Who is The Real One Eyed King? – Tokyo Ghoul:re

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More pleasant and remember your audiologist is always available to answer any questions you might have please feel free to call us anytime. might be the one. I keen because some were saying that since auriemma.
He has a messed up right i like his eye starting to become like blind like he has a blind eye maybe. Hes otherwise being up. Too.
Theres a possibility that maybe the one eye cane. Doesnt necessarily mean one eyed ghoul and it could possibly mean you know arliss since he has probably one eye at this moment.

who is the one eyed king in tokyo ghoul-0
who is the one eyed king in tokyo ghoul-0

Now. This is just what many treatments are discussing i want to bring it up because. This is what many are trying to believe who is the one eyed king and so discussing or about arma.
Hes a man with a huge track record and we dont know a lot about our ema. But we do know a lot of things to know that hes an incredible person when it comes to battling and hes someone you just do not want to with hes the reaper of ccg and if you mess with him. Hes gonna probably kill your ass.
I mean look what he did you know saatchi in the recent chapter of tokyo ghoul he kicked his ass and so i was not someone you could really easily fight. I mean he fought the one eyed king or you know one night. Al excuse.
Me he fought the one night. Al and he fought a toe in the past multiple times and because of this we know our emma is not sewing that you could easily just push to the side so because of this what we can assume is that maybe the one. I came doesnt necessarily mean that it retains two ghouls it can mean thats just someone that could possibly be going blind in one eye which i knowing ishida thatd be pretty up if he did that but i highly doubt arla is the one a king since hes connect 2v and since we know that he has a sadistic side the way hes treated kaneki or saki.
The way he acts and also some of the things we found out from the ova series tokyo ghoul jacker. You know the manga tokyo ghoul jack. We found out a little bit more about artemis past before he got white hair of course and which that has never been explained.
How did our emma get white hair as something we still need to know to this date. I cant wait till. You know she doesnt say finally reveals that but thats for another topic another day.
But at this time. Our emma is too closely connected to v. Hes a lap dog for the wall shoes and v.
And i just do not believe. He could possibly be the one eyed king just because of some of his track record or the way he acts he is a mysterious character of course he has this mysterious background. I just do not believe arma at this time could possibly be the one eyed king.
But who knows that i shoot a could throw that curveball and maybe arma could be so the next person up on you know the plate is he dana he j is a character. I see many joke about talk about theres so many furies about he day his lying habit to all sorts of other things. Ive talked about others have talked about and many have mentioned once before what if he day is the one eyed king now.
Theres all sorts of furies. Theres a clown theory. Theres a theory that he days a washu.
Theres a theory that hed a you know just doesnt care about conky. I mean. Theres just so many furies out it could just throw them out there and slap the wall and some of them do make sense a lot of them make sense and actually sticks with it.
But the one i want to focus on is he day being the one eyed king at this time. We have no concrete evidence that he day was a verbal what from what we assume hes a regular human. But we do know he has a mysterious past because of information.
We know with his childhood in his upbringing. You might have connection to clowns mica have connection to being a part of a ghoul family you might you know be a wash it we have no idea. But at this time theres not any information concrete evidence to assume that he day is the one eyed king.
But that is not something we can entirely throw off the table. Because thinking about the entirety of tokyo. Re out of all the characters that we wanted to see get reintroduced back into part two he is the one character that has kind of been pushed to the side.
We can say he days dead. We can say he day is going to come back. We dont know we dont know if hes dead or alive.
But his character is shrouded in mystery. And we probably could all assume. He might come back the question is when and how will he come back because the latest chapter all mon makes an appearance and we know from height.
Hes not the one eyed king so what if he de what h. I was talking about what if at eating he they gonna appear and hes going to be the 1i king that thats a possible theory so at this moment. We dont know much.
But what if hed a return to be the one. I cant which be really up. But well say that for another day.
So next person to move into lets move into a toe and kaneki kind of these two characters are you know tangled together and when i discuss one character like a toe. I need to discuss the other character kaneki. So lets first dive in at them.
So ecto. We always assume since the very beginning with the one i kings introduction and finding out more about the one eyed owl coos and all that finding out about the sketch of ogre t tree. We always assumed it was a toe that was the one eyed king myself included i thought a toe was the one eye king in start of this day.
You could say that it was this stand. And she was the stand in one eyed king. She was a person just in that position that took the position of the one.
I cant even though she wasnt the one eye king. She was just a name since she was just holding on to the title until someone with a proper upbringing to turn into the real one. I king so she was just holding on to the title until then which would lead into kaneki.
Most likely being in the next one i had king so ed so shes kind of thrown off the table as being the real one eyed king. She was just a standing so moving over into kaneki kaneki.

