Wayfair Canada FAIL Storytime (Our Bed Was 2 Colours) + Alrai Upholstered Panel Bed Review

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Its paige here and in this video. Im going to be showing you you our new bed our new mattress and our bedding and ill also be a story about our experience. Buying the bed frame on waithere ca so first up a little bit about our mattress.
We purchased it from a sleep country canada and we did purchase it in store. Which i definitely recommend if you have the opportunity because then you get to try out all of the mattresses and make sure that you get the right firmness for you i know that bed in a box mattresses are super popular right now. But we tried one out and we didnt love it as much as this mattress that we ended up with we picked out a kingstown mattress and this mattress was made in canada and also me to order.
Which i absolutely love and of course as you can see we picked out the king size and the firmness is medium to soft and so far it has been amazing texture how do you like the new mattress is it approved be comfy. So these are these sheets that i got i got this jubei cover and it was from home scents and i really liked it because john is like everything needs to be white and this one is cotton. But it kind of looks like a linen.
Ill pull it out in a second and then i got these sheets also from home scents and i really have tried to find bamboo sheets. But i couldnt find any in the king size so i ended up just getting these organic cotton. One so im really hoping theyre soft.
They were 60 which i feel like honest. I dont know that much about sheets and class of sheets. I know they can range up to like 200 or more.
So i feel like this was a good price on the duvet cover. I think. It was take to bake hover was 80.
Which isnt bad because i was gonna get one from hmm home. Which was 120. So im not too upset about price of this and then for debate cover again like everything i buy is removed.
I got a king today and this was so much this one was 80. So i dont know how this is gonna be it felt okay. It was pretty good i normally like down music music.
There is a close up of the frame. And the one that we got is called zuma white and its a nice woven texture it feels really nice the quality and i absolutely love the color and its pretty sturdy. The only thing i have to say is we got the king size by the way king looks like the only thing.
I have to say is that the headboard ends pretty high like it ends right there you can see the gap. So we have a king size mattress and we got we obviously have a box friend you have to have a box spring with this bed. So just keep that in mind when youre buying it if you dont have a box spring.
But youll need one otherwise you will have a huge gap right there. And that wont look very good you could probably hide it with pillows. But i didnt want to have a huge gap.
So we got we didnt get a standard bed frame height. We got actually a shorter one and it was the perfect size. So ill find out what that height was and ill link it down below just in case.
Youre wondering and youre thinking about purchasing the bed our mattress is also very very big which youll see which you saw earlier in the video. Because i show getting our new mattress mattress is really thick. So that also affects the size of the boxspring.
If you have a thinner mattress. Youll need a bigger box right so keep all that in mind otherwise. Let me know if you have any questions about the bed below.
And you have so i wanted to do a quick story.

joss and main upholstered bed-0
joss and main upholstered bed-0

Time and talk about my experience with wayfarer ta. Oh. Hello.
Okay fine come here can you not get up come on let me. See dexters gonna help me okay lets try that again lets try that again. Hes too distracting and here he comes you couldnt stay right here.
And ill pet you okay. So i just wanted to do a quick story. Time and talk about my experience buying this bed from we fared see a it was actually my first ever order from wayfarer and its the bed frame that im on right now.
Its called the al rai upholstered panel bed and i fell in love with it when i saw it it comes in so many colors. Its such an affordable price and that was the big selling point and i really wanted a frame upholstered bed frame. Without like buttons or any of that i just wanted plain so when i found it i was like yes.
This is the one so what happened was of course. I purchased it on i think. It was a wednesday night and right away.
I got a confirmation email that night like later on maybe a couple hours after i purchased it saying that it was already being prepared to be shipped out which was crazy like i know it said. I think its a two day shipping. When i ordered it and so i was expecting it okay maybe itll come friday or even monday sometimes.
Its delayed. I feel like canada shipping is questionable so it shows up the next day. So it it literally took.
I feel like it was less than 24 hours before i clicked by 2. When it arrived and after it arrived i wasnt home when it arrived i was at work. But my fiancee was home and he of course like a scavenger ripped open the boxes like tore them apart.
And if youre familiar like when things are made in china. Often the boxes that they packed them in are really low quality boxes. Theyre literally paper thin.
So its super easy to just destroy them so basically they were ruined which whatever like normally that wouldnt matter. But ill explain why that was actually a huge problem later so we open up the frames or he opens up the frames. And the headboard is perfect and the actual frame itself was a different color.
So the bed frame was zuma white. Which is what we ordered and the frame part was gray like a completely different color and so at this point. Im like i get home and i look at it and im like okay yeah.
This is a mistake. I look at the boxes. And theyre both labeled zuma white.
So its not that they sent us because it comes in i didnt mention. But it came in two pieces. The headboard and the frame came in two separate boxes.
And so i looked at both boxes. And they were both labeled the same name dexter can you stop walking around youre clicking is in the video you like yeah. I know you lie down right now so so yeah.
What was i saying so theyre both labeled the same color.

