Winter Glamour Series, A Canadian Girls Guide to Winter Footwear

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Hows it going guys im chris im. Jonathan sweet simple vegan how hows it going welcome back welcome back to our channel on our channel. We all things vegan basically taste test recipes vlogs life style.
Everything in between and today is a very special day because we have all bunch of mac and cheese in front of us and were gonna be doing a taste test for you guys so we do taste tests now relatively. Often and our goal with these is to try out all of the options for you so you dont have to and give you our opinion on everything and of course everyones palates vary. But were gonna have two mouths here to taste to us everything and were actually bringing a third person in today.
Its not vegan. Yet bias here that will definitely help in the critique of all of these. There are how many 1 2.
3. 4. 5.
6. 7. There are seven options here.
There are definitely more on the market. We just got everything that we could possibly find in our area. And we do have a homemade variety that will also be sampling.
And the recipe for that will be linked down below yes so for these videos. We usually show the process of us making all of the food and then we taste test everything. But there are so many options here today and these are very simple items to prepare so instead of doing that were actually just going to be making them off camera to speed things up and then well show you what it looks like after its cooked and then well tell you how we cooked.
It so. Theres classic mac and cheese is where you get the mac and cheese. And you put a powder in it with like milk.
Almond milk. So how you do it i think. So yeah.
And then we have like this one. I know for sure they have like a squeeze packet in it well get into details and these desserts. They go yeah.
So were trying to like warm us make these like you would make mac and cheese. I feel like its pretty standard. So you dont really have to show you how it goes and well link our playlist for all of our other taste tests down below as well weve done vegan eggs.
What else have we done. Vegan fish. These cheese and a bunch of other random things in the past.
Well like those yeah those that have a laugh. Im excited. This is gonna be this gonna be really tasty.
Im pretty sure somebodys i havent tried i dont think i dont think ive ever tried this one and these dry these two. I dont remember at all and this one. I dont think ive ever tried.
Also yeah right so this is gonna be fun. So. If you guys are following along with our 30 till.
30 challenge. So chris is turning 30 at the em needham at the end of the month and were trying to eat healthier leading up to them so im only gonna be having a few bites here and there of these i think maybe better to bite zzz. I was also gonna say like this was in our schedule.
Like we wanted to do this video for you guys so were making an exception today. But all the leftovers are going home with our friends. So that were not tempted maybe.
We could do a cauliflower taste test instead vegetable taste tests. Without further ado. Lets get into a taste test.
We got tom in the house also known as ira. 10. Almost always big tea tofu master yeah so tom is a non vegan and hes going to be giving us his opinion on these as you guys requested.

girls snow boots size 13-0
girls snow boots size 13-0

I feel like he is the true test as to whether or not these are actually mac and cheese. What does the last time you have real cheese a couple days ago. I had to talk her out.
She said. Yeah yeah. I mean maybe i dont think its real but i mean its its dairy items real.
Yeah. Right yeah. Music so.
The first one. Were trying. Today.
Is our homemade mac. And cheese with gluten free. Noodles.
Were just going this. For the sauce. Its nutty nutty.
Youre gonna tell us that its in the back of the tongue. Im gonna aerate this little right yeah mmm. I think if we used regular pasta would have been better yeah.
They will be free noodles. This is a person we tried them yeah. Theyre kind of tough even though i cooked it like usually gluten free noodles.
If you forget the right time. Sometimes i get super mushy yeah totally noodles fault not the cooker chris made this oh you bet. I made the sauce.
Oh yeah i made the pasta. Im stupid. Im just saying get a ten out of ten.
If it wasnt for the pasta. This is great i like it i met me by us. But no that is uh all right do we yes.
I mean we have nothing to base it on yet yeah. Its good i would eat this one. Its also healthy oil free.
All whole foods pretty much right. Yeah. Im not sweating.
So. I think thats a good sign all right the first two bites. You might have were a little bit later once i say cheese you dont eat it cuz.
Its good you know you eat it because i just want to punish yourself youre irish. You know this really bad we convene here and this is actually pretty healthy. Yeah.
Do we have to finish the bowl before we go to the other one imagine no right yeah all right. I think we gotta move up to the next one um keep them moving here. Yeah.
Im gonna go cook. It and im gonna be right back first first take not garbage. So thats pretty good right.
Yeah all right all right music all right next up we got the uptons cheesy mac and this one on the front. It says ready in one minute and actually. It was option of cooking it in a pot or microwaving.
It for a minute. And we wanted to stay true to what it says on the front. So we microwaved it for a minute.

