game you can always save this for next year.
But i still wanted to upload this but i also didnt want to give away my home in costume at the same time you know so if you would like to see how i turned myself into this and if you would like to know how i got to my pony tail this long to my knees. Thank you for watching and lets go ahead and get started okay so first. Im gonna start with foundation.
I usually dont wear foundation. But since were trying to be precise shot in america for tuned. We want to wear foundation because we want our skin to be bam like a porcelain doll.
So im gonna use the pin to be pro filter foundation yall excuse my nails. I dont even know just oh i dont know this is in the shade 360. Im just gonna use one pump and just put it over and then after that im gonna use concealer and i want to use a very thick concealer.
Im gonna use tape shape and tan sand this one used to be my go to. But its too much for me now so i only use it when i have things like this a cost. Im just gonna blend that out there we go now im just gonna set it with laura mercier translucent powder.
So for this princess jasmine. I want it to be more traditional. I didnt want to go all out in the makeup.
I just wanted it to look like the cartoon. Which she basically just werent eyeliner and lipstick. So thats what you go did after that im gonna set in my search my face with the sephora.
My christine powder. There we go getting looking like a doll now im going to use two faced chocolate soleil bronzer um. This one im gonna go a little bit heavier on then im normally because as im like a princess cartoon.
So you saw look next done now im going to do my eyebrows. When you use the precisely my brow this ends in the shade. Six times.
She can go ahead and do my eyebrows probably a little bit darker then i usually avoid but still natural and im gonna follow my natural brow shape. Im not gonna do any kind of around one like hers okay now im just gonna set the brows.

princess jasmine halloween costume adults-0
princess jasmine halloween costume adults-0

24 hour. Brow setter and then for eyes. Im only gonna do a really big winged eyeliner nothing else so im going to get this fenty beauty light liner and then were gonna do the white.
This thing get you the sharpest wing and burn excuse me. Im not trying to show too much you there we go and then im gonna add on some flashes of course my ill are curly queens notches. These is my favorite like i like my other lashes and i wear my other lashes.
But if im just trying to get like a lash thatll go good with anything. This is the one baby after you get the lashes on dont forget to curl for at the maximum feel look they just turn so heavenly now im just gonna put on some mascara. Im gonna use the nars climax mascara today and then before i put on my bottom mascara.
Im gonna put on some lighter eyeliner. So this is a tan eyeliner and i was gonna use a white one but white gonna show something really strong so. What i like to do is get the.
Tan eyeliner and then just like draw a little bit of white on top of it and then im gonna go ahead and put that in my waterline. Lightly just like to mix it in on my finger warm. It up and then thats kind of like how you get like the cartoon eyes makes your eyes a little bit bigger and then after that if you have a lighter color eyeliner.
I would use that but im just gonna use my precisely my brow pencil and were gonna draw like very very. Lightly underneath the lower lash line. Dont get it in your waterline.
Were just gonna outline the lashes. A little bit i like using the brow pencil cuz. Not as dark as like a black five mascara and then for haley.
Im actually gonna use this artist couture. There are new diamond deluxe illuminizer this one is in hot. Damn im go now for lips.
Im going to use this fin t beauty stunning lip paint and uncuffed okay so the face is done now its time for the hair. Okay. So im starting off with my hair blown out so i blow dried my hair and the reason why i blow dried it is so it matches the hair that im going to use so you just want to part your hair in the middle.
And then im going to pull out this front part put a leg right there i didnt want it too big. Because i want to be able to see the little princess jazz in the headband.

princess jasmine halloween costume adults-1
princess jasmine halloween costume adults-1

