Wild Roots- Nut Butter \u0026 Berry Trail Mix

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Wish i had hair that i could fluff dry shampoo. But its just not not fair who else is not fair. We have these and you dont what do and then youre as cool is us.
This is wild roots real food for real people. Nut butter and berry trail. Mix.
This is healthy food and guess who bought it ill give you a hint it wasnt leslie. It was not real real a bit. Where candy related.
This is health food related it probably is okay um first ingredient nut butter coated almonds so basically this has got nut butter coated almonds lightly salted almonds whole shrubberies and thats what the bag of goodness looks like but its not about the looks. Its all about the taste. He almost drummle speculum embarrassing.

wild roots trail mix bars-0
wild roots trail mix bars-0

So thats a speculum wait. Oh. Maybe that was that its just a specular ski.
Its a cookie and this is one of the nut butter almonds. The speculoos cookies good yeah. This is okay for every nut butter almond.
Kind of cinnamon in me everything. But the almond so far although the berry and this is what a whole shrubbery looks like somebody took a bite out of it already work out. Yeah definitely chewy.
You know han solos i know almond womans probably just tastes like almonds almonds tastes like almonds the schnide berries. He didnt know what my favorite one o is of all these things. This mcquillen cookies taste kind of like boiling.

wild roots trail mix bars-1
wild roots trail mix bars-1

Ginger snaps. Better known as gingery your knives gingery thats good alright. So if youre wondering to yourself.
Where can i find such goodness and im going to tell you by the speculoos cookies theres more speculoos in here than anything else. Which would make sense considering that those are probably the cheapest things to make well i stand corrected. Then.
But i dont know maybe. Its stupid to make the cookie version. I really like the shrubberies really well i love shrubberies as it is my birthdays next week.
I need a shrubbery pie for my birthday you need it im gonna be in alaska. Would you get for me on my birthday for it to eat hello well get you well get you a pie on your birthday on a cruise ship actually itll be strawberry shortcake. Okay.

wild roots trail mix bars-2
wild roots trail mix bars-2

Ill have a triple serving okay cuz its my birthday so yeah definitely im gonna verify nut butter almonds my favorite no usually theres in in the trail mix theres always like that one thing or two that youre like i can do without whether its the figs or whether its raisins. What not what have you in this trail mix is so good plus. I like m ms for you im gonna dump these in there.
Grab hazelnut butter off the shelves. And the remaining music was ive been stringing you along this whole time whittling want to wait youre like you have to wait until the end to find out where i got it you know like the news or something in your house. That might kill you tonight.
At 10 00 okay may come back. And say you might be using it right now stay tuned. You might already be dead and dont know it watch okay it turns cut.
I got this bag of goodies at costco all right in the delicious department. You were i know i i could see you help food up thumb up. Why because im healthy acid.

wild roots trail mix bars-3
wild roots trail mix bars-3

Oh. Wait nevermind neck swings. Oh.
I can see you tripping right now absolutely. So. With that being said.
I give the thumb up leslie gives it only getting older. So that being said give us a thumb up because were older and wiser by the second subscribe. If you havent already go to costco because you should get these things and eat them in front of your kids.
Preferably tease them kids like it and share. Chris. Young is caring unless.
This with the kids and theyll never see this stuff. Well see later bye music. .

wild roots trail mix bars-4
wild roots trail mix bars-4

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