You WILL NOT Get Into PA School if you make these mistakes… (MUST WATCH for all Pre PAs)

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I honestly and ultimately think that that is what got me the interview and then then my personality. Whats up you guys. Thank you guys so.
Much for watching you havent already done so. And if youre new to this channel go ahead take a look around if you like what you see go ahead and subscribe hit that notification bow. So you know every time that i put a new video.
I also follow me on instagram at adana the pa. So this video is going to be about the whole like my whole application re application process. So the mistakes that i made in my first applications.
And then how i changed that to get into pa school. Like you know how i feel i changed that to get into pa school. When i was originally applying to pa school.
I thought that i kind of was just gonna like wing this thing right you know like i told you guys before like i applied to some schools like in the caribbean and stuff. And it got into those and i was like alright well if i can get into some med schools. Then i can absolutely get into pa school no and i was wrong so that was like my first mistake just kind of thinking like okay.
I can just go ahead and apply to pa school. Because i got into med school. So why not right and from that mistake.
I learned that i needed to do my research and thats why im always telling you guys do your research. Heard me say that many many many many times before and i had to learn the hard way and this was one of the reasons why i had to do my research on pa school. The prerequisites what i had what i did not have because i didnt have some of the prerequisites i had a biomedical sciences major and for my major i only needed like a general psychology but for pa school they want abnormal or developmental psych and i didnt have those so i was applying and i didnt even meet the requirements stupid right so for me i did that research.
Another mistake that i made was just kind of not really going through my gpa and making sure that it was exactly the gpa requirements for those particular programs and that along goes with doing my research. So i thought that i met like some of the gpa requirements of the. 30.
Science i met the 30. With respect to cumulative. But when i went through my kasbah.

how hard is it to get into pa school-0
how hard is it to get into pa school-0

I realized hey i didnt meet the science gpa. Because caspo calculated one of the courses. That i took that was not considered a science course at my program.
But caspo considered a science course. And i didnt do as well. I think i got like maybe a b minus or something like that in it or like yeah.
Like a b or b. And that and so from that i was like man i have to redo this like i didnt this is not the gpa that i should have like i. Think it was like like a.
29 something im like what a sighs gpa. 29. And you know i thought like okay well its right there and i will be okay.
I can i can you know kind of slide on by and that is not the case um. Theyre looking for any opportunity that they have to kind of lead students out because theyre getting so many applicants right so with respect to that i had to make sure that i went back. I took my prerequisites and i took some science courses over.
I made sure that i got better grades in those courses. That were lower so that i could raise my gpa because it wasnt at the requirement along the lines of that i also made the mistake of again not doing my research and seeing that hey my courses were running old so. When i decided to go to you know the whole go through the whole application process of pa school.
There were certain courses. Certain science courses that needed to have been done within like five years seven years ten years and then some like within the last 12 or so. 12 to 24 months and the crazy thing is that each program has their own requirements on that so theres nothing.
Its not standardized across the board and so that made it really difficult for me. Because i thought okay you know this is like the mcat. This is like m casts right so.
If i fill out the m cast. Like its standard for med schools like thats it thats all i have to do and i cant clyde how many of your med schools. I want to apply to but thats not the case for pa school.

how hard is it to get into pa school-1
how hard is it to get into pa school-1

You literally have to go to each program. That youre looking at and see like alright so how many years or how old can this anatomy course be how old can this micro course be so all of your science. Courses.
You know do they mean to have been completed within the last seven years or five years and for me. That was a mistake that i made because some of those courses were either old or were going to be old by the time. I applied and that was some of the stipulations and so i went through my gpa.
This was a difference that i changed i went through my gpa and i looked at all those courses and i made sure okay and is this going to be old within the next year to two years if it was i retook it especially if it was a science course since it was mainly with respect to science courses and so i made those those decisions to retake those courses. I took them over i made sure that i got as in them. Because i knew that that would not only help me going in to application.
But help my gpa and so i did that and i think that that helped me as well get into pa school um. The last thing that i feel like i did differently. Which nest up which doesnt fall under the do your research umbrella was my personal statement.
I used the same personal statement for pa. School that i used for med school. Because i was like hey and theyre both.
You know medical professions. Let me. Just like tweak a little thing.
Here. And there and kind of send it off no wrong first off my personal statement for med school was trashed. Oh.
My gosh. It was trashed. If you have not seen that video of me reading my personal statement.
Me and my husband talking about it. And then like how i changed up my personal statement for the cycle that i actually got in please ago right now i will leave maybe like a little cue box or a description. I like link in the description box for you guys to go watch that because that was important.

how hard is it to get into pa school-2
how hard is it to get into pa school-2

I think that the personal statement is like one of the single most important parts of your pa school applications. That is what is going to get you into the interview and its your opportunity to tell people about like who you are as a person apart from the paper that they see with all these grades and the wonderful things that youve done and so my personal statement was trash so ultimately. I was trashed as an applicant right like there was nothing like boosting me up you know like i didnt have like you know these super stellar.
You know science gpa because like i said. I had to go retake some those things and then i had those trash person statement and so once im like buckled down and did my research. I really looked at all the things i needed to do i decided hey i need to change this personal statement.
I am. Not the same person that i was like three four or five years ago. Whatever it was that i wrote that personal statement in my junior year of undergrad.
Um. Im a mom now a wife now. Ive had like some life lived.
Ive worked so it was important for me to address those aspects of my life. And i did and i changed my personal statement around i thought it was a very strong personal statement and i honestly and ultimately think that that is what got me. The interview and then my personality as maga v.
Into pa school. But those were the mistakes that ive made and then those were the things that i changed to kind of make myself a better applicant to get into pa school. And so for you all who are looking at this and youre like alright you know i dont want to make some of these same mistakes my main takeaway.
My main take home point is do your research. If you do your research and you kind of just look at these things. And you see hey you know im here.
I want to do this. And you do the little comparison sheet that ive talked about then i think that you will be very prepared for your application ultimately your interview and then pa school. But if you have any further questions for me please leave them in the comment section.
Below. If you have not already done so like this video and follow me on added anima pa. Thank you guys so much for watching i will talk to you guys next time bye.

how hard is it to get into pa school-3
how hard is it to get into pa school-3

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