joss and main upholstered bed-1
joss and main upholstered bed-1

And when i opened up open them theyre two different colors. So at this point. Im like we need to get a replacement or a return or an exchange.
So i contacted wayfarer. I went online and theres a way to request return or exchange. So i went in and i filled out the details of what happened i attached a photo to show that theyre different colors.
And i got a reply pretty quickly. I would say within. I think it was within the same day it might have been next day and i actually phoned me so i got a phone call like right away and an email saying.
Were so sorry about all of this like lets let me see what we could do like do you prefer do you want to just replace the one piece or whatever so they let me know they actually let me know that the supplier. So wayfarer is like the middleman wayfarer is not the one manufacturing this bed. Its a separate third party supplier.
So theyre the ones that actually made the mistake. It wasnt we fair. It was the supplier of the bed.
So thats particular supplier. Didnt doesnt do like they wont just replace the one piece they had to replace the entire bed. Which was kind of annoying because we already had the frame.
We already have headboard so we didnt need to get a new headboard. But they had to send us a brand new headboard as well so we go ahead and im like yep thats fine like were im good with a replacement. So they so the person.
I was speaking with went ahead and put it in so im like sweet. Ill probably get it soon. And then about a couple hours later i get a confirmation.
Email and its like or maybe. Not a couple hours. Probably right away.
I got a confirmation email and they say. The new shipman will arrive in three to four weeks. I was like pardon like our first frame arrived within 24 hours and to replace it three to four weeks.
I was its safe to say i was pretty upset. I was like that is like their customer service up until this point. Im like good to go im like im like happens.
Its fine like theyre gonna replace it and then when i find out its three or four weeks. I was like no like thats not okay so not only am i stuck like having to deal like they handle the return. But i still have this jet giant frame like taking up all the space in my house in our house.
And then we wont have a bed for three four more weeks. And like theres nothing we did wrong like it was all on them. So at this one.
Im like i emailed them back. Im like look this thats unacceptable like why did the first bed ship. So quickly and now the replacement is gonna take three plus weeks like i dont think that that doesnt make any sense and then they reply and theyre like you know we just want to make we want to make sure that its correct.

