We Tried EVERY Ben \u0026 Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor

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Dudes two tummies 52. Ice creams. Lets talk about that upbeat music.
Good. Mythical mythical morning. Welcome to our 1700th episode.
What clapping one thousand and seven hundred that what that is crazy thank you sincerely thank you so much for comin along on this journey with us and making us a part of your daily routine. Yes. And to celebrate this very special occasion.
Were going to eat a lot of ice cream. Oh yay yall may not be aware of this but we are not the only old guy buddy duo in the world who like to eat strange things theres another duo thats been concocting a plethora of sometimes strange. But always delicious ice cream flavors for decades.
And thats jerry and ben yup. So today were sampling all 52 pint size ben jerrys flavors to one make us happy uh huh and two to determine the best and three to celebrate not a sponsor not a sponsor 1700 episodes. But youre welcome anyway b.
And j. Its time for gut check. Ben jerrys edition.
Okay 52. Flavors is a lot so were gonna have to taste every single one in rapid succession. This is gon get crazy and b t.
Dubs. Ben jerrys also has a whole bunch of frozen yogurt and non dairy flavors. But today.
Were just dealing with the ice cream pints. Its plenty. Yes okay.
Were gonna be spoon. Fed. Every single flavor.
And then using our initial. Gut instinct. We have to immediately score.
Each one on a scale of one to 100. And then create an official combined score. Which when calculated at a rapid speed by our very own cpa thats our creamy public accountant hi.
Thanks so much for hiring. Me tax season. Is not the most stressful time of year for me so.
This. Is great timing laughs after weve tasted and scored every flavor. The top four flavors will receive a closer taste inspection.
Until were left with only one the official. Very best ben jerrys ice cream flavor in the world all right stevie help us kick off our festivities. Stevie gentlemen.
If at any point you feel that you need your palates to be cleansed. You have access to the ultimate palate cleanser a salt lick. Theres nothing scientific about that i just really wanted see you lick those big pieces of salt thank you stevie we shall begin with the chocolate category are you ready yes here we go in three two one chocolate fudge brownie ooh ooh thats good oh thats good especially with the brownie.
Im talkin 81. Im talkin 72 chocolate shake it shake. It what oh.
Theres somethin chewy in there. Oh. I like that i like that one less.
Im givin. It a i like it more 82 58. I think i like chocolate therapy mm.
Its a richer chocolate. But its oh its so dark kinda boring 43. What 72 oh stevie glampfire trail mix mm oh its like a rocky road ooh but its somethin different little crunchy stuttering 77.
Um 69 stevie new york super fudge chunk mm ive been to new york. Oh. Once you get to that fudge got walnuts in it not a fan.
Yeah. 53. Mm.
29. Stevie phish food. Ah oh.
Like the band not a fan of phish. What happened to maybe too much not my favorite 58. I dont love this one.
Either a lot 21 s.mores. Ive been campin oh.
I can actually taste. This is pleasant. I can taste the campfire.
Im back up in the 70s 74. Its 71. The tonight dough ah shout out to jimmy fallon.
Our friend mr. Fallon i love all the doughs that one went down quick. Its nice.
Its simple its 80s 89. What i yeah. Its not that sorry jimmy its not that good 76.
I like that dough minter wonderland mm eh. I love mint in my chocolate. I know he doesnt like it i dont love mint in my chocolate.
Yeah. Im gonna give that one im gonna give that one an 83cause. I know hes gonna score it really low laughs yeah i gotta give that a 19 rhett laughs stevie okay now its time for the vanilla flavors category.
If you havent licked your salt which i saw you do it link. I really ill do it again. Yeah.
Thank you please do it now. And we will begin with vanilla.