who is the one eyed king in tokyo ghoul-1
who is the one eyed king in tokyo ghoul-1

We recently found out more about car keys real past. His real self kaneki was abused by his mother. He was a boy that was broken before we even met him in part one.
We never truly knew the real kaneki. Before part one when part one was coming and was being written by ishida sensei. We never saw kaneki.
We never saw the real boy that was getting messed with by his mother and with the recent reveals in the latest like 10 to 15 chapters. We found out the true personality. The real kaneki is someone that is kind of suicidal.
Hes someone that wants to die. Hes done with this world. But he wants to die in style and be loved.
This was a conversation he had in his head with himself and him wanting to die in style kind of suits theme of the one eyed king. Lets discuss this so what the exchange between the two carnegies inside of his hand. They have a discussion saying with you i want to die in style and with the king being very symbolic the one i keen carrying on hope and change for many goals and changes for humans alike.
That king is a symbol and if kaneki was to take up the mantle of the one eyed king it would mean that he could possibly die in style. Because he would take upon himself to change the world change this broken world. The birdcage shatter.
It and then die for that cause which would cause it where many would love him even worship him as their king. Even after death. And so kaneki would be forever.
Remembered and lets think about the dialogue that kaneki said in the latest chapter. He said. This is quote unquote my last job my last job in the quote so with kaneki saying that this is my last job maybe hes saying since this is my last job.
This is his final act before he dies in style francis him taking upon the mantle of the one eyed king at o implies that she knows exactly what carnegies gonna do what hes thinking and shes like its kind of like you know a side treat to being an offer writing books and stuff. I kind of know whats gonna happen and so. Because of this kaneki has already been figured out maybe.
Hes going down the path to die in style etos already kind of let us know that she knows what carnegies true personality is for instance. How hes come suicide or how he acts and its kind of been hinted at she might know about his mother situation as well so with this actors kind of in a way manipulating. But not manipulating kaneki and kaneki knows.
What shes kind of getting at and so he wants to you know probably take upon the mantle himself and then die with the one i came to you know have changed the entire world. But theres another thing we need to discuss that does not need to be overlooked in the latest chapter. One of the final words that said is the echo tells konkey like i wanted you to know my wish i want you to kill the one eyed king.
Which that is very very very very mysterious like ido wants kaneki to kill the one eye king. And then etta says defer to like you know the the one eye king is in your bellies. Which the king is about to probably be born.
So what does this necessarily mean well for one what if a toe is implying. This theres two ways to interpret this etta could be saying once this is all done and done your last job is done. Its over is there a possibility you could kill me not what hear me out okay.
As i said. Earlier etta was the stand in one eyed king. What if it was telling conky to kill her maybe to kill her and put her down kill the one eye king or the other interpretation.
That goes along with the fact of kentuckys real personalities moment. Since hes suicidal is that its pretty much saying die in style. Thats the way you can also say kill the one eyed king so overall.
The true one i can the way. Its going right now. Its all pointing towards kaneki.
Hes being set up to be the one eyed king and at this time. Though the way. Its going.
I believe that is probably to be true. Because theres just so much evidence supporting ekko kind of grooming kaneki into the king. And then kaneki with his you know choice and mentality of how he wants to die in style along with you know how he wants to be loved and stuff.
It kind of fits with that overall description and then like i said these other candidates like ferrante auriemma he day and all that i mean theres chances. But very slim chances and kaneki seems to be one of the most obvious now he day you cant throw him off the table. But even then theres not any evidence to support that so thats gonna kind of be brushed aside for now.
So. At this time. Who is the one eye king.
Id say carnegie until then i want to go with that and well see where it goes from this point. All word let me know your thoughts in the comments below on this subject. I want to make a separate video.
I want to be talking about the picture that a she doesnt say posted on his twitter like yesterday about furniture. I want to be making a video on that and i also want to make a video discussing most likely matsuri wash. You i probably make a video discussing him as well.
But stay tuned to that you all wonderful day. Wherever you live please be safe chibi out you .

who is the one eyed king in tokyo ghoul-2
who is the one eyed king in tokyo ghoul-2

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