girls snow boots size 13-1
girls snow boots size 13-1

And this one has a sauce packet thats already made so you just like squeeze it on microwave it and then were gonna eat they all sound. Like a bacon mac. And cheese burger.
They have a few different varieties. So this is the most classic of sorts. Nice tell them weve been a little bit fun good close companies trend you know anybody.
Its not bad little salty nutritional yeast or rice bran oil salt cornstarch mustard onion. Garlic paprika mustard sugar see all they call it this one tastes like tinny it doesnt taste like mac and cheese to me. Yeah.
It tastes like pasta with sauce. It has the texture. And it looks like mac and cheese.
But not only do the flavors then yes i would agree right yeah not my fave. Im gonna continue and definitely i dont have five or six minutes to spare in my life. So.
The one minute is kind of a big deal lose it up a little bit you know buddy got time to really cook yeah. The fact that you can literally put put this into a bowl and microwave it i like that right so the noodles werent hard. It was like theyre like soft yeah.
It was interesting we start. But its shelf stable. Too like this doesnt need to be in the fridge or anything so i feel like if you had this.
And then you brought like vegan parmesan or nutritional yeast with you or brought. It. With you im like thinking if you take this like for lunch or something.
But if you add that on top. Itll probably taste a little more cheesy. I cant stop eating this it is tasty.
It is a saltiness yeah. Its pretty salty. Its good bass.
I believe good it needs a little maybe a little sriracha in there low hot sauce mmm really good maybe a little ketchup for jasmine. Oh. Yeah.
Right ketchup mac and cheese. All right oh my good so the next one is amys all right. Shes with organic rice pasta gluten free dairy free are you like thats got a womans name on it so i had her then like nothing i thought it was uptown.
Dont you trust me right yeah. Shes nice okay. This says after years of recipe testing.
We have found a delicious dairy free header style cheese to go with our tender organic rice pasta. This dish is so tasty so tasty that people no longer have to miss out on their favorite mac and cheese. Oh my god thank god oh.
My god this actually smells really good right right so this one has that when i stretch it yes. It has oh wow. Its do believe it has a vegan cheese shred.
In it of some sort. Yeah. Thats really good thats like crap.
Its not a saucy. But it definitely tastes like if you put like cheese and melted it yeah. I like it i did use that crap until i like i think.
This is my favorite one so far. Its definitely if you like here mac andu walk down that driveway and know you are comfort because you are wearing your adirondack eggs. Another great benefit of this ugh is that it is waterproof unlike your classic bug.
It is made out of a leather that is sealed and protected and it is heavy duty. Now even though you have laces here. The tongue of the boot is actually sealed up to about here the rest of the food is made out of a suede.

girls snow boots size 13-2
girls snow boots size 13-2

But you can easily spray this and youll have no problems. The inside is a sheepskin now i like these so much and i found them so practical for winter given that you can really wear them all round. If you had to buy only one pair of boots.
I would suggest to these because they really are a boot. That you can wear in the wet. You can wear them in a ton of snow and you can wear them on the really cold days because they do all those things they have the added benefit of all the boots that im going to show you in one the thing to note about these boots is that because they are made for such heavy duty.
Weather. The leather is very very stiff and when you buy a stiff boot. Like this you need to keep in mind that you need space for your foot to move you need space.
So that your foot has circulation and part of the reason. Why people get so cold in their winter boots is because they dont have enough circulation now girls. I know you do this because i worked with you for so many years when women see big boots like this they tend to want to get the smallest size possible so that their foot can look as teeny tiny as possible dont do it girl by the size that you need and also keep in mind with this boot.
Youre not going to need to wear a very thick sock again in this boot. A very thick sock is going to leave you with even less room and cut off circulation. Even more this its already really warm.
You dont need it you dont need a big thick sock you can wear just a little a little thin ankle sock. Now. I know youre looking at them and thinking.
This is something that a construction worker. Wear and i would have to disagree because the girls where i live in a very cold part of canada. Really know how to wear these boots.
It looks great with a little sporty jacket and it can even work with a more trust jacket. They really make it work you wear an all black look it looks actually very chic you go away for the weekend. You wear your beautiful adirondack uggs looks gorgeous now these are not sheep.
Theyre not cheap so this is about three hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred for the short. They also come in a taller version with the laces that go up to about your knee. I dont really suggest getting those for me personally because i feel like theyre just too much of a pain in the butt to get on and off its just a little too much work for me i like to be able to kick my boots on and off.
But you know if you want to go that route you can. But the taller ones range to about 500. So here i have them in black and again i bought them in two colors because they really were that practical and if youre concerned about them being you know too short know that like on this boot.
Here. Ive turned off the cuff. Very easy to do and you get a little extra height you get about another inch and a half of boot.
There can wear with a thick fluffy sock it looks really cute i love the black. I think its a very chic and i love the gray suede against the black leather. And yeah.
I think its a great food and i do think theyre very glamorous despite. The fact that theyre over practical so the last thing that im going to show. You is a hunter rain boot.
Now hunter rain boots originally were worn like 50 or 60 years ago. By people in the army in the uk. This is really originally a uk friend.
But like so many other things that were used for practicality purposes. They became fashion statements as did the hunter boot. Now i got these because i angelina jolie wearing them in this during mrs.
Smith and i just fell in love with them i love the red. I felt like they looked kind of i dont know they made a statement and i liked them however after i bought them i realized they actually made great winter boots and for a certain purpose. Hunter boots are very good for those really slushy days.
Where you will definitely not want to wear your classic uggs and you will definitely well you may be tempted to wear your adirondacks given that theyre waterproof. But you may not want to get the suede on top while slushy and gross and have to wipe them off when you get home you might want to wear a rubber boots that you can just wipe on and wipe off these boots have almost zero maintenance in fact. If youve ever seen kate moss with hers on they are filthy dirty and some people would argue that like converse they kind of look better as they get dirtier.
They are made of a natural rubber and some girls do notice that they develop a type of film on top because of this natural rubber. Its very easy to remove you grab a paper towel. You go in a circular motion a dry paper towel and it almost exfoliates off that that residue.
But hunters again theyre good for winter and i will show you why if your concern was that a rubber boot wont keep you warm. Think no longer this way hunter. Who came out with a sock and here.