joss and main upholstered bed-2
joss and main upholstered bed-2

Time. Blah blah blah. Like you know i know that thats not its just because they probably didnt have any more in stock in the wayfarer warehouse.
Which is in canada. They probably had to get a new one ship from the supplier. And thats why its taking three weeks not because they have to double check it.
But thats what they tell you so whatever so then im like im still like calm and collected. Im not like i worked in customer service. Im not about to like go crazy and like freak out because that never gets what you want by the way when you work in customer service.
Freaking out doesnt help the situation and the person on the other end that youre speaking of is humor. And its not their fault. So please remember that if youre ever talking to customer service.
People that theyre not the ones to blame and oftentimes things are out of their control. So so at this point. I emailed back again and im like okay at this point actually.
I was kind of mad. Because i was like they shouldve offered me a discount or some sort of compensation because as a buyer. I didnt do anything wrong.
And i think they should have offered me something in return like all like its so inconvenient. This was also inconvenient and like they werent offering me anything to make it right and so i was and im not a person who like asked for discounts so at this point. Im like look.
I think you should compensate me us for this like mistake you know were stuck with this bed. When at this point. I didnt know when they were picking it up or how that was gonna happen.
And we arent getting our new one for three weeks like i think you should compensate us for the error. And then they did so i was really happy they came back and they were like okay well give you 15 refund. And that doesnt sound like a lot.
But the bed was around nine nine hundred and fifty something canadian so 15 percent of that was like a hundred and sixty five dollars. So i was happy with that i was like thats awesome yeah well take the refund and they processed it right away. So that was great so ends.
So that basically was my last contact with customer service. Until we run into problem number two which was they send ups with labels to come pick up the product. Thats incorrect.
So the man shows up and he comes upstairs to look at the bed and theyre wrapped in plastic. But at this point. The boxes are destroyed like i mentioned earlier so ups wont which makes sense ups wont take away music the bed because its not wrapped so im like like i dont know what to do i he he had to leave im like okay youre gonna have to can you come back monday and well figure it out so he leaves still stuck with the bed.
I call wafer again and im like look ups wont take it away because its not wrapped we destroyed the boxes by accident and the girl on the phone was so nice. I forget her name. I honestly like she was amazing.
She was so friendly so helpful. Shes like is there a box store near you is there i dont know she was throwing out all of these options and im like this is a king sized bed frame. I dont know where im going to find a box that is gonna fit it like i would have to crap like construct a makeshift box out of multiple boxes.
There was no way.

joss and main upholstered bed-3
joss and main upholstered bed-3

I was going to find a box where boxes that would fit it so she was going to call ups to find out a solution like for me on my behalf. So she put me on hold and then i was like i felt like such an idiot. Im like duh.
Were getting a replacement bed and we can use the boxes from the replacement bed to put the old bed in to ship back so i like solve my own problem. While i was on the phone with her and she came back on i told her and she was so happy and i was so happy im like aww thank god like this is not gonna be as difficult as it could have been so yeah. So basically ups showed up the bed like this is two and a half weeks.
I think it took two and a half weeks not three so they ended up fast tracking. It i guess and two weeks later the frame comes and i was able to swap out the products and ups took it away and thank goodness we had the correct bed frame which im currently sitting on huh but i guess i just wanted to share this story because first of all customer service in todays day and age especially when buying things online and large items like furniture is so important and the wayfarer experience was a roller coaster at all times. The customer service team was really amazing and helpful so and theyre accessible by phone.
Which is amazing. So i definitely have to give the wayfarer customer service like a nine. I would give him a nine out of ten maybe an 8 out of 10.
They should have offered me discount earlier or compensation. But other than that they were super helpful and things happen so i mean will i shop on wayfarer again yes. I will because im really happy with the product.
I love the frame. Its perfect its exactly what we wanted it was fairly easy to assemble which ill put in a little video of john assembling it and yeah. Its really great quality it looks way more expensive than it actually cost.
And yeah. Ill definitely be ordering from wayfarer again. But just keep in mind that like you never know what youre gonna get just take everything with a grain of salt make sure you do your research.
When youre ordering online. This frame has amazing reviews and i looked through probably 30 reviews of the bed. I didnt see any of my specific problem like its a fluke.
Some people said pieces were like bent. Some people said. Some people had some issues.
But for the most part. The reviews are really positive so definitely if youre interested in the frame. Ill link it down below.
And you can take a look for yourself. Thats the end of the story. I wanted to here just has anyone else had any experiences with either wayfarer or other online furniture shopping experiences.
Because i think the more that we talk about it like as consumers the more educated that we can be and we can you know im a big review believer in reviews. And i really honestly think everybody should take the time to fill out reviews. Because its really helpful like youre helping your peers.
So definitely start doing that if you dont so hopefully. This was helpful otherwise heres a little sneak peek of our bedroom progress so of course. We have our frame our pillows.
I just stole the ones from the guest room. I want to get new ones for the bed and our new lamps which i di wide myself. And that diy may already be live by the time this video goes up ill probably post.
It first a real boost this whimpers. I dont know whatever the diy lamp video will be up on my channel and also im going to be doing some more makeovers in this room adding a rug pillows dresser all that stuff so if youre interested in seeing that journey of the room transformation and please subscribe to the channel. And hopefully.
This video was helpful and you enjoyed it wed love to hear your thoughts below and i will see you in the next one bye you .

joss and main upholstered bed-4
joss and main upholstered bed-4

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