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Music hi. Everyone is jessalyn. Im here to share with you whats in in my backpack.
Im so excited to show you everything that i keep in because this is one of the highly requested video. So you guys are asking me to film. When i had comments before you two disabled them thanks a lot youtube.
But i love watching these types of videos. I know that you guys will watching them as well heres mine and without further ado. Lets jump straight into the video alright.
Lets talk about the backpack that ill be using this year. This is a doughnut macaron you guys im literally obsessed last year. I had one and almost pink it was basically this color right here just without the color combo.
I would show you what it looks like but i gave it to my cousin because she really wanted a doughnut macaroon in the same color as mine she couldnt find it online. Since its pretty rare and theyre sold out on almost every single website. I felt bad and decided to offer her mind and she gladly accepted because seriously its still expanded no there was no wear no tear and i just gave it to her because i was already eyeing this one right here.
I think the color combo is very very nice. I highly suggest that you get an authentic donut macarons cuz. Theres a lot of knockoff versions on amazon.
Theres one called himawari backpack and another called 17. But make sure you get it from the official website. Or you can get it on or simcom.
Let me also mention that last year. I did a comparison between the donut and the ever so popular pizarev then konkan yes. I did buy a few jaw dropping konkan the reason why i didnt get one this year is because i find the donut macaron way more practical like seriously.
I was alternating between these two and i always found myself coming back to the donut. Theres a lot of hidden pockets in here. But the photography and konkani is only like one pocket.
Which is the one where you put like your laptop in it. But still i dont find it secure enough for my laptop. Because it isnt padded.
Unlike. The doughnut macaron let me show you the inside. If you wanted like pockets and stuff to like organize all your things you would have to buy an insert would you feel like i shouldnt have to do.
But i did anyways umm and then back here theres the pocket as you can see for the laptop. Its very thin. So i wouldnt like my laptop in there because it can easily break another reason.
Why i dont like the food. Jonathan konkan.

cute book bags for middle school-0
cute book bags for middle school-0

Its because look at this you guys it got dirty so fast. I honestly dont know how because i only use this a handful of times you can see all the color transfer on the straps and its already spraying as well if you like the dirty look then by all means go right ahead. But if youre getting after doggone cockin.
I definitely recommend that you get a darker color. Im not trying to like tell you not to buy a fedora and pumpkin. This is just my honest opinion and i 100 think that the doughnut macaron is way better because you got a lot for your money and is definitely worth it again.
I have a comparison between these two so ill link you in the description down below. Okay lets get into what i put in my backpack. But first lets quickly go over the exterior like i mentioned earlier all the leather accents is genuine leather.
So we have the buckle that keeps the two handles together which i like because then it doesnt like fluff around all the time. But you cant leave unbuckled for easy access just me personally i like keeping it buckled. Then we have these zipper pulls and a zipper poles are also leather and i really like this feature right here.
I dont know if this is meant to be for like you know bag tryings but thats what im using it for i have this cookie keychain that i got at the bt. 21 store cookie is my favorite character then i have this machine backpack pouch. Which is so adorable.
Its like a really small backpack and in here. I just keep all my change and some money for snack. It isnt that much i would keep lunch money in here.
But since im packing my lunch every day. I dont need to if i happen to leave my backpack in the classroom or just put it somewhere. I can easily take this out and keep with me at all times.
Just in case. The front compartment is really nice. Too i love the way this looked instead of having a zipper closure.
Its a button closure and when you unbutton it you can hear it click so in case. Anyones trying to get into your backpack. Youll hear it anyways then i have the side pockets this time coffee right here is gonna hold my water bottle.
I actually ordered one on amazon hasnt come yet but when it does thats where im gonna be keeping it but for now i have my hand sanitizing. This is from the lore. The magic line its a mango melt hand sanitizer smells amazing definitely recommend it on the other side.
I have my lanyard now in my middle school. Were required to have our d card for lunch and all that other stuff so thats what the purpose of this is for its holographic and privilege. I love i got this at office depot on the back right here.
There is a button closure and like some extra room. I just have the straps right here and i can just put it over my neck. Then theres a zipper compartment and i keep my starbucks gift card.
I dont know why but i just do heres the back what i like about the back is that theres is beige accents. So it isnt too grey.

