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Dude. I hope theres some hot chicks here. No problem sweetie as soon as as we got into the bowling alley.
It was probably five ten minutes later he he got a beard. I envisioned. But there was gonna be a lot of girls a lot of guys i wanted to have a good time my id works oh my god going big.
I was just so shocked that he just blatantly went over there and got a beer and just sat down right next to me thinking. I was gonna be okay with it drink it up buy you one i hope im not blowing. It he didnt want to get anyone because he wanted to be the only one and he wanted to rub it in my face.
Ill pound it away rickies was drinking it in front of all of us actually really shocked and after he drink that one we talked to him so. When you got a food. Yeah.
Yeah. So the kids came home from their night out bowling. There.
And we just had everybody sit down just to follow up to see how things went. So how did it go tonight was good yeah. It was pretty cool mmm.
The guys stayed. Where you were supposed to be did what you were supposed to do theyre almost surprises nothing exciting. I knew something was up.
But i look on my kids faces after 19 years. I know when my kids are covering something. Katys anything i should know not about me.
Rick is there anything i should know no whos gonna fess up whats going on brittany hmm youre the oldest of the bunch. She was responsible youre the adult here there are some drinking on whos part a male. A male sitting on that couch possibly.
I didnt drink. I swear look at me all right everyone be here. Theres just one.
Im a little confused because we kind of established that it was a trust night. Lets keep in mind the rules of the house. Even though youre not physically in the house was there anything else other than the beer.
Theres nakedness. Im sorry what i decided to just take my pants off and play in my spandex. I have to say im pretty disappointed is there anything else well clearly youve not been truthful about this so far so.
Let me ask think. There was a little liquor. Maybe what did you say my soul bottle of liquor and then talk to ricky about it.
And i may have throw it away well ricky look at me. When im talking to you look at me like a man. I can for sure tell you that your privileges are revoked as of right now immediately no xbox no tv for the rest of the endurance of your stay here.
And what else were gonna do ill let you know that in the morning mom and dad stay really calm. But then later you know you get it get your punishment. Because youre real quick yes.
I didnt know about the bottle. You did yeah. Why didnt you speak up cuz.
I didnt want to rat him out what did you drink no i didnt drink at all what you wanted to mm hmm. I think katie had a feeling of guilt and an urge to make things right he guys dispersed the tea rooms like hes a pastor.

what is best punishment for teenager who caught drinking-0
what is best punishment for teenager who caught drinking-0

I thought youd forgive me. I guess. Hes not a priest.
I thought he was if hed just come clean then i would have approached this differently. But now that hes escalated it with a lie. Theres got to be two punishments.
So now tomorrow. Weve got to go find some physical tasks for him to do because he hates that so thats what were gonna do music. Mr.
Mcewan told. Me were going to the church and the first thing that ran through my mind wow. I already sandpaper that what am.
I gonna have to do this time. You ever painted before ricky yeah. I attempted at least shut that up he brought me here today just to paint alone as the punishment goes.
Theres close to the wall and just get right up against the baseboard. So why do you think that you decided to do what you did last night. Just wanted to lighten the mood.
I guess you think you accomplished it no bring your stroke down a little further to blend your see what pin section is there you go i got a couple things to do im gonna let you just continue painting think about why youre doing it. Its not fun at all painting alone. Im not mad at ricky disappointing.
Theres nothing more boring than watching paint dry you got punished last night by removing the television your internet privileges do you know what this is for today. Its cuz. I lied thats exactly it can we be assured in the future youre not gonna lie to me.
Yeah for sure im pretty much done lying. Hell always get you i see steve mcewan and ricky all over again. When i was a kid.
I had town and ability and could talk my way of just about anything so you gotta get a vision for where youre headed. When you leave here. And i call you dr.
Youcef cut out of my party. Lot of stars. I see greatness and you you have innate qualities as a leader.
But i would really like to see you become a great success in your personal life. Im proud of my kids. And if they have a sense of center to know that as long as i tell the truth and as long as im fair i wont burn any bridges.
You think ive always been a straight up guy all my life maybe i dont know youre freaking out no ive lied. Ive made mistakes. Why do you think i know this when they got read you solo.
What why do you think i know a con when i see one. But the key is dont lie ill just check that wall one time. I say we get out of here get out of here.
Yeah. Lets do one more coat over what over the whole thing. And youre gonna be in good shape.
Itll go faster this time itll go faster their family thrives on trust and relationship and thats how i think they get along so well. I know i just sang wrong and i broke the rule and i feel actually i actually feel bad about i hope ive earned mr. Trust back.
I definitely think i did my best to get it back music. .

what is best punishment for teenager who caught drinking-1
what is best punishment for teenager who caught drinking-1

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