ben and jerrys beer where to buy-0
ben and jerrys beer where to buy-0

Oh oh. Im white. That is a good.
Im just im just im just trying to trying to connect im trying to connect with it on some level thats a good its good that its that simple man i gotta give it a 50 im gonna say 45 stevie vanilla caramel fudge oh mm were gettin better i feel like a baby on his birthday every mamas gonna feed you thats good thats pretty simple im gonna give that a 61 too much caramel yeah im gonna give a 32 you gotta be faster stevie americone dream mmcause. Its got cone pieces. I dont even know whats happening in my mouth.
But i like it it is fun so good i didnt know that i would love it 78 78 thats good 59 stevie chocolate chip cookie dough did i get some of your thumb in my mouth with that one yep sorry mm how is that happening thats a classic i like cookie dough. Im not a huge fan of it in my ice cream 57. What i was gonna give it higher than that 61 stevie chubby hubby.
What i was a chubby hubby like one year into marriage now. Theres some peanut butter in this and a lotta crunch. Theres a very crunchy wafer y thing that im not liking in my ice cream 41.
Yeah thats a struggle for me. 34. Stevie ice cream sammie.
Okay that just tastes like an ice cream sandwich. But it should be an ice cream form three it only works in its form 74 stevie milk cookies ive had both of these this is like oreo but they cant say oreo. Its cookies and cream.
Yeah. Thats cookies and cream. Its solid.
But theres a much bigger world of ice cream out there. Im gonna give this one a 55. Imma give this a 55 stevie salted caramel almond um thats a good ice cream tastes like hard candy if it was cold and not as hard 68 27.
It seems like you guys might need a little pick up so were gonna switch to our next section. Which is the coffee section. Theres a coffee section.
Its true just like a grocery store stevie here we go in three two one brewed to matter. Oh theres a punch to that i like that 80. I dont feel that great about it 78.
Its exquisite chillin. The roast has like an amaretto thing in it really not liking that frappuccino. 28.
Thats the worst. One for me so far yeah what is that amaretto thing amaretto 12 rhett. Laughs stevie coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz hm not as good as the first coffee by a long shot not bad.
Though. 47. 53.
Stevie coffee toffee bar. Crunch. Same coffee as the last time.
But with toffee. Me likey 82 mm mm. I dont like the toffee 22 stevie cold brew caramel latte.
They like to put caramel in a lot of stuff you dont like caramel. I dont think i like it in my ice cream thats subtle. But not enough happening for me.
There. Im gonna say. 57.
43. Stevie okay boys. Were moving on to the fruity category.
Oh. We gotta really lick get that fruit link groans here. We go are you having fun yet.
In three oh im having tons of fun two one gotta go chunky monkey chunky monkey. I love banana he doesnt surprise im sorry i dont like a lot of things i mean 84. Thats one of my favorites.
33. Patrick huey. Stevie cherry garcia.
Another one of my favorites we got cherry 85 thats good 17 stevie pumpkin cheesecake. Now i like pumpkin and i like cheesecake and this is really oh thats smooth its good. But the pumpkin spice is just not 78 68.
Stevie red white blueberry thats weird. Its almost like a strawberry shortcake theme. Thats surprisingly good.
Its got a crumb to it too fruity ooh 61. 88. Stevie strawberry cheesecake that tastes exactly like strawberry cheesecake.
But theres a little bit of a graininess like a graininess 64. 66. Stevie okay.
That concludes the fruit round okay. But do you have wow stevie room for a round of legumescause. Its the peanut butter round boys.
I thought you were gonna say bean ice cream and i was getting excited stevie here we go in all right. Ima be tough on thesecause these are my fave three two one peanut butter world ooh. Im entering the world that is good wow 90.
I cant believe ive never had that youve gotta just give you gotta just given it 87. We gotta get fast peanut butter half baked link even better 89 88. Stevie netflix.
Chillld what is that so gooey this is still great too but im im down to 80 82. Coughs. 82.
Peanut butter cup. What a classic. I like the tag.
It with the peanut butter 78. 72. Stevie peanut butter fudge core.
Oh. That core that fudge core. And then you get a complete cup.
Oh. And the fudge bringing it back up thats a 84 87.