cute book bags for middle school-1
cute book bags for middle school-1

The reason why those buttons up here is because if you adjust the straps and its way too long you can always button it up so that it doesnt get in the way. I also keep this emergency alarm keychain right here i had i have another one that i showed you in the giveaway. But this one is from office depot and i like it because theres a flashlight.
I ever use this in case. I have to like the bus which i hope i dont have to or if im like walking alone. And theres someone trying to like kidnap you or something i can just pull the keychain and it makes a really loud noise.
Im not gonna demonstrate it in this video. Because i already did in the giveaway. Ok now im going to show you what to keep in the front compartment first.
I have my phone and youre probably wondering why i keep it in the front pouch and thats because its just for easy access. Sometimes i might even put it on the side pocket since its deeper and youre probably. Wondering isnt someone gonna like take my phone well if they do i have to buy my iphone app so they would get in big trouble once i get my phone back plus.
I can hear the buttons click so i dont think anyones gonna try and risk. It and try to take my phone then i have my acceptance bag of course. Ill need my essentials bag and let me show you what i keep in here first.
I have the qualifying fragrance from petite and pretty it smells so good. I have some lip balm. This is from lip smacker.
And it has an spf of 30 which is great because then itll protect my lips. I am a panda compact. I always have to have this with me theres a mirror in here.
And in case. I want to touch up a bit or if my forehead is really shiny. Ill just use this i have some blotting sheets.
As well this is from the brand called dino plas. Theyre made out of 100 mulberry from korea. So this is like a korean brand.
Its really cool my t zone area is super oily. Which is why i always have to have blotting sheets with me next. I have some hand lotion from love beauty and planet.
It smells so good and i got this at target plus. I have some floss. This is individually wrapped from the store mini.
So moving on to the main compartment inside as you can see theres a ton of hidden pockets. Which is great there is four of them this back pocket right here with a zipper closure. And in here.
I keep some hand wipes even though i already have be more than magic hand sanitizer. I always have to have hand wipes with me im just a huge super bow.

cute book bags for middle school-2
cute book bags for middle school-2

So i always that have that heres another compartment it has a velcro closure. I keep my gum. This is from icebreakers.
This is the ice cube then i have a hairbrush this is very compact its from the more than magic line. And i always have to have a hairbrush with me because my hair gets tangled very easily. I honestly dont know why but im very glad that this year.
I have a hairbrush that ill be keeping with me at all times. Theres another pocket right here. And i can just like put my phone in here or even like my portable charger.
Theres a mesh compartment too and i would just keep like my air pause here it is actually and i have my ear pods because in case. Im like walking to my next period. And i want to listen to music.
I can just use this to listen to my music plus. I absolutely love my ear pots because they actually stay in my ears and other like headphones. I always fall off okay now im going to show you the rest of the stuff that i keep in the main compartment.
I have my period kit and if youre wondering what i keep in here just referred to my period video. Which i will link in the description down below so check that out then i have my pencil case this is from amazon you guys. This is so cute there is a little gold bow on the side and then the rest of its pink.
Theres two compartments so let me show you the first one in here. I keep my two high palmer racers. Some extra legs this mini panda ruler.
Which im probably gonna use from a planner or something. Then i have my mechanical pencils pens this compact scissors. Yes.
These are scissors. I got this at the san rio store. I also have my friction erasable pen in black and a sharpie.
I love how everything coordinates together you guys in the second compartment here. Its deeper than the first one which i love because i dont know if i need like a specific calculator. But if i do get a calculator.
This is where im gonna put it for now. I just have this clear view highlighter my mouth liners some stickers back here my stapler. This is a mini stapler and then theres another mesh like pocket right here which i keep my post.
It notes these are cute ones from sanrio and then the other ones are like pastel page tats then i have this panda composition notebook this is so adorable guys i got this on amazon so ill try to link you to that in the description down below also link you to the pencil case. Because thats also from amazon absolutely love it i was going to use the composition notebook that i got that similar to my notebook back here. But i want to use the panda one instead i might even switch it every so often or maybe.
Its like if i need like another composition notebook. Ill use the other one then i have my notebook this is from five stars.

cute book bags for middle school-3
cute book bags for middle school-3

I really like the pattern. Its really nice at school foiling and then the background is pink. Its called as ruled of course because i cannot stand like wide world theres a pocket.
Which is great too because in case. Im too lazy to put like some of the papers in my binder. I can just put it in this little pocket first here is all the pages.
Its wider than like you know a normal notebook. Which is great because then theres like more writing space next. I have this panda hold it oh gosh this is from office.
If ever you guys saw this in my back to school haul. Its still pretty you guys last. But certainly not least of course.
Ill need a binder. So i have this one from patina. Pretty special things to patina pretty for sending me this i absolutely love it all the holographic palm trees are just so pretty let me show you the inside.
So i have this patan. Pretty binder pouch and its so cute because theres like glitter inside. And its a shaker pouch on the inside.
I keep my gel pens and i always have to have these colorful gel pens with me. Because i love taking notes. I usually have a certain theme.
So i have to have every color you just put it back. Then i have these career dividers which i love because they have pockets. Which is really cool i havent labeled them yet because school hasnt started.
But when it does i will label them soon. Theres a back pocket right here for your laptop is padded. Unlike.
The konkan so i feel like if you put a laptop in here. Itll be way more secure. I just dont have my laptop in here because since im a middle school our school doesnt require us to bring our own laptops.
I just have my 12 inch ruler for math then these side pockets on the inside you can fit like your water bottle in here. I dont know i might even put my water bottle on the side pockets inside. And that is everything i keep in my backpack.
I hope you guys enjoyed if you did give it a big thumbs up subscribe. If youre not posted in kitchens. You wont miss anything for me awesome.
A party hashtag gave you fun ill see you guys later bye music. .

cute book bags for middle school-4
cute book bags for middle school-4

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