girls snow boots size 13-3
girls snow boots size 13-3

It is isnt this. The cutest thing basically ill show you what the sock looks like see how easily it comes out just as easily youll put them in the boot. So the socks come in different sizes.
Ranging from medium to large for women and small and extra small for children okay. Im a size five. I wear a medium sock and the medium is good for i think sizes 5 to 7.
This will keep your foot warm in the hunter rain boot. And what these boots are good for is when youre going from the car to the store or lets say you know think about your lifestyle. Some people take the train in to work.
And they need something to wear from the train station. The office on those days. When theres a slushy gunk everywhere in downtown canada.
Do you know what im talking about girls who do live in canada and trudged through the city. You almost just want food you can kick on and kick off. And just wipe on and wipe off and that is your hunter rain boot.
Here. It is again with the sock in it you can buy these in so. Many different colors as i mentioned different even knits and its just a great option.
But something to know about about buying a hunter rain boot with a sock is that they do get very very hot. This is two synthetics fibers together and if youre gonna be wearing these all day youre probably going to lose about 40 pounds around your ankles. So if thats something youre looking for then go ahead and wear these all day in school lets say.
But i really dont suggest it its not a comfortable feeling these this combination the sock in the boot. Its excellent for short periods of time just running in and out of the house going to get your mail taking the dog for a walk whatever. If you want to look a glamorous well doing that which dont judge.
Theres nothing wrong with that then i highly suggest you go ahead and you get yourself a pair of hunters with a sock. What you do is you put on the sock first you slip on the sock and then you pull on the boot. Easy peasy.
These are washable and theyre about 50 dollars for a pair and they make great christmas presents they come in a really cute little box the boot itself is about 150. And i think its important to talk a little bit about sizing with a hunter. A hunter is your typical rain boot.
Its not going to be form fitting. The rubber is pretty its not very hard. Its not very rigid.
The rubber on a hunter rain boot. And so you are gonna have space. But in no way is this boot going to give or going to constrict your foot.
Its a rubber boot. Youre gonna have space already so theres really no need to size up in anticipation of wearing the sock. My first pair of hunters.
Which were my red ones. I thought this way i am a size five. I bought a size six because i thought well im going to wear it with a sock this is wrong because when i wore it with that the soccer.
I was literally floating in my rain boots and that is very uncomfortable and not a fun feeling by your sides are gonna have more enough more than enough room to to add the sock and again just really cute with a pair of jeans and an adorable knit. I really like to wear this look i do tend to wear these boot on milder days when i or when im making short trips. Where i dont have to bundle up.
And i love pairing them with a little leather jacket and a great knit. It looks great and you can play with the socks. I also have a black pair of socks and they look fabulous together.
I bought these for my mom and as well. I bought her a pair of adirondack uggs and she actually wears these more than she wears her out of rhonda axe. Because she finds them so practical for her lifestyle.
Which is just from the car to work and so on and so forth so i hope you guys like this video. I know that i do get excited about winter footwear and i find it really to be a big downer when youre stuck wearing not cute clothing during the winter time. And i think theres also nothing wrong with investing great pair of boots.
You have one pair of feet for the rest of your life you better take care of them. And it does make your life. A little bit more sparkly and fun when you can look cute in the winter and have great winter accessories.
So i hope you guys like this video. And many more videos to come. .

girls snow boots size 13-4
girls snow boots size 13-4

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