ben and jerrys beer where to buy-1
ben and jerrys beer where to buy-1

Stevie okay sorry to say thats the end of the peanut butter round. We loved the peanut butter round both of us. We can agree on that stevie but happy to say that our next expanded round is the wild cards round oh we got the wild cards the ice creams that dont fit into any other category and were gonna begin in three two one wake no bake cookie dough core oh cookie dough core not bad 65 66 stevie caramel chocolate cheesecake 43 rich very rich very rich 67 stevie everything but the oh that was it what too many flavors.
Trying too. Hard. Rhett 33.
31. Stevie sweet like sugar cookie dough core. Oh.
Thats weird somethings not working in there 45 32 stevie cinnamon buns mm. I freaking love cinnamon buns ice cream even better than the cinnamon buns. I like cinnamon buns better than cinnamon buns ice cream so im gonna give this a 52 94.
Stevie half baked. I love a half baked. A lot of these are tasting similar now starting to blur that was good 71 82.
Stevie oat of this swirled oatmeal cookie. This is not one of my favorites 49. I really like this one 86 stevie salted caramel core 29 73.
Stevie triple caramel chunk 75 smooth 22 stevie urban bourbon urban bourbon. Not a huge fan of whiskey flavor. In my ice.
Cream 17. 7. Stevie boom.
Chocolatta cookie core cookie core 51. 38. Stevie pistachio.
Pistachio mm take it or leave it 44. Very weird 22 stevie mint chocolate cookie could be worse minty 67 49. Stevie brownie batter core ooh that brownie batters a naughty naughty person whoa thats got a distinct flavor like brownie batter 79 yeah i agree with that 79 rhett laughs stevie chocolate chip cookie dough core havent we had that mm 57 74 stevie cookies cream cheesecake core what mm mm.
Its good but 51 no 76 stevie karamel sutra core karamel sutra ooh man weve only got three more sexual chocolate. I dont like it 19 54. Stevie cannoli cannoli not doing it for me 28 12.
Stevie gimme s.more eh not wowing. Me 44 69.
Stevie and the last one justice remixd its sort of a weird cinnamon thing happening thats im not digging 33 49. Stevie okay guys that means youve tasted all 52 flavors wow stevie lets tally up those scores. And see what your top four flavors are upbeat music all right in honor of our 1700th episode.
Were honoring you with this super limited mythical crew honorary member tee this thing is only available for 17 hours at. Mythicalcom. Today the timing has already.
Started the counter is counting down at mythicalcom. Go over there and pre order. This t shirt to be a part of history.
And thank you again so much all right lets find out what are our top four dont give us the rankings. So it doesnt were starting over in terms of ranking. These four stevie in no particular order.
We have peanut butter fudge core of course peanut butter. But with the fudge core. That makes sense peanut butter.
Half baked peanut butter. Okay. I see it half baked.
I see a theme i sense a theme okay stevie peanut butter world we love peanut butter stevie and the other thing that you love the tonight dough both laughing now shoutout to jimmy fallon. But i will say that the tonight dough does have peanut butter cookie dough in it okay so now we gotta figure out lets taste that one again we gotta rank these im coming in on the tonight dough yeah stevie the tonight dough has caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough its a very good ice cream its a very good ice cream two types of doughs thats good lets go in here link and stevie peanut butter. World stevie milk chocolate ice cream with peanut buttery swirls and chocolate cookie swirls.
I mean. Its got actual peanut butter. I love the way they put peanut butter into their ice cream.
I like this better than this because i know the dough is good but the real peanut butter swirls. Yeah it just does something for me. I dont know yet.
I think that those may be our top two so lets go into these stevie peanut butter. Fudge core chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. With many peanut butter cups and a peanut butter fudge core.
What the crap yep. So that core in the middle is softer than ice cream. Its got peanut butter cups.
In it. I dont like it. As much yeah.
Me neither the peanut butteriness of it because its within fudge. Its just not as pure. Yeah.
Yeah. So these two are better. Than that i agree with that.
Stevie peanut butter. Half baked chocolate and peanut butter ice cream mixed with gobs of peanut butter cookie dough and fudge brownies. Its good.
But im missing the straight up peanut butter. Lets get rid of the peanut butter fudge core. Okay now lets confer a little bit do you disagree about number two okay.
I dont disagree okay. This is not as good as either one of these all right so were placing this at number three half baked. But im still torn.
Im torn on these yeah. I know what the deal is are you just trying to get invited on the tonight show again. I think absolutely i think we can just go back.
If we have something to promote. I think we agree the tonight dough is second place and officially the best in my estimation by a long shot now that ive compared these top four ice cream. That ben jerrys has to offer is peanut butter world clapping peanut butter.
Oh crap producer laughs warn a guy all right we did it man. We did it we came we saw and we determined who had the best ate a bunch of ice cream. Thank you for subscribing and clicking that bell you know what time it is in jackson its time to spin the wheel of mythicality of mythicality mythicality mythicality.
Thank you laughs the old edit trick mashup click the top link to watch us read. 17 notes about what gmm has meant to you and good mythical morning and to find out where the wheel of mythicalitys gonna land in honor of our 1700th episode. Were honoring you get the mythical crew honorary member tee pre order it for only 17 hours at mythicalcom.

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ben and jerrys beer where to buy-2

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