So you just want to part off the front and do that to both sides wha bam okay so im gonna twist this and like put it underneath my neck the struggles. Were just gonna hold this hair here really quick now were gonna pull this part back into a ponytail. So i just comb it straight back.
Im gonna get a brush and brush it back get a hair tie abatement and im going to leave a little bit of room in the hair tie for later. Now. Im gonna go ahead and get the princess as in headband.
This came with my costume. Its velcro so im just going to go ahead and put this in my hair right behind that part and then put it underneath the ponytail. There we go now you can take this pad out so this varieties will just move it back a little bit.
Its not going to be super flat and smooth because it is blown out frizzy. But you just want to do like a loose little twist just like this all the way back and its gonna look really small. But its okay were gonna get this part and then thats why i left the hair tie loose cuz.
Were gonna shove it in there so pull it through the hair tie and then we do the same thing to the other side and then since its back there you can keep it tight or you can pull it a little bit so it gets a little bit more volume like that cuz thats how she has like that really big kind of thing and of course. Im gonna do my edges never leave out the edges princess jasmine you didnt have edges back then but now you do so im just gonna do some loops. There we go so.
The baby carriers are now done now. Its time to do the ponytail. So this hair in the back.
I just want to go ahead and twist it into a little ponytail. So that its not in the way in the way. So just split it in two and then twist it up okay so firm my ponytail gonna be like down to my ankles.
Im actually going to use this hair right here. It is ultra light premium braiding hair. This is super jumbo its color.
One i dont know this is the brand and i got this at a little hair store back home and you see the hair texture. Its like not completely straight. Like a bum now kind of look that fly blowed out my hair.
So this is the hair and the hair comes fold. It in half.

princess jasmine halloween costume adults-2
princess jasmine halloween costume adults-2

So normally people would get this and then put this soul g like this long. But me im gonna unfold. It and were gonna use four of them like this so that the hair goes all the way down.
So youre going to take off this rubber band okay. So i got all four them. Together.
So this is four packs of that this is how thick it is its very thick its great for that ponytail and i went ahead and put you want to put a hair tie really tight at the end so hair. Doesnt slip out in the middle. But im also going to just like to another hair until they keep it in there tight like you just want this to stay like this and then with the hair tie.
Thats already in here. Youre going to loop a bigger hair tie in it so i like to put the hair loop. This through just like this and then go through it again to wear it like its like a little kind of knot.
Kind of thing. So now theyre together the hair has this little hair on this side. So you want to put that on the inside.
So go ahead and wrap this around your ponytail. Thats already need there we go wrap it around again heres all the fake hair and there we go okay. Now you want to move this little knot to the bottom.
And then you want to get to the hair and wrap it around your twisty. My twisty kind of came out so im gonna redo it really quick probably gonna braid it real quick so just do like a loose braid you dont have to it dont have to be nice. Youre not gonna see it wrap up the hair over your own hair.
So basically were just gonna get this hair. And then my braids right here. So were gonna put the hair all around the braid just like this so tuck.
It in the inside and then and since the hair is so long youre gonna want to get string instead of a rubberband. So i have this string right here and i just cut some pieces. So you just want to get it like string like this and then go behind it and then and then tie a knot in it tight as tight as you can get it up and then just cut the excess string off and then do that all the way down music music music music and then the vick and then the very last one.
Im going to use your band. Do y.

princess jasmine halloween costume adults-3
princess jasmine halloween costume adults-3

all. Chain. Hanging love.
Do the vowels of the love. There. We go.
So. Now the hair is then all the way down to the flow. So i want to cover this with blue.
So ill have these ribbons and im going to cut them and then i also have these little velcro things they just stick on so i can just velcro. It around so just getting get the ribbon wrap it around wrap. It over the gold string.
Whatever color string and then push it together and then it velcros. And it sticks together go through it and then move that velcro part back to the back. Im giving you extra hair hanging out the bottom.
Just go ahead and cut it like thats too long yeah chop it up and there we go the ponytail. Is done now. Its time for me to put on my fancy jewelry.
Let me change my pants. Real quick and there we go this is the final look i have transformed to princess. Jasmine and then this is how long the hair actually.
It is if i stand up you still cant see there we go thats my knee so its down to my knees. So yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video. I turned myself into a real life princess.
Jasmine. If you like this video. Please give it a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe to my channel.
If you arent already and i will see you guys in the next video bye. .

princess jasmine halloween costume adults-4
princess jasmine halloween costume adults-4

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